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Review on Synthetic motor oil MOBIL SUPER 3000 X1 5W-40, 208L by Adam Borken-Hagen ᠌

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The quality is at the level, I am satisfied with everything.

and yes, I myself am not an expert, but mobil super 3000 5w-40 seems to be really not 100% synthetic but Hydrocracking))) MOTUL, by the way, too ! since I very closely approached the choice of oil after MOTUL 8100 x-clean + 5w30! I drove 90 thousand BMW e90 318i 2022 on it, the engine was certainly not PPC, but it was dirty all in varnish, just yellow-orange and a little sludge! what! I thought about changing the oil! not from the manufacturer MOTUL suited me, but the composition was different and my eyes fell on the motul 8100 x-cess gen 2 5w40, it seems to be new and for some reason it was cheaper for 5l-3600 ! but then I decided to take the issue seriously and see what they are selling on the market right now and whether there are ideal oils ! and after all the reviews I concluded that motul 8100 x-cess gen 2 5w40 is the same as mobil super 3000 5w-40 and in composition and characteristics only matul more branded or something ! it has the coveted inscription on the front side of the BMW LL-01 ! and the price of mobil super 3000 5w-40 for 5 liters is on average 2500-2600 cheaper ! so why did I give up this MOTUL ! ! while it’s difficult to say something for sure! just flooded it))) while I’m based on what I saw and read ! but I think mobil super 3000 5w-40 will definitely be no worse))) I change oil and filters strictly 6-7 thousand ! I hope my writings will be useful for someone) and for BMVISTs do not pour oil with LL-04 approval into a gasoline engine, my personal advice! In many forums and on the Internet there is information from the BMW manufacturer itself that oil with LL-04 approval is only for countries The European Union is connected with the quality of gasoline!

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I've added some pictures to my review to offer a more visual and descriptive account of my experience.


  • BMW E90 2022 mileage 114 thousand Price quality! Shop AVANGARD MPO always comes original!
  • The OK-OIL store initially bought 1950 - 4 liters was a fake by all indications, the main thing is the mass of 3400 ! Well, the canister itself was of dubious origin! returned it back! I pre-ordered from the store where I had already ordered the Avangard MPO store 2188-4l full original that the mass is 3550 that the canister itself is made as follows from 3 parts ! QR codes of the point everything beats ! I recommend this store ! Shop AVANGARD MPO! 669-1l) I can’t say for sure the original or a fake, since no one has ever compared liter bottles! Only 4 and 5 liters were compared! Practice has shown that a QR code is not an indicator of authenticity ! but judging by purely my feelings, this is ORIGINAL PRODUCT👍🏻QR codes all showed the originality of this oil! The bottle label, date stopper, everything corresponds as well as the weight of 908gr) one thing remains a mystery why they wrote FULL earlier and now FULLY? and why BMW LL-01 was approved? although in the picture is it in the market?

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July 10, 2023
Has pros: Excellent start in any frost, does not liquefy in the heat, does not form deposits, the price is quite acceptable. Different cons: A lot of fakes; poorly washes deposits from previous oils.