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Review on Portable Outdoor Table And Storage Cabinet - Keter Unity XL With Hooks For Grill Accessories And Stainless Steel Top by Deborah Lewis

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Beware of NO written installation manual

Let me start by saying I "really" wanted to order this item a couple of months ago but prices were "higher" than usual due to pandemic (about $100) so I waited to buy next year. I saw it again from a different supplier on Oct 31st, ordered it at about $100 less than a couple of months earlier, and it arrived TWO days later.This is what I didn't like.no "written paper copy manual" to view. Instead, the instructions said to scan a bar code and watch a digital 76 slide video of how to put together. I'm all for saving paper, recycling, etc. but I didn't even see a website to view a written manual. Using my cell phone screen I had to enlarge to see the part numbers needed and some of the details of the installation. I'm pretty handy with tools and assembly of items purchased but NOT everyone is.The positive aspects of the cabinet were many for me. the color I got was "expresso brown" but it looked like a dark grey/black which was perfect; the cabinet doors shut snuggly, are lockable and the interior seems pretty "weatherproof"; the sides get attached after snapping together with bolts for a very secure and solid feel to it; an end tray for my spices, rubs, spritzer bottle and other smoker accessories I use; a paper towel or regular towel rack; it rolls easily and was quickly adjusted on one of the two adjustable legs for a solid feel on the cement patio.The completed cabinet looks just like the pictures on the ebay site (definitely dark grey/black looking in the sunlight) which again was a plus for me.After checking for a cover perhaps sold by Keter, I found another person asking the same question and someone submitted a link to a cover that fits great and the price was pretty good as well. Just check ebay for "iCOVER36" currently selling for about $29 and covers the cabinet quite well. All of the covers I currently use on my grill, smoker and outdoor firebox lay flat on the item. The iCOVER36 comes with a plastic piece that will lift the center of the cover to prevent rain from accumulating on the top. You can use the piece or not but it is a nice option to prevent the rain from accumulating. I would definitely recommend the cabinet despite trying to put it together while looking at my small screened cell phone!

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  • There were no installation instructions making it harder then it had to be
  • May not be suitable for use in extreme weather conditions

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