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Review on WePay by Pedro O. Alvino M.

Payment processor with customizable API integration.

Established as an alternative platform as a payment facilitator for digital store merchants, it began its services in 2008 as a measure to simplify online payment mechanisms, in addition to its commercial development has seen an increase due to products that facilitate electronic commerce. and physical stores for merchants.
After the acquisition of JPMorgan Chase in 2017, the payment platform had several products that minimize the payment mechanisms for users and owners of commercial stores, through white label services and API integration which is one of the factors. with greater use by owners of product sales web pages, so that its extensive customization and adaptability, focuses on a payment system that generates trust for consumers and greater flexibility for owners.
Composed of a payment gateway for ACH transfer, it also has additional services such as a POS payment system and a fundraising procedure. The large number of payment processors can be a great disadvantage for the platform, so that the demand for its services may have a percentage decrease if it does not have more development in the payment system.

Pros & cons

  • It works as an alternative payment mechanism for ten years.
  • It has several products and payment services for merchants.
  • It has an API with a wide variety of customization and adaptability of a merchant's page.
  • Includes a knowledge section on the platform's payment mechanisms for the inexperienced.
  • Quickly set up multiple payments without compromising merchant security.
  • Your system of additional commissions and fees can reduce the percentage of profits for retailers.
  • It has wide competitors in this section of payment processing.