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Review on Electrical AFD0113 2L7U 10300 AA 2L7U 10300 BA 2L7U 10300 BB by Dragan Nelson

Revainrating 5 out of 5

So far a reliable product at a very competitive price.

Just installed on a 2004 Ford Expedition 5.4L. Easy enough DIY for that fat and lazy geek in 100+ weather conditions (actual sweat). Right now the voltage is 14.22v and is not a problem with aggressive driving (to make sure the belt or alternative doesn't snap before I pass it to the GF) with burning AC and blaring music. I'll update my review if things change, but so far it looks like a solid product and a very aggressive price ($200 for a refurbished alt on AutoZ and $240 for a new one). Other references are not important for this seller or item. Be careful when trying to jump your car, this is not designed to jump off other vehicles. If you get it wrong you can damage your car or another, our "it just happened" alternator that fails after you jump on my aunt's car girlfriends. For these purposes, take a jumper box. If I leave this comment Amazon is still thinking about shipping lol.

  • Great for me
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