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Review on Powerful Nilight Square LED Pod Lights With DRL And 60W 6487LM Output For Offroad Truck, SUV, ATV, UTV, And Jeep - Super Spot Beam, Complete With 16AWG Wiring Harness Kit - 5 Year Warranty by Jay Brock

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Could Have Been Perfect

Okay, let's do away with the awesomeness of this product. If you want bright LED lights, and others have wrote and said this, this is BRIGHT--as in no joke, holy cow. This gave me a headache while testing it. I had to cover my eyes with my hands at night when trying to adjust its shooting direction. This will be highly illegal to use when you're not on the trails--except for the DRLs of course, speaking of which, they are super cool and matches our Jeep's side fender DRLs. This is be the only feature of this product that I will more likely often use, unless I'm on a trail and had to use the main lights. Other than that, I could just use the main ones just to show off to my friends (while not driving of course).The product came with everything you 'basically' need for installation--especially with a wiring harness kit and mounts. It also had some separate wire connectors and some 2 spare fuses for later. The 2 main lights will come with open wires, I think to leave the user the option of using other connectors not included with this product. However, you can choose to use the included connectors this one has and just extend the cables from the main lights so you don't run short--then use the connectors included with this kit.Now for the things I found lacking. As I mentioned earlier, I installed this on a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon model. This product was listed here on Ebay that can be installed on a Jeep--not specifying the model of Jeep, so I assumed it's fine for any Jeep for as long as it's a. Jeep.The Rubicon Gladiator has its battery tray positioned on the passenger's side and the way the wiring harness of this kit as far as length is concerned is more biased toward vehicles where the battery tray is on the driver's side. With this being said, and with my intent of installing the power switch close to where my steering column is, the 16AWG +/- cable power leads came 4' short to comfortably connect to my batteries. Now this probably wouldn't be an issue for anyone okay installing their power switch closer to the passenger side because you can just reverse the orientation of the wiring harness kit. Or with this reversed orientation and not want to install the power switch on the passenger side, then you'll need to extend the power switch cable in order to be able to run it closer over to the driver side. So in this case, you either DIY extend the battery leads or DIY extend the power switch cables--or in short, These could have been sold with a longer length in the first place.These are awesome though, looks very cool, has bright lights then DRLs. Heat sinks are well coated with paint, nice stainless steel screws and mounts that wouldn't rust easily. Would have been a breeze install if it were not for this battery lead shortage. I also had to add a washer for the mounts to raise the main lights a tad bit so that the end of the bolt holding it wouldn't scratch up my body's paint. But this depends on the cowl light mount you have though and not Nilight Pro's fault. Easy to adjust and easy to operate after install. I just really hope I can swap the lenses into ambers instead of clears. THEN I would give this one 5 stars.

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  • May detract from the overall aesthetics of some vehicles, depending on personal taste