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Review on 🧳 Trendy and Compact Suitcase TEVIN S 00080 - Ideal for Easy Travel by Boguslawa Wejnert ᠌

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Terrible quality, wasted money.

I ordered a suitcase size S, that is, for hand luggage. The courier brought a suitcase packed in one layer of "pimples" and several layers of ordinary stretch film. After opening, traces of oxidation were found on the locks, some red abrasions on the rubber inserts near the zippers and a small but rather deep scratch on the handle button. After opening the suitcase itself, I did not find any warranty or any other documents for the suitcase inside. Only a small instruction for installing the code on the lock and on the back of it is a sticker "there is a protective film on the suitcase, it can be removed if necessary." Apparently, this sticker was supposed to be pasted on the film, but there was no protective film on the suitcase. One gets the impression that they sent me a used suitcase, although I did not notice any signs of operation on the wheels. But changing wheels isn't that hard. The icing on the cake was the moment when I decided to measure the dimensions of the suitcase. It turns out that they sent me an S + suitcase, which is only a couple of centimeters larger, but no longer fits the category of "hand luggage". Finally decided to issue a refund. I filled everything out according to the instructions and sent it to the specified address, duplicating all the information to the seller by email, the seller accused me in response that I had another suitcase in the package :) When the courier brought the suitcase, the seller refused to accept it and said that he was not aware of any return at all, he was rude on the phone and tried to blame everything on me that I had not informed them and that I had done everything wrong. In general, without the involvement of J. Market, the problem could not be solved. Only with the help of support was able to return the money. I bought myself a suitcase from another company, it turned out not much more expensive, but the quality is many times higher. It is better not to save and do not buy suitcases from this company, in case of problems, spend a lot of money and time on a return, which will be very difficult.

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  • 1. Build quality. As with all similar suitcases, the handles and wheels are attached to the body with ordinary self-tapping screws. But these self-tapping screws, as a rule, are covered with an additional protective layer so as not to wipe the inner lining. It doesn't exist here. The lining rubs against the caps, which are poorly polished and have small burrs. 2. Not TSA combination lock. Yes, even on suitcases of this price category it can be found quite often. 3. Color. I ordered a yellow suitcase, in the photo it is bright, saturated and "pure" yellow. In fact, the suitcase has a different shade of yellow and the color is "dirty". In general, even after adjusting for color rendering and photo retouching on the site, the live color turned out to be not "may differ slightly", but "completely different". But this is a personal perception. 4. Seller. Tevin's official suitcase store is the worst service I've ever had.

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July 17, 2023
With its pros. Super quality, beautiful print, lightweight. Has cons: It could have been done cheaper.
May 29, 2023
Different pros: Good suitcase for travel With its cons. Wheels are not removed + could be lower
May 29, 2023
Pros below: Lightweight and roomy suitcase Its cons: The transparent film that covers the suitcase on the outside quickly peels off and hangs down in lumps.
April 21, 2023
With its pros. It is convenient that 10 kg allowed for flight fit just right. Its cons: Flimsy lock on the inner compartment. expensive