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Logitech G G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse, Black

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About Logitech G G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse, Black

The G603 is a new generation gaming mouse that takes its rightful place in the world of wireless devices. It has all the modern features and technologies that can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding gamers. The G603 is the first gaming mouse to feature the new HERO sensor. Its sensitivity is 12,000 dpi for high tracking accuracy. At the same time, the G603 offers up to 10 times longer battery life than its predecessors. Thanks to the LIGHTSPEED wireless receiver, the mouse has excellent performance and is very reliable. In a number of ways, it outperforms the wired gaming models...
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A good product, I advise you to try it.

I think it's crucial to be able to swap out the batteries anytime I choose and not have to worry about the cords. Since batteries deteriorate with time and it's not simple to find a replacement for one after, say, five years, I didn't give it much thought if the cords worked out fine. I didn't think about the batteries if the cords weren't already convenient. A manufacturer going out of business is the worst case scenario, followed closely by the model being phased out. Batteries can be easily swapped out for others at any moment with compatible form-factor batteries in any quantity to suit personal choice and budgetary constraints. Also readily available are batteries of varying capacities. This approach is equally as malleable as the IBM PC's logic. - After more than two years of trouble-free operation with the TTC sensor in place of the worthless encoder, I am confident that the wheel problem has been resolved. This statement assures me the issue was fixed. You should check if the…

The best I ever used, recommend it to everybody.

Since I've been using it for more than a year and have been shocked by the reviews, I recently wanted to recommend this mouse to someone else. When making your decision, keep in mind that this is primarily a gaming mouse. The mouse might not work for you if you require oak click buttons to lean on, the ability to elevate the mouse while working (I still don't understand why, to be honest), and other features. But in my opinion, this is a great option if you want a mouse that is pleasant to use for both playing and working. The magnetic cover did not annoy me at all during my entire shift because it does not squeak or come off.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent mouse for both business and gaming. the advantages - A light click - Easy sensitivity adjustment - Easy extra buttons Nice rubberized scroll that practically fits my medium-sized hand.
  • There are no drawbacks at this cost.

A bad product, not worth the money.

The mouse's benefits include its ergonomic design and the fact that its side function keys are out of the way until you need them. Even though the thumb normally presses the side keys, when the mouse is used instead, the hand is free to roam around the keyboard. The manufacturer provides useful software for customizing the mouse's settings (dpi, key assignment, macro configuration, etc.), and the program can save different configurations for different games. Suffering from drawbacks: 1) The primary problem is that the scroll wheel stopped working after being used for about six months: when you crank the wheel up, the page scrolls down first and then up. To the point that the website just hangs there when you try to navigate it. 2) The primary keys (left mouse, right mouse) make a lot of noise when clicked: 3) Four months after I wrote the evaluation, the left mouse button began to double-click. Two years and three months of use in total. The last inexpensive mouse served me well for…

It was a bad idea to buy this, money wasted.

Pros: Ergonomics. Fits snugly, as if the hand were a glove. The volume of the button presses is little higher than ideal. There is a backlash when pressing the DPI button. I appreciated that there were no flimsy locks on the magnets' lid. Ill effects: The receiver is only 20 cm distant, thus the cursor maintains its position in the line of sight. The slide was not to my liking. The mouse has a small right-to-left sway when placed on a hard, flat surface. Poor adhesion prevents the slide strips from staying in place; dust accumulates on the adhesive around the edges of the stickers, and I had to use a hair drier to nudge them into place. Although I purchased the mouse sealed and unopened, the back sticker shows signs of having been peeled off and reapplied at some point.

There are deviations, in general it is tolerable.

I grew used to it and have not yet discovered an alternative, so that for right-handed people it is both light and small, and for a year it can function with the least delays when you need high precision and positioning speed, and all of this in one mouse is only here ( With its pros: For right-handed people it is both light and compact, and for a year it can work with the least delays when you need high accuracy and positioning speed, and for right-handed people it is the only mouse variety of features, including two modes of operation and, when used in office mode, a battery life of over one full year. In addition to this, the quality is poor, I'm currently on my fourth mouse, and I've had hemorrhoids while using a Logitech product, which is not covered under the warranty. Previously, I applied directly to Logitech, and they quickly changed it; however, now when you apply, they immediately send that because of the pandemic, and you have to wait two weeks for an answer in addition to

The purchase did not justify itself at all.

