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Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Air washer Honeywell ES800, white

Product Overview

The Air Washer Honeywell ES800 in white is a highly efficient and innovative product that combines the benefits of an air purifier and a humidifier. With its advanced technology and sleek design, it provides a comfortable and healthy living environment for your home or office.

Key Features

1. Dual Functionality: Unlike traditional air purifiers or humidifiers, the Honeywell ES800 acts as both an air purifier and a humidifier. It effectively removes airborne pollutants, allergens, and odors while maintaining optimal humidity levels in your space.

2. Advanced Filtration System: Equipped with a multi-stage filtration system, this air washer captures and eliminates particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. The washable pre-filter helps prolong the life of the main filter, making maintenance easier and more cost-effective.

3. Adjustable Settings: The Honeywell ES800 offers multiple fan speeds and humidity control settings, allowing you to customize the air purification and humidification levels based on your preferences and needs.

Similar Products

If you're considering alternative options, some similar products to the Honeywell ES800 include:

  • ACME AirPure Pro 5000: A powerful air purifier and humidifier combo that offers similar features and performance.
  • EnviroTech Deluxe Air Revitalizer: An air washer with a stylish design and effective air purification capabilities.
  • PureComfort X5000: A compact air washer with high-performance filtration and customizable settings.
  • Benefits and Usage

    The Honeywell ES800 air washer is the perfect solution for those who want to improve the air quality and maintain optimal humidity levels in their living or working spaces. It provides several benefits, including:

  • Relief from allergies and respiratory issues by removing airborne particles and allergens.
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors and stale air, creating a fresh and inviting environment.
  • Prevention of dryness and discomfort caused by low humidity, especially during winter months.
  • Enhanced overall well-being and productivity by ensuring a healthy indoor atmosphere.
  • Whether you're a homeowner, office worker, or anyone concerned about air quality, the Honeywell ES800 air washer is a valuable addition to your space. It can be used in various settings, including:

  • Living rooms and bedrooms
  • Home offices and study areas
  • Nurseries and children's rooms
  • Yoga studios and meditation spaces
  • Experience the benefits of clean, purified air and optimal humidity with the Honeywell ES800 air washer.



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    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Worst purchase ever, don't make the same mistake.

    The employee, who called himself Hong Kong, blames guess who for all the troubles! That's right - a socket. An attempt to explain to my uncle what a switching power supply is, and why blaming the outlet is a pure lie, led to an answer in the style: "you are all fools and are not being treated, but I'm the only one here with a higher education." A photo of the PSU is attached - a $5 rattle powers a device that sells for more than $300. Pay attention to the input range: 100-240. If the voltage…

    • Able to work very quietly, only the sound of pouring water at night. Model 17. Other models have been on the market for too long. The maximum consumption is 36 watts. But buy at your own risk, more on that below.
    • Lots of marriage. They brought me 3 copies and all with one or another deviation. Three in a row! The first one was the pump. I contacted the ecofriend company that serves them and they said that this is not normal and the installation needs to be changed. I had to go for a replacement myself. The second was quiet without extraneous noise, but on the very first evening, the fan turned off. The replacement was brought already out of warranty on their own. But the third install was weird right after turning it on. Her fan was noticeably buzzing, and the pump did not fall. Although I was assured that everything was checked and everything is in order. Then why does the pump come into working position the third time? A few hours later, a new trouble - the pump gave a signal about a low water level in the middle of the tank, long before reaching the "minimum" mark. I asked for a replacement, but they refused. With motivation: I don’t believe you, you probably work for competitors. It's very nice to hear such paranoia when you were sold a marriage for 20 thousand! I explained that I was not asking for a new humidifier and would be fine with a refurbished unit that was brought in by a second one, but the fan had turned off. Some other employee contacted me, said that the second copy was repaired and they could bring it to me at my expense. Of course, I objected that to carry at my expense when they have so many marriages is somehow too inhumane. Do you know how they reacted? They blacklisted my number and didn't bring me my humidifier AT ALL, leaving me with a replacement one.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Im amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

    Now I breathe better, it’s great for allergy sufferers, I’m allergic to dust, I live much better now than without it, it helped me a lot.

    • What is air washing - it is a climatic complex based on the laws of nature, a way of cooling the air with the help of falling water. It suited me perfectly as an allergic person, there are many useful functions, it connects to the network with a conventional power supply, it has convenient wheels so that it can be conveniently moved around the apartment, many functions such as 3 speed modes and an air ionization mode, a night mode in which it it is not audible, the air humidification mode with which the air literally becomes wetter to the touch. There is a convenient remote control. Large water tank. It is convenient to pour water through a special hole.
    • I did not notice any shortcomings.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Do not hesitate to buy, the quality is amazing for the price.

    What else did you like: 1. The device can be easily dragged from place to place. 2. Convenient to fill with water, there is a special water pocket. 3. Silent. 3. Energy - efficient - which is no less important with our electricity tariffs.

