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💨 Cooler Master COSMOS C700M Black Computer Case: The Ultimate Cooling Solution Review




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Description of 💨 Cooler Master COSMOS C700M Black Computer Case: The Ultimate Cooling Solution

Key FeaturesCase Size: Full-Tower Purpose: Gaming Motherboard Form Factor Motherboard Form Factor: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATXATX: YesE-ATX: YesMicro-ATX: YesMini-ITX: YesPower SupplyPower Supply Location: Horizontal power supply: bottomIndication and displayDisplay: noBacklight: yesBacklight color: RGBCoolingFan speed in the case: 1200 rpmFan control unit: yesPossibility to install a liquid cooling system: yesSupport for front fans: yesSupport for rear fans: yesSupport for top fans: yesSupport for bottom fans: yesSize of built-in fans : 140 mm Number of built-in fans: 4 Number of optional fans: 9 side wall: yesOpening mechanism: hinged coverTransparent side panels: yesConstructionCase color: silver, blackFront panel color: silver, blackCase material: metal, glassFront panel material: metal, glassMotherboard position: verticalPosition of storage baskets: across the caseNumber of 2.5" bays: 5Number of internal bays 3.5": 55.25" bay: yesNumber of 5.25" bays: 1Number of expansion slots: 8Minimum installed video card length: 320 mmMaximum installed video card length: 490 mmMaximum CPU cooler height: 198 mm included: 4 set of fixing screws: yes Dimensions and weight of the case Height: 65.1 cm Width: 30.6 cm Depth: 65 cm Weight: 23.8 kg


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product is okay, it's not a waste of money!

Bought two of these boxes. The first one came with a marriage. There was no working electronics and a broken rear cooler. I sent it back and after 2 months of ordeal with the online store, I managed to return the money. After the refund, I bought the same one, but in a different store. All the disadvantages described above were seen in both cases. Most of all, for such a price, I was surprised by low-quality components, especially the racks for the motherboard with broken threads. This again…

  • 1. Size. All purchased hardware fits, including video cards 30+ cm long. 2. Appearance. Handsome. Aggressive. Sexy. Attracts attention. The guests will forget about you, they will begin to study the building. 3. Cooling. While I was setting up the computer, I was sitting next to the case, without doors installed. I almost blew out from the flow of air beating from the hull. 4. Gl side door. Gives an excellent overview of all painstakingly selected hardware. 5. Materials. Aluminum and gl look great, pleasant to the touch. 6. Movable mount and PCI-E cable for removing the video card from the mother. An excellent out-of-the-box solution for a beautiful iron layout. 7. In general, in general, excellent layout variability of any iron. A lot of modules with which you can play for a long time. 8. Mive aluminum frame with comfortable handles. 9. High-quality illumination. 10. Everything detaches or opens, magnetic mounts. A very convenient and easy to use solution. 11. They can swing, almost 30 kg in full embly. 12. Under the most severe scenarios, you can at least hand it over for scrap. 11. APPEARANCE!
  • 1. Size. It's huge. In the box, it is no longer huge, but simply monstrous. Pickup only by car, or delivery by courier to the doorstep. 2. Weight of 25 kilograms. You need minimal physical training for carrying and embly, or a partner. 3. The coolers included in the package are not top-end, without backlighting. A strange decision for a manufacturer that calls itself Cooler Master, and also positions the case as the maximum RSL overdose / exterminator of epileptics. 4. Materials. Where there is no aluminum and gl - disgusting cheap plastic. 5. Build quality. There are gaps, cracks, plastic elements that do not fit snugly. Creaks when lightly pressed. 6. The body is difficult to emble. A bolt will fall, it will definitely fly into some kind of slot, from where it simply cannot be reached. Then you will have to twist this 25 kilogram fool with your hands in the air, choosing the angle of inclination in order for the bolt to fly out. You can’t reach some bolts without a special screwdriver at all, at least one hole for attaching the mother is blocked by a socket for taking out the video card. The caps of the bolts that attract the cards to the body are covered by the frame. The gap between the rear wall and the door is narrow for normal cable management. Without a complete disembly of the case, some parts cannot be fixed to all the bolts at all, in the technical holes relying for them, for example, when installing a CD-ROM, instead of 8 holes for the bolts, only 2 are available by default. 7. Again the size, but already internal. The GPU power wire barely reaches the connector. The SATA power cable is not long enough to power more than one device. 8. Side doors cannot be fully opened without removing the rear plastic panel. And this panel can not be removed until you pull out all the wires from the case. 9. The quality of components. For example, racks for mothers have different inner diameters. How is that even possible? I had to put racks from another case. 10. Black color coating instantly flies off, easily scratched and erased from the bolts screwed to it. 11. PRICE!

Feelings are twofold. The case is large and it seems to be comfortable, but so far I have sweated 20 times. Example Having inserted the sound one, it was extremely difficult to screw it to the back panel, because the fastening of the door interferes with screwing, that is, you screw it at an angle of 35 degrees. the screw periodically fell on the metal "cover" serving as the basis for installing the video card. so here! in this "lid" there is a hole (PHOTO) just next to the fall . 5 times my…

  • 1. excellent appearance and backlight 2. backlight synchronization with the motherboard 3. places for disks in any variations. the ssd mount on the back side was especially pleasing 4. a separate place for a video card and an extension cable included 5. a separate board with the possibility of installing additional. backlit fans (+3 backlight adapter included)
  • 1. NO delivery of spare parts to 2022! (I broke the door and now that's it! Case for 35 k with a hole in the side. This is the attitude towards the community 2. the presence of cheap plastic elements in the case for 33k (photo) 2. the difficulty of mounting some elements (read below)

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I recommend to buy, the product is of high quality.

