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Review on AOC G2460PF 1920X1080 Adjustable DisplayPort 144Hz, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free, Wall Mountable, USB Hub, ‎G Series, LED by Eric Mack

For the price this is a good monitor but there are better options out there.

I bought this monitor because of the FreeSync capability. I've heard that properly synced monitors are the next big step in game graphics. Personally, I don't think the extra cost is worth it, at least with today's technology. Owning this monitor was a confusing affair. The first problem I was told is that the firmware is probably out of date. Trying to fix this has been frustrating and to be honest I'm still not 100% sure it fixed anything. I still see screen tearing when panning left and right, although game graphics settings can mitigate this. Which brings me to the next annoying fact about FreeSync: there is no "one setting" that will make it work as intended. Sometimes you need to disable VSync in graphics settings; In other cases you have to activate it. Physically, the bezel has an attractive red and black color scheme, despite being thicker than some other gaming monitors. Adjusting the monitor's physical position is effortless thanks to the spring-loaded lift and very smooth left and right adjustment. Tilt is also fairly easy, but requires a bit more effort. The performance of this monitor is pretty good. The screen is VERY bright, even on a very low brightness setting. This can be an issue for those who suffer easily from eye strain, but on the other hand it spreads the light evenly across the screen so there are no dull gray areas. Refresh and response times are excellent, and I don't see any flickering while gaming or browsing the web. The color saturation seems perfect and the images look great. While preinstalled game profiles are enabled, I don't see an option to create custom profiles. My graphics card recognizes a 144Hz refresh rate and the difference to 60Hz is noticeable. The only functional issue I've had with this monitor is that it sometimes gets completely distorted when I alt-tab outside of a game, or when my graphics card toggles back and forth when switching from a loading screen or program launch. This is usually fixed by turning it on multiple times, but I haven't seen this happen with any of my other monitors. Overall it's a good monitor, but you can pick up the vanilla gaming model for less, and honestly, there are better monitors out there if you're willing to shell out just a few bucks more.

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