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23.8" monitor dell s2421hn, 1920x1080, 75hz, ips, silver/black logo

With its pros: For the price, this is a great monitor. I have 2 pieces connected to the docking station, to which I connect the laptop. It is convenient to work (because the frames are thin, you get almost one solid monitor), although 25" would be better :). With its cons: There is no up and down adjustment, so they stand low on their leg on the table. Alternatively, use a special bracket.See full review

japanese wrist watch casio g-shock gbd-200-2 logo

The perfect product for any user!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

as usual cool watch from casio series G it is convenient that there are notifications from the phone, it is not necessary to get it every time very easily soiled glass dust constantly sticks to it and other small particles remain traces, other watches of the same series did not notice this, everything else is generally coolSee full review

smart speaker yandex station mini without clock with alice, black onyx, 10w logo

For a child, in general, a fairy tale develops before our eyes, but you yourself become this child with it 🙃 Different pros: Anything you want, everything will tell and play and you can talk and call her With its cons: It would be nice if it worked without a subscription but with the same functionalitySee full review

portable acoustics sony srs-xb13, beige logo

Pros: A good little portable speaker, what can I say, this is Sony, it plays its 5 watts Cons: The price is too high to be honest, if 3500r is generally chicSee full review

massage chair osari pantera, champagne logo

I rarely write reviews and this is one of those rare occasions! The chair was purchased to replace the failed one (I won’t write the manufacturer and model, but for the price and functionality, at the time of purchase 3.5 years ago, it was a top model). I want to note that I take the choice of any technique (the more expensive) very seriously. You get used to a good massage, and after 2 months of not having a massage, problems with your back and lower back began to make themselves felt, so the qSee full review

logitech backlit mechanical keyboard passthrough logo

Because this is the first mechanic I've ever had, I have no desire to switch to another one. The "WOW" factor was achieved. I love playing shooters like CS:GO, PubG, and others. If you're going to use a capital letter and you've never had mechanics before, I highly suggest it. Although I did not uncover any suitable alternatives for this price, I would recommend that regular people who say things like "I want a mechanic" seek around for them nonetheless.See full review

samsung galaxy s10e g970u 128gb ✨ prism white gsm unlocked android phone (usa version) logo

I would say that I loved the phone quite a bit; it possesses a lot of useful functions. Various advantages, such as its appealing design and high-quality construction materials - excellent dimensions - a discrete cutout for the front camera - the presence of a camera with a wide field of view - a fingerprint scanner located on the side that is both comfortable and quick to use -nice one ui shell -ip68 - sound configuration: stereo sound with Dolby Atmos setup -the availability of an audio jack aSee full review

🎵 house of marley smile jamaica wired earphones: rasta design with microphone, noise isolation, and sustainable materials logo

I've been looking into wireless headphones for quite some time now, since it would be convenient to not have to lug around my phone at all times, especially when you're at home. I use the phone frequently for work, and I've been quite happy with the microphone's ability to broadcast clearly even in noisy environments. The speakers have a great sound quality, which exceeded my expectations for in-ear monitors. When I'm feeling down, I switch to a new genre of music.See full review

📷 action camera starter kit: insta360 one x2 pocket camera with sandisk 64gb extreme memory card and handheld monopod logo

Top-Rated 360° Video Collection (1) 2. the program is easy to use (with a few minor bugs). Third, I'm glad I made the purchase. Added number four: A) Two Monopods B) One Set of Eyewear Filters C) One Spare Battery Two-piece, three-dimensional enclosure. the largest - 2 e) a 512 GB flash drive (do not compromise on the speed and space of at least 512 GB) - 10 f) water case - squeezed cash - 8 g) a couple of additional fasteners for a helmet 500.See full review

apple iphone 8 logo

Below are some advantages: 1. In the year 2022, it is applicable in all conceivable contexts. 2. The most recent version of iOS (14.6) will undergo more development. 3. Able to intelligently and smoothly function in both business applications and gaming environments. Con: The percentage of time spent looking at a screen drops from 100% at 8:00 am to 15-20% by 6:00 pm (an average of around 4 hours). In general, autonomy is satisfactory; it cannot be considered to be lacking in any way. NonethelesSee full review