The front panel is covered with two dust filters, you need powerful enough fans to have a normal airflow. Requires 2 3.0 USB (2 USB ports each) and 1 3.1 USB (USB type-c) connectors on the motherboard to connect the entire front panel. In general, the case is not bad, but the lack of a panel and the possibility of purchasing one does not really look like customer care. There are some flaws in the design (slots of different sizes and other little things). I would not recommend for purchase to…

  • Looks cool, the glass panel is very stylish. Spacious. Level configurability. Unscrew everything and everywhere. Hub for 6 4pin connectors included. It also feeds 2 rgb tapes in the case. Dust filters top, bottom, front (already double). For a year, the insides are not very dusty. All filters are quick-detachable, on latches, cleaning does not take much time.
  • The first and most annoying thing is that the case for 35+ thousand provides a 420mm downward mount, but they did not bother to include fan mounts in the main package, regretted the $6 piece of iron (P/N: MCA-C700R-KCB000) and sell it separately on site. You can't find it in 2022, only ebay for 10k wooden and delivery. Complete riser is not a cake (PCI-3 x8) Mounting a large video card in the slot requires a specific short and thin screwdriver, because. the path is blocked by the wall of the case. The kit comes with bolts with the ability to tighten by hand, which makes the problem not so big. The top grille is quite tight, especially the front, which makes the fan on the front top slot not very useful. The plastic back prevents the doors from opening.

So let's go! I needed an unusual case, an idea crept in and the choice fell on several options. Namely - Asus tuf 601, Asus Helios, cougar conquer 1 or 2, cosmos c700p or c700m, phanteks eclipse P600S, Thermaltake AH N600, Thermaltake DistroCase 350P, Phanteks Enthoo 719, GIGABYTE AORUS C700 GLASS, Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D. It's hard to compare them, of course. Each is good and has both a different appearance and evokes different emotions during external and internal acquaintance. I will…

  • Fantastic appearance Solid equipment Unusually implemented lighting, pleasing to the eye Material quality Lack of any odor Tactilely, the case causes only positive emotions
  • Haven't revealed yet. I hope the body will continue to please.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Lousy product, low quality.

Corps for masochists - who wish to doom themselves to regular problems and reassembly. And also to pay huge (for the body) money for it.

  • Of the main indisputable advantages, it turns out to single out perhaps a cool design. Everything else is debatable.
  • Poor quality materials. Paint (black coating) crumbles in an instant just from tightening the bolts. On the most important - glaring problems with defective electronics. There are already 14 pages of complaints about this on the official CM forum. The backlight is buggy! Ribbons freeze after a while, or stop working altogether, or smear colors. CM sends out a repair kit to everyone - all backlit panels and an ated version of the chassis controller, but this does not solve the problem. In my case, after replacing all the panels and the controller, the backlight worked for no more than 1 month and turned off again. CM once again offered to send a new top panel. Fortunately, it's still free . But all this is just some kind of just the most fierce idiocy! A case of this level and for such money does not have the right to have such problems, especially systematic ones that repeat even after replacing the elements by the manufacturer. Also in my case there was no 1 bolt securing the handle of the case. And if the handle came off when carrying, and this 30 kg colossus fell on the leg?! Just tin . The price is exorbitant, and the quality is simply below the baseboard.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

I am extremely satisfied with the purchase, I looked closely at this case for a very long time, reviewed everything that is possible, be sure to look at the videos on YouTube before assembling, as the rest do, although there is very little about connecting to the controller. And remember it is really heavy, many write about plastic and so on, I think this is a necessary measure, otherwise it would weigh under 50 kg) after assembly

  • 1. Looks cosmic 2. The number of disks that can be inserted and the places for them, just heaps) 3. Ability to install the video card vertically or at an angle + riser cable for connection 4. Very high quality glass + cleaning cloth 5. Assembly, especially to the second system unit) is very convenient, but not fast 6. Convenient cable management 7. A bunch of extras in the form of wires, mounts for disks + a controller for synchronizing the backlight
  • Since I ordered 2 cases, I can say that one was perfect, detail to detail, but the second one was not assembled well enough, I will attach photos. Yes, it's all hidden behind the covers, but in May for that kind of money, everything should be clear)

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

The case was bought for GeForce 4090, as in the previous case (cooler master h500) the side cover could not be closed due to the video power adapter. The problem was this. Due to the size of the Dark Rock 4 tower cooler and due to the fact that the previous graphics card (2070rtx) was in the top PCI port and sometimes had to be taken out, the port fastening latch on the mother got loose, and during the last dismantling for installation in this case, it completely broke and stopped holding the…

  • - Lots of space - Great functionality. Everything is removed, re-hung, can be customized to your setup - Beautiful. And externally, and the backlight, which is perfectly synchronized with the motherboard. - adjusting the speed of case fans on the front panel.
  • - Price - Weight - Two large connectors for connecting the front USB, and in the motherboard (ROG Strix X570-F Gaming) there is only one. As a result, 2 USB ports do not work. - Poor quality rear plastic panel (nitpick)