Logitech's recent performance has been anything but smooth. I dug up an old A4 on a cord when 603 started sounding utterly tinny with a double click. I don't remember how long ago it was. It is effective, and nobody has any complaints about it! Oh, if only there was a mouse that ran on AA batteries. Dreams. Has pros: AA batteries are fantastic in every way. If you use it once a day, two enelop'a on 2400MA/h should be sufficient for practically a whole year. Comfortable for big hands. Good sensor. fashionable and (still) recent. Con: The insignia that was supposed to be on the lid wore off after just one month of use. Plastic legs that staggered in length after only a half year of use - are you serious, Logitek? Do you think it's a waste to add aluminum legs in a mouse that costs $100? They even fit two sets on one side of an A4 sheet. And nothing, they did not end up going out of business. After another year and a half had passed, a double click started. And the further you go, the…

I like the product very much, fully consistent with my expectations.

1. Marriage of the scroll wheel - after a year of use, it was demonstrated to be someplace. It manifests itself in the peculiar behavior of web pages as the user scrolls down the page. They start going back and forth between the two locations and living their lives in general. The flaw is exclusive to browsers and can only be found in them. It cannot be found in any other locations. The maker is aware of the issue, and they have even issued a firmware update to remedy it. Be at ease; it did not assist me in any way, but you now know how the corporation handles warranty duties. Send your current mouse to their support team along with a full explanation of the issue, and they will replace it with a brand new one. On the internet, you may find thousands of stories just like this one. It is effective even with older mice (within the last five years). You are not getting an Apple with this))) 2. The batteries are stored in a location that is right above the board, which might lead to…

It's not a good product, it's a pity that I spent money on it.

Because I've used such a large variety of mice, both wired and wireless, the only thing I can say about this one is that it's neither particularly good nor particularly poor; it's just not worth the money. It is pretty common with some leeway for the range up to 1000, but the quality should be sufficient for the 3500 range. I wouldn't take a steam bath and I would use a wired mouse since there are quite a few wired mice that are of good quality, and if I didn't have to travel for a long time and live for months in hotels with quite little tables in the rooms, I wouldn't have to travel at all. But ever since I switched to wireless mice a few years ago, dealing with this issue has been a source of some type of frustration. The performance of mice priced up to one thousand dollars or a little higher (including the same Logitech) is superior to that of any rubbish priced at three thousand dollars or more from the same company. This statement may sound strange, but it's true. I have been…

It's not a bad product, nothing extraordinary.

I am aware that the issue is merely a faulty encoder (as a general rule, things fail). I guess I just assumed that the mouse, given its price, would last for a longer period of time. Below are some advantages: link that is both quick and uncomplicated. Excellent top cover made of plastic. Multiple varieties of Bluetooth connections, each with their own adaptor. It can run on batteries for a very long time; in fact, I haven't changed the batteries in it in over a year. A useful solution that features a magnetic cover on top. "Clear" the buttons at the top. Multiple DPI modes. 2 communication frequencies Both high and low. Cons: Encoder. Not at all, you ENCODER! After about 8–9 months of ownership, we first used the mower. When one attempts to scroll the wheel either up or down, the scrollbar quickly becomes worn in a number of different directions. From what I can tell, the issue isn't confined to just me alone. The side buttons are huge, but they are positioned in such a way that they

The perfect product for any user!

An outstanding mouse that is compatible with all devices and does not have a plethora of superfluous features such as LED or RGB lighting and a dozen or two extra keys, possesses an outstanding sensor, is capable of operating on either 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth, and does not include a bunch of extra keys. When I originally started using it, I did so using the 2.4 module; but, when I moved to the ITX platform, I began employing the BT method instead. The software frequently freezes and exhibits other errors; hence, it serves no useful purpose; I don't experience any limitations, and the mouse performs admirably in all activities. It is easy to clean from dirt owing to the absence of any inserts from foolish rubber bands with slots and other "show-offs." The plastic that is pleasant to the touch has not been erased for half a year (which I will not say about the "G" insignia), as is often the case on other devices (like "polished"). In general, the mouse is really good; we were able to…

There is absolutely no product, do not buy it.

