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About B&H Photo Video

B&H is world renowned as the place to be for all your photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging needs. In 40 years of existence, B&H has established itself as both a Super Store located in the heart of New York City as well as an on-line resource that caters to photo and video enthusiasts -- professional and amateur alike. Long known as "The Professional Source"​, consumers worldwide look to B&H for knowledgeable guidance when purchasing cameras and related accessories. Why do our clients like to do business with B&H? Our award-winning customer service department, our sales staff's product knowledge, the largest, most extensive inventory in the industry (more than 300,000 items), our user-friendly website, rapid order fulfillment and prompt delivery are just a few of the reasons.

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My review about B&H Photo Video

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about B&H Photo Video. B&H was created in the USA in 1973. The aim of the platform is to provide people with some less costly and quality technology products. I can say that the platform does its job...See full review

A great company with a knowledgeable staff

For those of you, who didn't heard about this b&h store before; let me tell you a little bit about it. It's a company which does sell and wholesale different kind of products like cameras, camcorders, laptops and etc. I like this company because it...See full review

B&H Photo Video

Hello there. My today's review is about B&H Photo Video. B&H is a US based store created in 1973. B&H, which operated only as a store when it was first created, opened a website thanks to the development of technology and started to make sales on...See full review

B& H photo video is a good online store for photo and video items

BH Photo Video is an electronic store that can be accessed both online and physically. The physical location of the store is in New York, USA. It has been in existence since the early 80s and has grown to be a household name in thesale of photo...See full review


I can describe the platform as a complete platform, this online shopping platform as anything you can think of to make the online business work perfectly. It is focusing on Photography materials, Pro video equipment, different kind of Film...See full review

A company with a very wide range of products with a strong infrastructure

B&H is an online company where you can find all kinds of materials focused on photography. In addition, the renewed web site has added a lot of product range. They have been serving in this sector for many years. The services they offer…See full review

My Research and Review on B&H Photo Video

Hello everyone, I have done research about B&H Photo Video, reviewed the website and I want to pass on the information I have received to you. B & H Photo Video serves as a reliable company for photographers, professionals, painters, artists and...See full review

It is a customer-friendly platform that offers very high quality and useful products in its field.

B&H Photo Video is a site I follow very fondly and fondly. It is a platform that offers really high quality products in its fields and has many products in terms of brand diversity. B&H Photo Video, which is one of the first sites I look at when I...See full review

B&H Photo Video is very guaranteed and smart company.

B&H Photo Video. It is a website that sells computers, cameras and all their accessories, and also teaches buyers how to combine and operate pieces. If we want to talk about prices, they use competitive prices and do discount campaigns every now...See full review


The platform is online shop that deals with equipment use for photography, such as video and photo cameral, lenses, Drones, material for surveillance, audio visual and many more. It equally has some expert that ready to provide the needed help, i...See full review