    • The device is super, I’m overjoyed, I bought it, it’s a super thing, I put it in the bedroom, it works quietly, it’s better and more pleasant to breathe, since I also bought probiotic water additives TM Ecofriend - Juniper.

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Not worth the money, would not recommend this product.

    I bought this device through an online store and regretted it. When working, it is very annoyingly buzzing. Moreover, the hum is emitted by precisely that part of the device that provides air circulation. It buzzes even in the quietest mode. These are not quibbles. I have another air purifier without humidification, it works much quieter, we turn it on all day and do not notice. And this one, even me, a very patient person to the sounds, begins to annoy the rumble after 15 minutes. Be sure to…

    • Idea is great
    • Noisy

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

    Ease of maintenance - it is convenient to fill in water and clean the removable water tank that is conveniently pulled out. Easy to move around the apartment there are 2 small wheels. I immediately felt the difference between the air that is with this air washer and the air without this air washer.

    • Awesome contraption, turned on the blowing coolness creates, convenient, practical, performs the moisturizing function for all 5 points out of 5!
    • I did not find any shortcomings.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I can't stop being happy with the purchase, a very good deal!

    Easy to manage and maintain. For air humidification, I think that this is the best device, since I went around all the stores and nothing was close in terms of characteristics.

    • Compact, beautiful, convenient, easy to move, everything is removed and everything opens, water can be poured from above, it works quietly at night, it blows humidified and purified air, air flow control curtains, an ionizer, and the fact that the filters are washed under water. Everything is great. Recommend for bedroom.
    • expensive

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    I will never repeat this purchase.

    Just a weak fan with a cardboard filter on the back (honeycomb diameter of about 0.5 cm) on which water drips from above. 5 red price for this product. With its pros: I really liked how beautifully they lie in the description of this product. Different cons: There is no ionization. Carbon filter of course too. It blows weaker several times than a floor fan for 1000. The only thing he does is humidify the air for 31 thousand. I bought it at a markdown for 20 thousand, but I still think that this

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A valuable purchase, some advantages!

    There are 3 speed modes, control is carried out using the remote control, you can not even approach it, but control it while sitting on the couch and watching your favorite TV series. The filter is easy to clean under running water. The way in which the air is cooled and humidified is essentially like a waterfall, the feeling is as if you are standing next to a waterfall and you feel the fresh, moisture-filled air.

    • An excellent device, it works silently, productively, it is easy to maintain the device - there is a special retractable compartment, you do not need to drag a lot of forces, since it is on wheels. I use it to humidify the air and as a dust filter, the air has become much cleaner than it was without the device, I immediately breathe better.
    • Didn't see.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I like the product, the quality did not disappoint.

    Now about the noise. The first and most basic source of noise is the fan and it makes a lot of noise during operation, no matter what anyone says. To clean and humidify the air, the ventilation mode is always necessary and therefore it will always be. The next source of noise is a pump pumping water, but it also makes noise and its noise level is comparable to 1 fan speed. And the last source of noise is the bubbling water that splashes under pressure in the upper compartment of the device and…

    • Advantages - ventilates and moisturizes, performs its functions. Everything did not fit into thecommentary, so I break all my text into all sections. First, I recommend studying the attached photos (below the references in the text) and video (? v=6Cq5isK49Og), which show the key points of operation andcomnfiguration of the device. You can visit the website of the official distributor () or see pictures here (01-03), which I will attach. I ask you to pay attention to the differing figures for the operation of the device in different modes, because advertising usually says only the most beautiful numbers - the noise is 9 decibels and the area is 100 sqm, but this is not so. Firstly, it is still a fan, there are 5 power modes. It has two regulators, a speed switch from 1st to 3rd and a separate "night \ turbo" switch, you can turn on only one of these modes. In all modes, it makes noise, even at speed 1 it makes noise like an ordinary large floor fan, and even at 2 and 3 it howls as expected. This is to imagine when they write everywhere that he is allegedly "quiet". The only thing when it is quiet is in the "night" mode, where it is reallycomparable to the noise of acomputer, in principle, you can even sleep under it, but there is practically no air flow and it will "refresh" the air only if under you. The direction of the air outlet is regulated by shutters on the front panel, horizontal by hand, vertical ones turn by themselves using the auto mode switched on from the button.
    • Flaws - The price, I bought it for 21,000, but in my opinion it should cost no more than 200 bucks, I took this particular device because other applicants did not suit me even more. - Noisy, because I bought it for the sake of effective humidification, in advertising and reviews it was written that it was quiet, but in fact it was noisy. - there was no cup in the kit, which should be in the lower tank, I contacted the manufacturer and they promised to send it (Figure 04-05), but at first I still could not understand what the green sponge was for (this is not in the instructions). Secondly, about cleaning (Fig. 06-07). - Air purification is achieved first by a large carbon-coated mesh, which is attached to the rear removable cover. The mesh is too large in my opinion, I also have meshes in my computer for the same purposes and the holes in them are as small as on the meshes that are placed on the windows. These nets really catch dust and debris, and the one that is installed in the device will only catch flies and large debris, and even then when it is almost on the street, otherwise I just can’t imagine how something like this will get there in the apartment . - Next comes the honeycomb filter, which also performs the function of humidifying the passing air. Due to the complex structure and humidity, dust and small debris must be attracted and deposited on the filter during the passage of air and washed off by pouring water into the lower tank. The bottom tank, honeycomb filter and charcoal filter should be taken out and cleaned periodically. Thirdly, about moisturizing and cooling. Water from the lower tank is sucked in by the pump descending when turned on to the very top into the upper compartment. In the upper compartment, water is sprayed with special plastic (Fig. 08), and if ice is placed there, then additionally cooled water will flow through the holes down to the honeycomb filter. Through the honeycomb filter, water is distributed over a large surface of the filter and evaporates under the air flow, and already humidified / cooled air is blown out of the device through the front panel with shutters.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A high-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

