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Review on Dollaritem by Orlando Antonio

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Dollaritem, store of food products, beverages, appliances, accessories, garden items, clothing, electronic equipment, with international shipping, wholesale purchases and secure payment methods.

Dollaritem, is a store that guarantees sales of products to companies, common users and suppliers, this guarantees a good sales service for a variety of items and products for the home, groceries, food, clothing, footwear, appliances, sports, electronic equipment and accessories, guaranteed wholesale purchase, safe and reliable services with international deliveries. Dollaritem, provides good access to its online platform, which contains a good organization of all products offered by its store, likewise has developed a cart system for the accumulation of products easily for purchase, likewise ensures reliable information of the products on sale, convenient prices, accessible offers, its system ensures a user registration in the store, allowing to have affiliated user account and for the accumulation of points that guarantees benefits during the purchase. Dollaritem, provides a variety of payment methods, integrating also payments of products through PayPal account and with accumulated points, guarantees financing of products to customers, likewise integrates customer service, with guaranteed answers and good advice, likewise its delivery services are efficient and safe.

  • Its store ensures that users can access good percentage discounts and offers on its various products.
  • It accepts good payment methods, allowing easy purchase and payments, accepting credit cards, Maestro and even PayPal.
  • Its store guarantees secure purchases to the May, integrates a secure shipping system and offers good deliveries to companies and users internationally.
  • Its help center offers good after-sales advice, clarifies doubts in purchases and is friendly.
  • It guarantees in its online store, access to a variety of products with offers, recognized brands, with good quality and ease of selection in the shopping cart system.
  • It has few customers followers from social media accounts.
  • It does not have marketing strategies for the store from social networks.
  • It does not have a mobile application for the online store.