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Review on Hammered Steel 8-Tier Enclume Pot Rack - Free Standing & Unassembled! by Danny Flores

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Great design but poorly manufactured

This really is a quite elegant design for a pot stand, but fails miserably in the execution. The problem is simply crummy manufacturing, which makes this tower VERY challenging to assemble. You are going to need strong hands and a seriously large pliers. The shelves are just three metal arcs with holes punched in the ends, which you bolt to the three verticals. So 24 bolts later you should be good to go. UNFORTUNATELY it would appear little or no care is taken in making the arcs. The arcs are often not the correct radius for their position in the tower. So you have to bend each one to get it to the right radius to assemble, and these are STIFF arcs, so make sure you have strong hands. BUT, then, even when you get the arcs bent right you find the holes in the ends of the arcs have been punched, not drilled. Normally this would not be a problem except the punching is very sloppy and the ends often become distorted and bent around the punched hole. This too wouldn't necessarily be big deal except the screws they give you are just a shade longer that the final assembly needs, so the distorted end can make it very difficult to get the screws started. The cure is a big pliers to straighten the ends, but you are not going to be able to accomplish this task with the 8" household variety.

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  • Yes
  • The pot rack can be challenging to assemble for customers who are not mechanically inclined