⌚ samsung galaxy watch3 41mm wi-fi nfc ru smartwatch - silver/black logo

Have some pros: the watch is quite attractive. The shop is stocked with a wide variety of wallpapers. The pink strap will naturally become soiled quite soon. The charge is sufficient for one and a half days. Having this drawback: The app for the iPhone. It's high time you picked up a second Android phone. The notifications are running behind schedule. Supports only a fraction of the available functionalities.See full review

sony wf-1000xm3 black truly wireless earbuds with mic, up to 32 hours battery life, stable bluetooth connection, wearing detection and alexa built-in for noise cancelling logo

The best wireless earbuds out there, hands down. The Sony headphones are far superior to the AirPods Pro in terms of features, noise reduction, sound quality, and the way the microphone works during a conversation. When it comes to the carrying case, AirPods Pro come out on top. Furthermore, Sonya charges more quickly and keeps its charge for longer. So, if you want good sound, go out and buy this model.See full review

game console sony playstation portable slim & lite psp-3000 ssd, black logo

Various advantages: 1. A low but still acceptable cost 2. Simple and straightforward stitching (6.35,6.39) 3. UMD drive 4. Art, in the form of movies and novels 5. User friendly interface 6. The battery life can last for up to 6 hours Got cons: 1. Is prone to breakage, particularly of the screen. 2. Flash drives are fairly pricey. 3. The use of the wireless internet is cumbersome.See full review

wireless headphones urbanears hellas, black belt logo

I really liked the headphones, a cool, pleasant and high-quality assembly with the ability to fold the headphones, adjust the height of the bowl, wash the ear pads and the fabric lining on the rim. Headphones came quickly and with inexpensive and high-quality delivery (thanks to aliexpress). Pros: Very good sound, reliable and convenient design, the battery lasts several days of active use, the ability to touch control, nice packaging)) Cons below: Ears hurt if you listen "naked", without a hat See full review

intel pentium graphics retail processor logo

G850. Installed on the mother z68, flashed the bios to uefi, installed 8gb 1333 MHz, installed ssd 60gb, tower-type cooler (the fan turned off), installed Windows 8 rtm 64). : photoshop lightroom (converting to jpeg 50 photos), 30 chrome tabs and a few more programs - does not exceed 45 degrees and this is on passive cooling, that is, only one case fan works. Torrent works at night, but the computer is not visible or heard. I don’t play games much, but the percentage allows you to play all moderSee full review

circular saw makita 5008mg, 1800 w blue/silver logo

I recommend this product to everyone! You will not regret! And pay less attention to reviews forever than dissatisfied! You can't please everyone! Sometimes they take a Makita 2470 puncher and hammer window openings with them, then they are perplexed how so . Got pros: Quality tool! There are no problems with spare parts, everything can be taken from the catalog on Makita Pro! Build quality, ease of use! Satisfied with everything! Cons below: There is none of them! Many write that there is no soSee full review

renewed lenovo legion 5 gaming laptop: 15.6" 144hz, amd ryzen 7-4800h, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd, rtx 2060 6gb, phantom black logo

I got it for 111.8k - thanks HUGE to for such a great discount! Got pros: Excellent, reliable laptop. Already the second one is standing, this one was caught on samsa. He presses his 67-68 swings with a bang. +1850 from memory - easy. Its cons: Pretty heavy for 15.6". After Asus ROGs, the sound here . But it's more of a nitpick, because I don't need sound on it)See full review

lamp led yeelight smart led bulb 1s, yldp13yl, e27, 8.5 w, 6500 k logo

Who wants to indulge through yeelight, then he, if you want to the concept of a smart home, then this is the bottom! I'm adding a review, finally ated the mi home app. This is a gun, everything works, sensors with light bulbs have been automated.See full review

smart lamp yandex e27 8w 900lm wifi rgb yndx-00018 logo

I am satisfied with the lamp, I connected it through the column in an elementary way, a couple of minutes and everything works!See full review

inverter for plasma cutting solaris plasma cutter solaris easycut pc-41 logo

equipment and plasma cutter in the photo. There are no plugs included) the length of the sleeve with the burner is 3 m) the weight is 2 meters) two additional electrodes and nozzles were all sealed in a bag with a sleeve) traces of soot on the additional electrode) we conclude that it was probably on a test at a factory in China)See full review

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