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Great shoes! Work little and have no guarantee of unexpected growth spurts.

I love these shoes for my daughter. They are undersized. I'm disappointed this time because I literally bought these shoes 2 months and 3 days ago and my daughter has grown dramatically and can't wear them anymore. I wish I could swap them out so…

Bracelet made of natural gemstones: a spectacular accessory for any occasion

This Semi Precious Stone Bracelet with Natural Gemstone Round Beads 8mm Elastic Bracelet Handmade Unisex Jewelry (AAA Agate) definitely caught my attention with its deep rich hues and elegant workmanship. The black agate beads are truly amazing and…

Everything was the same color. There are multiple colors in the photo. All 10 were the same color

Next time say they're all the same color. i only have one color There are several in the photo. Disappointed but worn for the reliability and quality of the product. I have her pants!

The HANJUN genuine leather slim wallet is the perfect combination of style and functionality

I recently purchased a HANJUN genuine leather men's slim wallet and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality and design of this wallet. The minimalist front pocket design is elegant and sophisticated, yet functional and practical enough…

Falling apart quickly in my rating

These fall apart quickly. They are beautiful but we have had several pairs of these shoes because my daughter loves them. This time the shoe has been worn a couple of times and the sole is peeling off. This is a huge trip hazard and all the shine…

JAN JUL Snow Boots Toddler

So sweet, my judgment is good for me.

They are easy to put on for babies with swollen feet/ankles. Very warm and soft. The only problem may be that my child can easily push them away when they don't need shoes.