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Review on Vacuum cleaner Samsung SC-18M3160VG, gray by Wiktor ᠌

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Disgusting, dissatisfied with the purchase.

It was bought to replace the old Samsung SC4350, which honestly worked for 7 years, but in the end the cord length lock in the extended position broke and the engine started to work very loudly. Because this was not the first Samsung vacuum cleaner, it was decided to buy a new one from the same company. As a result, a complete disappointment with this misunderstanding! In order: 1. Anti-Tangle turbine - the hair is wound instantly and aculates on the grid above the turbine itself, the suction power drops significantly! Moreover, after cleaning half of the room 18 sq. M. the fine mesh above the turbine is clogged with fine dust and the power also drops, it needs to be cleaned (see photo). In total, when cleaning a 3-room apartment, you have to clean this grid 4-5 times, otherwise there is only enough power to collect crumbs from a smooth floor. 2. Power clearly does not correspond to the declared 380 aerowatts. There is also a Samsung Motion Sync SC20F70 vacuum cleaner with a declared power of 360 aerowatts, and in comparison with it, the described vacuum cleaner is 2 times weaker. He rolls cat hair from carpets into "sausages", but does not it up, and the second vacuum cleaner cleans everything in one p. 3. The power cord is enough for a maximum of a couple of rooms, not particularly critical, because. during this time, the turbine grid will have to be cleaned 2-3 times. 4. The turbo brush does not collect anything, it is absolutely useless. 5. The quality of cleaning is the same as that of a tired 7-year-old Samsung. Absolutely no difference. As a result, sheer disappointment and 6,500 thrown into the wind. I do not advise this model, only a large dust collector is a plus, but this is not relevant, because. you will clean it every 20 minutes because of the anti-tangle superturbine. In the attached photos, the result after cleaning the kitchen !

Updated 2 months ago
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I have included some photos to showcase the quality of my experience and add credibility to my review.


  • Pretty big dustbin
  • Turbine Anti-Tangle - the biggest flaw! The claimed suction power is not correct short power cord no turbo brush! noisy no power adjustment on the hose handle, only on the body

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July 14, 2023
With its pros: Power. Turbo brush included. Cons below: No control on the handle. Not yet familiar