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Review on Magnatab — A To Z Uppercase — Activity For Fun And Learning — Sensory Activity — Ages 3+ by Kris Feezy

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A solid educational toy

SUMMARYThis is a fun and clever toy that can really help kids learn their letters. It certainly captures their attention initially but after 2 days it doesn't seem to be interesting any more. For longer term interest I would suggest the Magnatab that is more of a doodle pad. It is a durable toy and looks like it would stand up in a classroom. However, the magnetic stylus is not attached to the rest of the toy and could very easily be lost.FULL REVIEWKIDS COMMENTSMy kids want you to know that they like the sound that the beads make when they pop up and they like how the beads "appear" when they put the magnet to them.FORM - A+This toy is nicely sized. It perfectly fits in an adult or child's lap and has a nice curved edge around the back that makes it nice to hold. The letters are nicely sized and spaced on the board. The stylus is comfortable in the hand and easy for little fingers to hold without being bulky. The slot that the stylus fits into for storage is super clever and has a magnet that holds it in place. In concept and usage I like this better than a stylus attached with a string or plastic loop. However, practically, I'm afraid that the stylus will be lost since it is not attached to the rest of the toy.DURABILITY - A-I immediately gave this toy to 4 children, ages 7-18 months. They loved it for the first two days. It got tossed, sat on, fought over, and played with pretty constantly. The only problem that I saw was some faint smudging of the black print on the Magnatab. It looks like some excess toner being wiped or smudged across the surface. However, none of the print has come off yet and the direction arrows are still nice and dark. I believe this toy is durable enough to stand up in an education environment. Other than the stylus issues described above this toy would be a good investment for a school or day care.

  • EASY CLEANUP—The beads are magically "erased" when pushed down by the tip of a finger or the swipe of the side of the stylus.
  • Limited opportunities for social interaction