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Akeyless Vault

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About Akeyless Vault

Akeyless Vault is an end-to-end unified platform to manage and protect all types of Secrets while fully securing Access. It provides coverage for all use cases, across hybrid, multi-cloud and legacy environments. Akeyless Vault enables full visibility into Secrets usage and detailed analytics, which are crucial for compliance with various security regulations and maintaining security controls. • Secrets Management - automate secrets across your DevOps tools and cloud platforms using a secured vault for credentials, tokens, API-Keys and passwords • Zero Trust Access - secure your infrastructure and applications by enabling a unified authentication and ephemeral just-in-time access permissions • Data Protection - protect your sensitive business and personal data, by applying advanced app-level encryption and tokenization services

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Notifications Review on Akeyless Vault 12.05.2022

Vault - a repository of secrets from recognized "solvers" of modern infrastructure problems - Hashicorp, authors of Vagrant, Consul, Terraform, Otto, etc. Secrets are stored in key-value form. The storage is accessed exclusively through the API...See full review

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