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Review on Renewed Apple iPhone 12 Mini, πŸ“± 64GB Green for AT&T - A Compact Powerhouse by Iori Yagami ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great product, a pleasure to use.

This is how the SE 2 should have been. For those who don't like shovels, this is perfect. And the price tag is normal. 70k is the normal price. In principle, this is the flagship from Apple. Here, apart from the speakers and camera modes, nothing is cut. 5 years ago I bought 6S for 62k. Given the dollar exchange rate, this one turned out even cheaper. Not all applications have been adapted for mini yet, and in some applications / games notch climbs to useful information. By the way, with the purchase they give three months of free Apple Arcade (even if you have already spent the first free period). From nit-picking . I would like the on-screen keyboard to be proportionally reduced. And then for such a screen there is too much indent from the bottom.

img 1 attached to Renewed Apple iPhone 12 Mini, πŸ“± 64GB Green for AT&T - A Compact Powerhouse review by Iori Yagami ᠌
img 2 attached to Renewed Apple iPhone 12 Mini, πŸ“± 64GB Green for AT&T - A Compact Powerhouse review by Iori Yagami ᠌


  • - The size. He just doesn't want to let go. Very convenient to use with one hand. Who had 5S/SE will appreciate it. He's even smaller than seven - Screen. OLED. Does not cause any discomfort. I read day and night from it. Eyes get tired less than iPhone 7/8 - Performance. Everything is clear here. Top line stuffing - Camera. Compared to the 11 Pro, the improvements are purely software. Including the night mode at the ultra-wide. The same cool stabilization and video quality. No TV. At 30fps night mode works better than at 60fps - FaceID. Very nimble. Similar to 11 Pro, but faster than X/XS - Fast charging. Up to 80% in 45 minutes, up to 100% in 90 minutes - WiFi module. This is the only device (I have many of them) that reaches the farthest Wi-Fi point in the house - eSIM. 2 minutes and you have a mobile Internet connection on your phone. At the same time, a free SIM card slot
  • - Built-in speakers. Due to their size, they are not so loud and sonorous here. There are almost no low frequencies. Sound level seven - Memory LPDDR4 4GB. Same on 11 Pro. In 12 Pro already LPDDR5. But the speed and volume is enough. The application has never been unloaded during the use - Battery. I'm ok. Yesterday, at 23, I took it off the charge. Today I use it all day (with two active SIM cards, wi-fi). In 22 hours, 50% of the charge is gone. That is, it is twice as much as on the seven - Glass back. Marky and very easy to beat. It would be better if they did it like on 11 Pro (not a single scratch in a year). I solved the problem by simply sticking a frosted protective glass (790)

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December 28, 2022
Different pros: Small size, great functionality! CameraπŸ‘ Different cons: The battery is pretty weak. But for its size, it was not worth the wait.
December 20, 2022
With its pros. Speed, Camera, face, quality Different cons: Battery is a little small
December 20, 2022
compared to android, everything is much more convenient, a small amount of battery with the right settings gives quite a decent use time
December 20, 2022
I was very afraid for the battery, and I must say that it does not shine with power against the background of the same XR, but everything is not so bad.
December 20, 2022
Has pros: Seeing it for the first time at the presentation, I immediately realized that 12mini is what I need! It was like I was waiting for him! Design, form factor, power, colors! Different cons: No revolutionary new solutions and features that you think about taking the new flagship from Apple
December 20, 2022
Got pros: Bought for my wife. The size is just right for a small hand to operate across the entire work surface. Performance. Stylish. Love the pistachio color Has cons: Price. I took it for 64k. I think an adequate price is 55k . 58k
December 20, 2022
Some pros: Color rendition, cool camera With its cons. Small battery, and the lack of a block in the kit
December 20, 2022
iPhone owner - on the needle
December 20, 2022
If you like small phones, then you won't find it better.
December 20, 2022
Just bought, while there is nothing more to say.