There are many positives, yet there is only one negative marked off. There was a problem with the default settings, and the scroll began to fail. The first mouse became buggy after a week. I needed to replace the mouse, so I went to the store. After seven months, the second mouse began to experience issues, so I contacted customer service. Without making any superfluous movements, they promptly provided a new mouse with delivery right to my door (excellent work!). I used an old mouse for a period of four months, opening it by cleaning the scroll; the manipulations I performed were sufficient for a period of two months. After going through two cleanings and opening the encoder that Kailh provided, it broke apart (at the point where the antennas needed to be bent). I took a new mouse - there is a better encoder from TTC. It has a more distinctive tone, making it obvious that they encountered an issue and made the decision to replace it. I thought to myself, "Well, here it is! Decided!"…

Not all that bad, but there are minuses.

I bought this model in April 2022, and prior to making the purchase, I read that the scroll on this model eventually stops working. However, I believed that because a lot of time had elapsed from the release of the mouse, they would have been able to address this flaw by that point. Failed. August 2022 marks the beginning of the slow demise of the scroll. Although this has not yet become an extremely serious or noticeable issue, there are situations in which scrolling down the mouse a couple of times will return you to a higher position on the page in a browser, for example, or independently change weapons in a game where there is a change of weapons to the wheel. Because the issue has only recently started to become apparent and I don't want to have to deal with the SC right now, I have refrained from getting in touch with support and a guarantee so far. Another peculiar observation: I attempted to go to the Logitech support website, but it will not let me log into the account to…

Terrible purchase, only wasted money.

I have now had the mouse for a period of eight months. Surprisingly, the wheel functions as it should, but the left mouse button has become erratic: it now produces a double click rather than a single click (and sometimes does not perform at all). The issue appears and disappears at random. It would appear that there is a problem with the software. In addition, there is a great deal of software, and the reason for this is not quite evident. You can see that we have both SetPoint and Gaiming Software installed here (the issues started after we did that). now GHub. I called the customer service number for Logitech, and the representative on the other end of the line advised me, in a very condescending tone, that I should take the mouse back to the place where I bought it because the website makes it very difficult to carry on conversations there. The shop informed us that the mouse will be returned to us after 45 days (at which time, we require that you send it to us personally after…

Unsatisfactory quality, I won't buy it anymore.

It's probably one of the few wireless gaming mice that uses regular AA batteries and doesn't require charging every two days, making it one of the rare options. This mouse is almost ideal in terms of its traits and capabilities (see advantages), but problems arose in unexpected places (see disadvantages). The unexpected problems are discussed in the next section. Got pros: Excellent sensor, placement that is both accurate and quick. Powered by one or two AA batteries, with a gaming mode that can run for weeks and a low power mode that can last for almost a year. It is possible to work through the receiver as well as through Bluetooth at the same time. The scrolling functionality of the mouse wheel isn't very reliable, which is a con. When scrolling down, for instance, a web page, it will frequently go in the opposite direction, or it will flicker and then stop moving altogether. It was announced today that a new firmware version 8.5.26 will "Fix intermittent scrolling issues…

Im amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

I can't speak for anyone else, but it took me a very long time to get used to using this mouse for a variety of reasons, including the following: 1. Form (which is still significantly larger than other gaming mouse) 2. The absence of wires (because the absence of wires significantly differs in weight from other wired mice); 3. The weight of the mouse; as the absence of wires significantly alters the weight of the mouse in comparison to other wired mice. It was extremely uncommon to embrace the idea that it is already possible to play without wires and that you do not need to continually worry about how to lay the wire so that there is enough scope for a sharp movement. Accepting this thought was very strange because it required a lot of mental effort. I would like to point out that the Bluetooth connection mode is only appropriate for usage in an office setting. This is due to the fact that the accuracy of the transmission differs from that of the transmission via the adapter, and the

Not quite what I wanted, but mostly okay.

