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Review on COMOWARE Step Drill Bit Titanium by Jessica Lewis

COMOWARE Step A very useful tool: my truthful feedback

Hello readers of this review. As I already wrote in my reviews, my job is to maintain and repair various equipment, mainly at the customer's site. For example, I service equipment in school canteens, in some of them the old Soviet equipment was decommissioned five or seven years ago and a new modern one was installed, some have Soviet equipment, and so in equipment that is five years old, sometimes there are more malfunctions than in equipment that is thirty-five to forty years. Why am I leading this. It is very difficult to find components for old equipment, it is very expensive for new equipment, and given the beggarly budgets of schools, one cannot count on new spare parts, and therefore dances with a tambourine begin here, we select something from something similar, we make something on our own. Often there are situations when it is necessary to drill holes of different diameters. Previously, they carried drill sets with them, and if the hole is more than 13 millimeters, then you need to take a large drill, which is extremely problematic to crawl anywhere. This is where the step conical drill came across Aliexpress. The price tag for drills is not the lowest, it cost 220 rubles, the dimension is from 4 to 22 millimeters with a gradation of steps every two millimeters, the step height is about 4 millimeters, that is, you can drill sheet metal to almost the same thickness. The forearm of the hexagonal drill is very conveniently clamped into the chuck. As you can see in the photo, the drill worked pretty well, the main thing is to prevent overheating. I have not tried to sharpen yet, but I have plans to pass the edge with a dremel. With the purchase of this drill, life has become much easier, now, if necessary, we go to the call with a screwdriver, especially since my PIT PSR 14.4 - D1 drill driver with a torque of 26 Newton allows you to drill holes without problems and most importantly you can crawl almost everywhere. One of these days there will be discounts on Ali, I want to write out more drills from 4 to 32 millimeters and from 4 to 12.

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Pros & cons

  • Comfortable, versatile.
  • It's still dull.