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Review on Renewed Samsung Galaxy S9+ G9650 64GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Phone with Dual 12MP Camera in Lilac Purple by Iyaan Betrann ᠌

Revainrating 2 out of 5

You should not take it, it does not meet any standards.

1. Add 4G only mode, and 3G and 4G only mode. You have to use the 3G only mode, otherwise in the 4G mode, the phone constantly jumps to 2G EDGE, where 3G and somehow 4G are perfectly caught. 2. Add a Teslameter to the compass, which is in the EDGE panel, so that you do not have to install a third-party application because of such trifles. 3. Add the ability to manually Limit the battery level, for example, to 70%, as you did on LiveDemoUnit, so that users who use the phone for a long time on DeX Station or are simply constantly connected to the charger to upload large amounts of video to the cloud do not destroy the non-removable battery so quickly 100% charged. 4. Add pass-through screen video recording. Recording via GameLauncher is good, but it's only possible within a single app that needs to be added to that GameLauncher. 5. Add the ability to select a fixed frame rate for screen recording, including NTSC frame rates such as 29.97p and 59.94p. This is important, when we write video from the screen while flying on a quadcopter that shoots video at a fixed frame rate of 29.97p, then when we overlay video with telemetry of the phone recorded from the screen, we get a complete out of sync and the impossibility of combining video to analyze emergency situations. 6. Open 4K 60p shooting mode for 3rd party apps on Snapdragon version of S9+ (4K 60p is currently only available to app developers on Exynos version of the phone). 7. Add full support for standard Linux console utilities so that programmers can use it for full coding using DeX Station or DeX Pad. 8. Add video shooting in HEVC H.265 with a bit rate of 70 Mbps, as in H.264 mode - positioning it as the maximum quality mode. Now the HEVC H.265 mode is positioned by Samsung as an opportunity to save free space and record video with a bit rate of 45 Mbps instead of 70 Mbps with H.264. 9. Add the ability to record video from the screen while connected to Samsung DeX.

img 1 attached to Renewed Samsung Galaxy S9+ G9650 64GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Phone with Dual 12MP Camera in Lilac Purple review by Iyaan Betrann ᠌
img 2 attached to Renewed Samsung Galaxy S9+ G9650 64GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Phone with Dual 12MP Camera in Lilac Purple review by Iyaan Betrann ᠌
img 3 attached to Renewed Samsung Galaxy S9+ G9650 64GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Phone with Dual 12MP Camera in Lilac Purple review by Iyaan Betrann ᠌

  • 2 Points, according to the number of really cool implemented things: 1. The mind-blowing design of the S9+ (after it, it’s disgusting to take a tasteless cheap iPhone, even 8 or even 10th, in your hands - I twisted them in the cabin, just took it in my hands, looked at the case and immediately put it down, they look so primitive and tasteless after S9 + that I don’t even want them hold in hand). 2. Stunning sound. There are also small chips, as compensation for moral damage from other problems of the phone: - Preloaded compass - Pre-installed flashlight with brightness adjustment - Landscape mode (as in a tablet - this is really useful when the device is installed in the mount of the remote control to a quadrocopter, for example, or any other holder, as well as when broadcasting to a TV) I would put 5 stars if all the problems listed below in the comments of the Samsung Galaxy S9 + were solved But what can no longer be fixed programmatically, but needs to be fixed in the next anniversary version of the Galaxy S10: 10. Make a fixed frame rate when recording video by installing a separate co-processor for this, which would only deal with the camera. (Variable frame rate video is not suitable for normal computer editing.) 11. Please release a new Gear 360 Pro spherical camera that shoots 3840x3840 30p from each of the two sensors resulting in 8K 7680x3840 30p spherical video. 12. Make at least one cover on which the main cameras would be closed with a protective curtain from getting dirty when wearing the phone in your pocket. Or does the NSA not allow you to close the cameras? 13. A high-quality film on the screen out of the box would also not hurt for that kind of money. In the comment I will start with those problems that can still be solved with a software ate and then I will change the review to 4 stars.
  • - 4K 60p video looks very impressive, but is only good for viewing. It is impossible to fully edit video shot at a variable frame rate on a PC. - The built-in Video Editor on the phone only exports videos shot in 4K 60p to 4K 30p. - The second "zoom" camera S9 + is needed only for a cool design - the video detail from it is disgusting. - How long will this lie with built-in memory last, when in fact a little more than half of the declared volume is always available to the user. About 35 gigabytes of 64 GB built-in is occupied by the Android OS with an interface and Samsung software. For such money, you can already install a separate drive for the operating system. - Limitation of continuous recording 4K 60p in 5 minutes - I don’t see a problem here. I rarely shoot without stopping the recording for more than 2 minutes, and immediately after stopping the recording after 5 minutes, you can immediately continue shooting. - Through the browser in DeX mode, YouTube video is limited to 720p, and through the YouTube app to a maximum of 1080p, while the same video can be viewed from a computer in 4K mode. - Slow-motion 960p works crookedly and very often does not work even when a person passes or runs through the entire frame (there are a lot of examples in my archive), and almost always does not work on a working fountain without deliberately jerking the camera. In addition, there is a clear lack of detail compared to SONY and big problems with autofocus in this mode, as well as the inability to manually focus and lock at the desired distance. Very often, when Slow-motion is triggered, the focus is completely out of place and everything is blurry. - Watching the video is done in an idiotic way, apparently in Korea they are used to watching videos from beginning to end. To view the next video in sequence, you need to quickly double-click on the BACK arrow with your finger, and to watch the previous video, just press the FORWARD arrow once. And now a phone with so many unresolved problems, not only is it entering the market, but in 2022 they also ask for 1000 greenbacks for it!

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January 27, 2023
No translation
Different pros: Good telephone. Only if you take it on Snapdragon, then SAMSUNG PAY will not work. Cons below: SAMSUNG PAY does not work on Snapdragon.
January 27, 2023
No translation
Has some pros Gorgeous screen. The camera is above all praise. ates arrive monthly. The shell is made under the control of one hand. Everything is smooth and pleasant. With its cons. After eleven months of use, there were traces of screen burn-in. Brightness always set no more than 70%
January 27, 2023
No translation
Its pros: Very high quality camera, with a good matrix. Excellent performance and speed. Quality materials Cons below: May not be as powerful a battery
January 27, 2023
No translation
Pros: Gorgeous screen, decent camera (but, in my opinion, still falls short of the flagship solutions from Apple), the performance will last a couple more years) Cons: Battery - a maximum of a day. But this is already a common thing for most flagship smartphones .
January 27, 2023
No translation
Great phone. bought my husband after the seventh model. Camera fire. Very smart. The battery holds very well, the memory is large. Charges very quickly.

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