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Review on ๐Ÿ”ง Super Sculpey Firm Gray: Premium Non-Toxic Sculpting Clay for Advanced Artists, Model Makers & Movie Studios by Kristen Reid

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Great for sculptures!

So I've been using this product since I started learning sculpting. This clay is much harder than regular polymer but I think you can get more detail from it. You need to roll it a little to make it soft before using it, but after that it stays soft for some time, moves very easily and fixes the details easily. After you finish shaping, bake it in the oven and then you can paint it with acrylic paints. I've also seen people drill into it after hardening to add more detail to a sculpture or whatever else you need to do. I bake and chill very quickly, so there is little wait time. Here are some sculptures I made with his help.

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June 05, 2023
Too dry, not smooth at all
May 23, 2023
Get a thermometer!
March 19, 2023
Always love using sculpy