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Review on Magnatab — A To Z Uppercase — Activity For Fun And Learning — Sensory Activity — Ages 3+ by Brian Buck

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great writing learning tool

My nephew is just starting kindergarten and this is a great tool for him to practice writing his letters. Using a "pen" is a great sensory way to help enforce how to properly write the letters . The "pen" is easily and securely stored at the top. You can turn the board sideways and the pen stays in place. Great design on holding the pen.The magnets are pushed down by running your hand or the pen over the letters, but I found that clearing it was easier with using the hand. You can also hit the bottom and most of the magnets will drop down.It would be nicer if there was a button or a slide tool to drop them all back in. Also if you flip it forward all the magnets come up. Another nice addition would be a "lock" button that would keep them down until you were ready to use. Although it is pretty easy to swipe them down with your hand.It feels very sturdy and looks like it will hold up well. Great to use in the car.

  • With its durable design, the Magnatab is built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of daily play
  • May not provide enough of a challenge for more advanced learners