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Review on Apple iPhone SE 2020 128GB Smartphone, (PRODUCT)RED, Slimbox by Micha Pirecki ᠌

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Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

In general, a utilitarian smartphone. It suits me, because I have a 13.3-inch laptop for media, I do purely necessary things from my phone (mail, whatsapp, camera, Apple Pay payment, calls, team viewer). As the only gadget is not recommended. To be honest, I was shocked precisely by the quality of the video in 4k / 60 - I threw it off to a friend on the MBP16 and the quality is simply the highest class. Stabilization works without flaws - the video from the wagon turned out to be smooth, although it staggered decently. For the $230 paid for it, it's just the perfect smartphone for me. Before that, I used CE 1st generation and redmi note 4. In general, for 20 thousand it is better to buy redmi, if the budget is larger, then CE2 becomes an ideal choice.

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  • 1) Performance. Nimble at work, especially apple pay. 2) Weight - light and compact for EDC. 3) The case is of high quality to the touch. 4) Camera - video stabilization and detail in 4k / 60 are impressive. 5) Price. The cheapest iPhone from the latest line. 6) Gorgeous look in a branded case from iPhone 7.
  • 1) Lags in ios 13.5. It manifests itself as a dump of access to the camera from the lock screen, sometimes all sorts of curtains are not pulled out until the restart. It also happens that the game freezes - it’s not clear here if it’s a jamb of ios or applications. All these quirks are cured by a restart - such an occupation. 2) The battery here is very interesting. The discharge rate is not linear. For example, video calls in WhatsApp will land from 100 to 0 in 3 - 3.5 hours at about maximum brightness. At the same time, yesterday, for an hour of non-stop use (45m of play + 15 browsing), I "ate" 12%, which is equal to 8 hours of work. On average, I charge every 2 days, as I use a laptop for the most part. You can squeeze a maximum of 10 hours out of it and a minimum of 3 hours. As I noticed, the more systems are involved, the less lives. For example, gps, LTE, camera and brightness are much faster than wi-fi + browser. In this regard, redmi note 4 kept the charge predictably, there the screen time varied by only 2-3 hours (7-10 hours of screen). 3) In the case it is already inconvenient to hold as without it. 4) The screen glares in the sun if it is on the side. 5) 64GB is not enough - 1 minute of video weighs 400MB.

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July 17, 2023
Different pros: Convenient interface, light weight, compact size. Linking through the cloud with other apple devices. Cons: The battery runs out in a day, there are glitches with the distribution of Wi-Fi, not all devices connect well to it.
July 10, 2023
Pros below: Small, not very heavy. good camera With its cons. Without a case, it is not very comfortable in the hand, thin. Package without charger
May 30, 2023
With its pros. there is a portrait shooting, "the cat's face does not see"). everything that was on the old phone quickly spread With its cons. there is no headphone jack (wireless only) and you can’t fully connect the selfie stick

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