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3M 26580 Accuspray Spray System Review




Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
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Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Dimensions LxWxH21 x 18 x 2.52 inches

Description of 3M 26580 Accuspray Spray System

ONE GUN FOR ALL PAINT SPRAY NEEDS – 3M Accuspray handheld HVLP paint gun works with PPS 2. 0 disposable lids, liners and nozzles to measure, mix, filter and spray a variety of paint materials. ALL-INCLUSIVE PAINT SPRAY KIT – Includes 1 AccuPark spray gun, 5 nozzles (1. 2 mm, 1. 3 mm, 1. 4 mm, 1. 8 mm, 2. 0 mm), 1 plastic paint cup, 5 disposable lids with integrated locking collar (4 with 200-micron filter, 1 with 125-micron filter), 5 disposable liners and 3 sealing plugs. Air compressor and hose coupler not included. IMPROVED LID DESIGN – PPS 2. 0 lids feature an integrated quarter-turn locking collar, which helps eliminate cross-threading and paint buildup, as well as a new domed shape that holds up to 3 ounces of material below the filter, reducing sputter and improving spray performance. REUSABLE PAINT CUP – PPS 2. 0 reusable hard plastic paint cup features printed-on universal mixing ratios and a clear access window so you can easily see the paint and remove the lid and liner. VARIETY OF MATERIALS – The different nozzle options allow you to spray paints, stains, varnishes, basecoats, undercoats, primers, sealers, clear coats, gelcoats, spray able adhesives and more. LIKE-NEW PERFORMANCE AGAIN AND AGAIN – With replaceable atomizing heads, you get the performance of a brand-new gun each time you replace the nozzle. 360 DEGREE PAINT RANGE – When used with included PPS 2. 0 cup system, you can consistently spray at any angle, even upside down. LESS WASTE, MORE EFFICIENCY – Less paint waste, mess and contamination than traditional methods. Use up to 70% less cleaning solvent, and shorten prep and cleanup time by as much as 50% compared with conventional metal paint cup systems.


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Revainrating 1 out of 5

The homeowner may need too much air

I had to return this product because it needs a lot of air to work properly, it's more of a commercial product but overall the quality and idea is amazing.

  • REUSABLE PAINT CUP - Reusable PPS 2.0 hard plastic cup with universal mixing ratios printed on it and a clear window to easily see the paint and remove the lid and liner
  • There are other interesting options.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Received used spray gun

When I received the package it was obvious that it had been previously opened. It wasn't a problem until I discovered it had been used, the handle and first 1/2 inch of the needle had gray paint on it. The next one I got was new and worked pretty well. I like the ability to store unused paint in removable canisters with minimal air access after the canister is closed.

  • Painting tools and equipment
  • Very expensive

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Works best in tools and equipment

This is a 3M Accuspray 2.0 for home use. Works well, sprays great. Very low cleaning costs. Spray primer works well. Not a top-notch weapon, but definitely great for what I do. As mentioned in other reviews, it will produce no power and perform like a top gun. However, it will still work. It's an air pig, if that's a problem. This cup 1.0 will not work, nor the hints, although the hints will work. If you have 1.0 cups and tips, you can still use this gun with them.

  • Automotive
  • Some bugs

Revainrating 5 out of 5

MARVELOUS! suitable for spray guns and accessories

First of all. IMPRESSIVE! This spray gun is amazing! It sprays so well I just exploded. Such an amazing system of disposable caps and liners, what an amazing product. One thing to note is that 13cfm is required at 20psi, but I'll tell you my 5hp 20 gallon supercharger rated at 8cfm per minute at 40psi had no problem, fire that gun. So make sure you have enough air before you buy and get disappointed. . I can say enough good things about this spray gun!

  • 360 DEGREE COLOR AREA - The included PPS 2.0 system allows you to spray continuously from any angle, even overhead
  • There are other interesting options.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Great idea! Really disappointing performance. Nozzles don't "click "

3M's AccuSpray system is a brilliant concept. I love it ! The problem is that the replacement nibs don't fit the pen well. I can get one side to "click" with a bit of fiddling, the other side refuses to click properly no matter what I do. This goes for all the plastic tips included in the kit, as well as the box of extra 1.3mm tips I ordered. This is completely unacceptable - and truly disappointing. ready to paint. So that's for the 30 day return period (my mistake). So I found that if I use a

  • IMPROVED CAP DESIGN - PPS 2.0 caps feature an integral quarter-turn locking collar to eliminate cross-threading and paint build-up, and a new dome shape that accommodates up to 3 ounces of material under the filter, reduces splatter and increases spray efficiency
  • Questionable purchase for the elderly