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Aurora World Garth Plush Puppet
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About Aurora World Garth Plush Puppet

Realistic Styling. Wonderful Gift Item. Fine Plush Fabric. Soft and Cuddly. Leading manufacturer of plush.

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Great price, lots of nice options

I've been looking at a few dolls. And not many had an easily movable mouth. This one has and does exactly what I would expect a hand puppet to entertain 2 year olds - it appears to be either singing or talking.

Pros & cons

  • GOLS certified
  • Almost never

great toy for a small dog

didn't think I'd be playing with this in a year but my dog still loves it and it ain't broken yet! No tears despite some serious tug of war between my dog and I almost every day. He loves fighting with this thing and gives my hand enough protection. He never gets tired of it. I can't believe how durable and well made this puppy doll is.

Pros & cons

  • cool product
  • has cons

Great plush doll

I love it. Fits perfectly on an adult hand. You can put your hand to open/close the dog's mouth. The dog is SUPER soft too! I use it when working with kids and they love it. Sometimes I let dogs "eat" bladders and they find it so funny. I am very satisfied with the quality of this doll. I use it for so many things and it's always a hit! :)

Pros & cons

  • Few competitors
  • Lots of stuff

My dog ​​loves this doll!

Good to see how I got this for my dog so I can fight him. He loves to! Although it tires me out it really lifts him up when he's grumbling and tires him out when he's bored and gives me some exercise lol. This is the only dog head hand puppet I could find online. I would buy more from them if they had different types of dogs.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to use
  • There are other interesting options.

Perfect for my class!

I am so excited about this purchase. I bought this to use in my class and it's absolutely perfect! It's soft all over, but the mouth is firmer, making it easier to open and close your mouth. I prefer a hard mouth over a soft one as it's easier to use for long periods of time since I don't have to open my hand that wide to open his mouth. My kids love it and I know I will have lots of it. I am considering buying more sets!

Pros & cons

  • Good thing
  • Clarity

Adorably cute, soft and mature hand fits in

This doll is so soft and cute that her mouth is easy to move. An adult hand is put inside. I've found that gripping the base around the wrist helps hold the doll in hand while the mouth is moving. As you move your mouth, it tends to slip out of your fingers a bit, so it helps you hold it. I think it's a good price and a great doll. It's good that an adult can use it because most young children want an adult to put the doll to work for them. Of course, it will be a wonderful gift for our five-year-old child. I plan to buy another one from this company.

Pros & cons

  • Easy installation
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Nice doll for online English lessons

This is DeDe, my special assistant for online learning. DeDe is a great icebreaker for young children who might otherwise be afraid of interacting with a foreign teacher. I love how DeDe's mouth moves so clearly - she's my favorite puppet for getting kids to talk. I also recommend purchasing a puppet with hands for non-speaking purposes in English classes. DeDe is oversized with a neck wide enough for me to quickly put her on my arm. Some of my other dolls have holes that are too small to put them on quickly, so that's a plus when I need a quick prop.

Pros & cons

  • Pleasant to use
  • New competitors are here

Wonderful Play Therapist “Assistant”

I got this when the pandemic started using telemedicine in my psychology sessions with young children (preschool to elementary school). "He" is a real favorite among all sorts of kids, and if I forget to bring it up on screen at some point in our session, a lot of kids will be asking for it. My 7 month old nephew answered him with a smile and giggles on FaceTime the other day. He got lots of flu shots, learned to tolerate a mask after trying to eat it, stole a sip of my coffee, and so on. Its mouth opens and closes easily as if to speak, scream, or lick, and its calm face is warm and inviting.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to read control panel
  • I will add later

My 12 month old loves this dog doll!

My 12 month old LOVES this doll! I bought it when she was 10 months old and she loves it immediately and is happy when I pick it up to play with. It fits easily on an adult's hand and the eyes and nose seem to be securely attached so I don't have to worry about them posing a choking hazard if she inevitably picks up the doll and plays with it / puts it in her mouth . Hand washed but takes a long time to dry. I'd love to throw it in the washer/dryer to clean it but haven't done so yet for fear of ruining it. I will probably buy another doll or two of this type, but not the giraffe because it looks disturbing.

Pros & cons

  • Best in Niche
  • Empty