I decided to switch to this mouse after having success with the G602 for almost two years. However, this one had the same issue with the wheel (encoder) as the majority of the other Logitech mice that were purchased along with this one and other models that used this encoder. In principle, the manufacturer ought to have pulled this batch of products from distribution to retailers, but the consumer should keep playing this lottery. I gave every method a shot, but none of them were successful. After reading reviews about Logitech's exceptional warranty, in which it is stated that the company sends a new one to replace the old one, and that you have a new one almost three days later, I reasoned that this would make up for my negative impressions of using this mouse, so I decided to get in touch with Logitech through their website in order to receive support. At the same time, the problem was known to me, and I assumed that if anything happened to me, they would swiftly replace me, so I…

Just super, the product is made wonderfully, very satisfied.

I chose a model that operates on detachable AA batteries on purpose so that the depleted ones can be charged, and in place of them, I was able to quickly insert ones that had been charged in the past without having to resort to charging by wire, which is something that is implemented in the G403 and G703 models that have a battery that is built-in. While this structure is seen as a drawback by some people, I find it to be rather beneficial. The benefits of it include: In the palm of the hand just like a glove. Despite the fact that this is a subjective criterion, I feel the need to point out that this is an outstanding mouse for someone with a large hand. Exceptionally high-quality construction and components throughout. It gives the impression that you are holding a high-quality item. There are two modes of operation: gaming and economy. You can switch between them to achieve the highest possible signal transfer rate when playing games while still conserving battery life in other…

A good product at a good price, I advise you to try it.

I brought along with me the wireless keyboard, which is a Logitech G 613. I wanted to enjoy the benefits of wireless life, but I was unable to do so while playing my favorite game, Rainbow Six Siege. If it weren't for these flaws, the mouse would be worth its weight in gold. Accuracy and reaction amount to nothing more than space. However, in terms of ergonomics [insert an appropriate cuss word here], they produced an item of really high quality that is not, however, acceptable for all users. And based on the feedback I got from 10–15 different folks. This is a pretty significant portion of the whole. ;21.04202222 The inconvenience caused by utilizing has become obsolete, and seeing has become a matter of routine. You can do so straight away by inserting a single AAA battery. The compatibility problem can be circumvented by using foil. Utilizing it in this manner is a great deal more pleasurable and convenient. There was no action coming from the mouse wheel. It operates exactly…

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

It runs smoothly like a well-oiled machine, and there were no interruptions. They misunderstood what was meant by standard assistance despite the software's high quality. I wasn't aware that there was a problem with the scrolling, but obviously they rectified it, because I flashed it through their software right away. Various advantages: - Size. Big. Something that I discovered, wireless small mice that are enormous, that fit other parameters. Plastic is an advantage in my book since rubber decomposes into gas over time, whereas plastic does not. - Accurate sensor, you are able to set up 5 presets, and the center button that is located near the wheel is used to swap between them. Since I play with LO now, I find that I miss the head less and less. There is some effort required to turn the wheel. When a button is pressed, there are less unnecessary rotations of the wheel. In comparison to the mice who live in the office, I'd say this is two steps forward. - Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz radio…

Not satisfactory, upset with the product.

Switched to using this mouse with my Logitech G700 since I got tired of having to charge it every four days. At first glance, the ergonomics of the mouse appeared to be nothing more than strange (coming after the g700, which fits the hand like a glove despite being healthy, tall, or hefty). Despite this, even after a few days of practice, I could not get used to the form. On the other hand, my ring and little fingers, in addition to my wrist, started to feel fatigued and achy. My wrist was also getting tired. This came as a total shock to me because everywhere I looked on the internet, people were praising the mouse for its unique design. Yes, and I've used a wide range of mouse, starting with an a4tech x7 and going all the way up to a logitech mx518 and beyond, and I've never experienced anything remotely similar to this. However, I didn't feel comfortable using that form. After enduring the pain for five days, I finally gave up and returned the mouse to the shop where I bought it…