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Review on Fractal FBA_FD CA NODE 202 BK Design Node 202 by Thu Hang Bach ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Quality of the product is at the level, I will recommend this product

9600k and RTX2070 are a bit cramped and hot in it, but if you don’t drive hard, it holds up to 80 degrees (despite the fact that in laptops / set-top boxes, iron heats up to 95 degrees). It is better to set bundles up to 9600K / F without overclocking and 2060/1660ti. As a result, I added 3 narrow 15mm turntables from the outside, fixed them on small neodymium magnets, 2pcs 120mm for the blowing + blowing video card, and 140mm for the percent. They only turn on when heated to 50+ degrees. temperatures in the load steel 60 percent / 70 video during quiet operation.

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  • Compactness, weight, a raiser and an extension cord for the PSU included, anthers. Lack of analogues in terms of price / compactness (there is a silverstone similar, but controversial design and larger dimensions / price). Fits in an average backpack, not everyone needs it, but still.
  • 1 The main disadvantage for me is that the body edging is made of plastic with glossy elements, while the "sides" (if it stands vertically) are made of metal, I would like to see aluminum, steel on the edge, well, it would increase the cost by $ 10, the plastic will rub off quickly ( when cleaning). 2 An unthought-out air duct (due to its size): the circulation is weak, there is an entrance for the intake, and there, as it diverges through the "crevices", there are zones of stagnation of air. 3 More than 2-slot video cards can be installed, but it requires ing: for some reason, an additional 1 cm edge was made at the bracket for mounting the video card and the mounting plate of the case, which limits up to 2 card slots (it rests on the card casing - sawed off with a dremel), without this protrusion will also include 3.5 slots, my card is 58mm thick and another 15mm is approximately stock, in general, some kind of nonsense, this side does not give rigidity, they do not connect together, but hemorrhoids and loss of warranty yes, it’s not critical for me, not one case yet did not take it under warranty. 4 The power LED was immediately painted over with translucent nail polish)). 5 Anthers on magnets are not all, I posted them on the outside because it is easier to maintain, 2 more need to be bought, on the CPU and PSU (although the PSU is on magnets, but you can’t place it outside because of the polygonal design of the anther). A particularly poor anther on the CPU, it has two 1.5 cm fastener pins sticking out, rests on the CPU fan, when closing, I had to slightly shift the fan down relative to the cooler, fortunately on brackets, if it were on screws, I had to cut it separately somewhere.

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December 20, 2022
There are smaller models, but more expensive

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