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Review on MICHELIN Primacy 4 225/60 R17 99V summer by Stanislaw Mirzalek ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

The second season I ride on Michelin Primacy 4 205/55 R16 91V. I took Ceed from the passenger compartment on Hankook Ventus Prime2 tires, went on it for 6 years - as it turned out, it was tough and noisy, but I drove it and everything suited me. Time to change, and after a long search, articles, reviews, opinions, Michelin Primacy 4 was purchased. The first impression was that the pressure of 2.2 left the tire shop and immediately pinned it! The rubber is soft, it felt like the car was different. In terms of noise, the tires are quiet, the Shumka on Side leaves much to be desired and it all depends on the asphalt surface, but it is much quieter than the previous one. Next on manageability. (Usually I drive calmly, but there were cases on good roads on Hankook 200+ (now I remember why . ? but it drove well, the car pressed to the ground, scoured a little, I had to taxi. I felt a very positive moment on the track. We have a highway between the city and the suburbs, the left lane of both sides, as always happens in a rut it fell through, and then it’s very difficult to get out, you abruptly fly out of it. On Michelin you don’t feel the track, that is, you cross it from left to right and back, and this does not affect control, no effort and strain, you just move over the bumps and that’s it, I guess that due to the bead and the softness of the rubber, it clings to the edges of the rut and therefore you don’t feel the transition, of course you feel a deeper rut, but the car steers much more pleasantly. not the "sea" of course, the car continues to drive straight with dignity and the feeling of loss of control is not felt. TOTAL. 6 Years of Hankook, 2nd year of Michelin - Had I known that there was such a difference, I would have taken Michelin long ago! Question to KIA - why do you sell your cars on such tires? Michelin suited me completely, the most important question of course - is it worth 4700 for a tire? and is it possible to get something better? I do not regret!

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I have added some photos to the review to give a better idea of my experience.


  • Rulitsya clearly, rolls quietly, I do not regret the purchase, the feeling of driving has changed a lot, I really like it ! I compare with Hankook Ventus Prime2 on Kia Ceed 2022, this must be understood clearly! , because when choosing, I read a lot of reviews and sometimes you don’t understand reality, a person describes the sensations and compares with some kind of Audi and Nokia - this is of course completely different.
  • Price. It was difficult to say goodbye to almost 19,000 :). Perhaps the quality and should cost so much :). Rubber MADE IN RUSSIA (and the search for the originals was unsuccessful, I could not find another manufacturer anywhere). And I also noticed that the car began to coast worse (completely stops earlier than on the oak Hankook, it travels a shorter “coasting” distance, apparently due to the fact that soft rubber, I don’t know if this affects fuel consumption (in theory it should), but as a fact noticed this .

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