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Acer X203H 20 Inch LCD Monitor 1600X900, ‎X203H Bd

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Very good




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Screen Size20 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum1600x900
Display TypeLCD
Specific Uses For ProductPersonal

About Acer X203H 20 Inch LCD Monitor 1600X900, ‎X203H Bd

Compatible for use with PC or Macintosh computers. Acer 3-Year Limited Warranty.

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big performance bonus

This is my second monitor for my laptop and it works great. I was looking for something around 19 inches with better than 1400 x 1050 resolution on my laptop. I mainly use this device for VMs and text, although I sometimes use it for graphics. Offers a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and is worth the money you spend on it. This isn't a glossy/super bright bright color screen type, although you can use it with presets or custom high brightness calibration.

Pros & cons

  • Useful not only for its intended purpose
  • Screen burn-in: This occurs when a static image is displayed on the monitor for too long and continually burns into the screen.

1 year and it broke

Horizontal lines run up and down the monitor, appearing possessed. Monitor is 13 months old. Very disappointed with the quality of this Acer product! I also have an Acer laptop of the same age and it's fine!

Pros & cons

  • Its response time is fast, making it ideal for gaming and other fast-paced activities.
  • Dubious purchase for older people

Don't worry at all

Found that the big screen is no better if there are no other necessary features: 1 - This monitor has NO height and tilt adjustments (in fact, it's 'forward' at a slight angle); 2 - Power and onscreen buttons are small and not very responsive; 3 - it does NOT have a USB port.

Pros & cons

  • Its slim design makes it easy to transport
  • Flickering: If the monitor's refresh rate is too low, the display may flicker.

Good widescreen monitor for the price

I bought two of these to have two monitors for my work laptop. I bought both for under $100 and they work great. Thanks for attention.

Pros & cons

  • monitors
  • unreliable

GREAT MONITOR in my review.


Pros & cons

  • Brings joy
  • Lower refresh rate

Great monitor in my opinion

The monitor corresponds to the description. It's easy to install for my elderly parents and they love it. Big size for her and for everyone. Great color and works great. Very satisfied. Shipped very quickly and I am very satisfied

Pros & cons

  • Compatible for use with PC or Macintosh computers
  • Not as thick as other options

Sometimes less is better

This smaller LCD works better for me (I wear trifocals) than the larger 26-inch Acer monitor that I also own. The viewing angle of a smaller monitor actually makes it easier to focus and view content on the screen compared to larger monitors. The only downside I can think of for this monitor is that it doesn't have a resolution to display Full HD videos (they are downscaled to this monitor's resolution which is 1600x900, not Full HD 1900x 1080).Very good monitor I use It. for maybe six months, 10 hours a day, no problem.

Pros & cons

  • Few competitors
  • low resolution

I am happy with my opinion

I wish it had built in speakers but other than that it's a great monitor. The graphics work well for HD playback and gaming, no flickering as far as I can tell. I've never been good at distinguishing the flickering that some people say they see. However, it works well, is not heavy and has good turning ability. Compatible with VGA and DVI, but unfortunately not with HDMI. Recommend a DVI connector and cable as it is digital and VGA is analog.

Pros & cons

  • The curved panel gives you an immersive experience
  • functionality

Acer X203H bd 20 inch LCD monitor

Bought to replace an old 17" Dell CRT monitor on my old G4 Slate Mac. A Belkin ADC-to-DVI adapter has also been added. Worked great out of the box at the highest resolution. Good price, excellent picture, light weight, small footprint. Delivered as promised (actually received earlier than I thought).

Pros & cons

  • ‎1600x900
  • Poor image quality and resolution.

Excellent value for money and quality

I bought it from Best Buy on December 5th, 2009 for $80 because someone forgot to take off their Black Friday price tag (I gotta love BB for that LOL) but really, even at $100 it's a great buy for one 20 inch monitor. I use it as an extension for my laptop so I can run different programs on both screens. It's a bit surprising how many people copy onto this monitor, when in fact it's a 20-inch LCD with pretty good picture quality. Do you get all the bells and whistles like USB ports, HDMI ports, HD picture quality and a super adjustable stand? No! Of course not! Could the picture quality be better? Yes you can, but then again I paid less than $100. If you want all the bells and whistles, go ahead and buy something more expensive, don't tear the product from your heart, VALUABLE monitor. If you buy it with such an expectation, you will not be disappointed.

Pros & cons

  • A wide range of connectors makes it easy to connect all types of devices.
  • So far, so good

love love love :)

This monitor exceeded my expectations. We watch a lot of streaming videos and it looks just like watching it on a flat screen TV. Highly recommend :) Oh, and it's the perfect size.

Pros & cons

  • The wide color gamut ensures colors remain vibrant and accurate.
  • weak

For the price in my review

Excellent for the price. The graphics are good. Two of them attached to the wall, saving a lot of desk space. Movies look fine depending on your graphics card. Highly recommended

Pros & cons

  • Only positive
  • Bad contrast

Acer 20 inch monitor in my test

This is a very nice monitor that I bought for my parents. It replaces the old CRT monitor, looks better, performs better and consumes less power. The delivery was on time with no problems.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to use
  • The monitor inputs are not compatible with other devices.

Great monitor at a great price

I bought this monitor a while ago and was very impressed with its quality and price. I recently bought a second one, albeit at a higher price than the first. very durable. I keep it on a corner table and it has withstood a couple of falls. Just slide back the interlocking outer panels and you're done.

Pros & cons

  • Nice packaging
  • Nothing

Acer X203H 20 " LCD monitor bd

a good monitor for this price works well only one flaw, the monitor stand is not removable, there is no pivoting movement.

Pros & cons

  • 20 inch
  • Bad connectivity

Have 6 love them all

I do web development and graphic design and these monitors are perfect. Stacking 6 together makes for a great look and I've never had a problem with it. I have 5 of 20 and then 22 HD in the middle, all from Acer. Wouldn't trade them for anything else.

Pros & cons

  • New
  • Bad contrast

Acer X 203H BD 20 " LCD monitor

No problems with the monitor! Nice wide screen, controls are on the bottom and a little awkward to use when they're under the frame instead of in front. It's plug and play, so you can get started right away. The picture quality is excellent.

Pros & cons

  • ‎1600x900
  • style 90

Great inexpensive monitor

The monitor has a clear, beautiful picture. Connecting and setting up couldn't be simpler - less than five minutes. Standard settings with no frills, that's what I wanted.

Pros & cons

  • Impressive
  • So-so

I like my new monitor

This monitor was well packaged with good documentation. It's well designed and solidly built, not to mention its attractive looks. Good control/adjustment buttons. Pretty blue power indicator. Enjoy!

Pros & cons

  • shines
  • confused

Great for everyday use

I use a couple of these monitors for work. I wish they were height adjustable. But for the price they are good. They are lightweight and come with VGA and DVI cables. Autocorrect works well.

Pros & cons

  • Acceptable
  • Bad contrast