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Review on 🎨 DecoArt Metallic ML04C-28 Lustre Wax, 1-Ounce, Champagne Ice - Enhance Your Crafts with Stunning Metallic Finish - 1 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) by Amber Perez

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Metal Limits

I think it's probably good for some applications but it wasn't a permanent finish for metal. I've used Guildar wax in the past (no, I'm not paid to say so) and gave it a try as an alternative due to the many metallic colors DecoArt offers. For my application I use this on stainless steel. Guildar wax adheres incredibly well and achieves the expected color with no build-up. The DecoArt product requires a fairly thick layer to achieve the expected color (probably due to the metal content). The problem is that the growth is easy to scrape off. Since it didn't work well on metal I used a little to fill in some wood etch and it worked fine for this application, although I'd say metallic paint would work better (but messier).

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