    Reading some of the reviews, it seems like it's about a different thing. Everything works fine for me. Hydration is excellent in my opinion. Compared to boneko - heaven and earth. Honeywell's more than. The tank runs out in less than a day. The filter is clogged in 10-12 days. The water at the bottom of the tank is black! So much filth is in the air, but we don't see it. In terms of noise, it works like a fan at a computer - this is in night mode, at other speeds it is louder

    • Very good performance and small dimensions
    • Small tank volume. With such a flow of water, a tank is needed more

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I am amazed at how well the product is made, just magically!

    Outwardly, a very nice unit that fits perfectly into the new renovation. Treshka 65 meters perfectly moisturizes - this is especially important in winter, when the humidity drops to 20% in the room. After a few days of operation of the device, you begin to notice that there is less dust - this is understandable, because the remnants of water in its tank are constantly dirty and slippery. Gives out pleasant air with ionization. In general, I advise, but the price, of course, surprises .

    • Well moisturizes the room, really less dust in the apartment, air ionization
    • The price is not adequate

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Lousy product, low quality.

    Bought as an air purifier with a nice cooling bonus. But even in this hot summer, the temperature in the room drops by no more than 1 degree due to the initially high humidity. It is still difficult to say something about the quality of air purification, but it has become noticeably harder for me, an asthmatic, to breathe waterlogged air. Apparently, it will have to be removed before the heating season, when the humidity in the apartment drops. Summer in St. Petersburg is not an option. I do…

    • Nothing
    • Very noisy. As a cooler in my specific conditions does not work.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Terrible quality, disappointed with the purchase.

    After some time, the device was shipped to me by a transport company . the packaging was absolutely intact, without damage. I unpacked it at home, read the instructions, filled it with water, turned it on . IN FACT, this device produces 9 dB of noise if it is used as a simple fan in sleep mode, respectively, if it is used for its intended purpose as an air washer, i. E. with the humidification mode, the water circulation motor turns on and the noise is many times greater, I did not measure how…

    • Used one hour, did not have time to evaluate, one negative.
    • So, I buy a lot, recently more and more through the Internet. Never wrote a review before. But the miracle technology I bought, and most importantly the attitude of the manufacturer, simply forced me to save the layman from the situation that I got into, you know, it’s very unpleasant when you pay for the services of scammers . In general, in order. The child was born and the choice of air washing began . I decided to take it responsibly and within a month I studied a bunch of models on the market, their declared characteristics and settled on the Honeywell ES800 model. Why? Firstly, the manufacturer indicates the presence of a "sleep mode" and the lower noise threshold of the device is declared in the characteristics of only 9 dB! Well, I think it’s a dream, I won’t find it anywhere. Secondly, the absence of replaceable filters is really a plus. Thirdly, a fairly large water tank. Here are three constants that, in principle, worried me when choosing an air washer. At the same time, there is a video on YouTube about how easy this device is to clean. With a full understanding of what I figured out, I ordered the Honeywell ES800.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Exactly as promised by the manufacturer, high quality.

    I chose an air humidifier for a long time (I wanted everything to be combined in it, and humidification, and cleaning, and washing, and an air freshener, as well as that it would be possible to use even at night). Having rummaged through the Internet, I attacked the Honeywell ES800 model, according to reviews it is a very good model and, most importantly, it has everything I wanted. I bought this device in an online store and that's what I'll tell you - I've been using it for several months…

    • Design, color and compactness
    • For several months of use, I did not find any shortcomings.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

    I am one of those people who are wary of all sorts of new things. But then I first saw the photo - the color, I really liked the design. I decided to read in detail what it is, got interested, bought it, and that's what I will say - an excellent device with many functions: humidification, cooling, air purification and washing, class all in one small beautiful complex. And you can also sleep with it, there is a super mode in which you can’t hear how it works. Highly recommend to anyone who is…

    • Very attractive design and color
    • Didn't find