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Description of ๐Ÿ”จ BoardMate Drywall Installation Supports

Quick - Speeds up boarding a ceiling by 50% (2 in a set). Effort - Take the neck ache out of holding up plasterboard sheets. Flexible - Allows one person efficiently board ceilings. Accurate - Allows the fixer check the board is perfectly aligned before fixing. Recommended โ€“ Boards are left lightly butted as specified by industry.


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Great product and fantastic idea. I didn't give these "boards" 5 stars for several reasons. 1: The slots in them to be moved for placement or removal are too small for a drywall screw shank so I took a drill and bit. Ream the slot a little to be able to move them as indicated. 2: Placing the holes and slots in them is too close to the edge of the drywall in my opinion and could potentially break the edge of the drywall if care is not taken to fully tighten the screw after use.

  • Precise - allows the installer to verify perfect board alignment prior to attachment
  • Non automatic

Yes, you could make something like this out of a 1x4 piece. But these things actually work great if you're trying to attach a large sheet of drywall to your ceiling yourself. There is a guide that prevents the device from rotating. The guide also places the beveled edge at the correct distance to allow the drywall to slide. I installed the remote as suggested. The middle one I installed then removed the screw and turned it to the side. After I had the flagstone in place, I grabbed myโ€ฆ

  • Fast - Speeds up headliner by 50% (2 per set)
  • Very expensive

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Limited utility

Extremely limited utility. They are only suitable for middle panels where you already have a panel and connect the panels edge to edge. It does not help if you place the first panel or panels without an edge in front of another panel. I had to cover three rooms with ceilings and half a house with walls myself. I found a 2x4 and a few deck screws to create an edge to be safer and easier to use than these. only used it for 8 headers and footers. One day the plastic broke and the record fell on my

  • Recommended - keep boards slightly abutted to meet industry requirements
  • Ugly packaging