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Computer chair AeroCool Duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to Computer chair AeroCool Duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red
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img 6 attached to Computer chair AeroCool Duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red
img 7 attached to Computer chair AeroCool Duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red
img 8 attached to Computer chair AeroCool Duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red
img 9 attached to Computer chair AeroCool Duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red

Description of Computer chair AeroCool Duke gaming, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: punch red

Type: Game chair; Upholstery material: fabric, artificial leather; Upholstery color: red; Armrests: yes; Rocking mechanism: backrests; Height adjustment: gas lift; Horizontal rotation: yes; Base: cross with wheels; Weight limit: 150 kg; Dimensions: pack 85.5 x 69.4 x 32.2 cm; Weight: 20 kg


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

To be honest, the chair is just a gun. Never used anything like it. Purchase happy as an elephant. Justifies its price with a head. For purchase, I recommend. My weight is 64kg, height is 174. It is extremely comfortable to sit.

  • Textile. This is not leatherette or eco leather. Neither the back nor the fifth point sweat absolutely. If you sit in your shorts, you will never stick. Pretty soft. Backrest tilt up to 180 degrees. Adjustment of armrests on height and to the side.
  • Impressive backlash of armrests. Slightly annoyed, but got used to it. Not critical. Plastic wheels, you ride on the laminate like on ice. It is worth buying rubberized ones.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

My height is 180, weight 100, the fit suits me and I sit comfortably even for a long time. The mugs on the seat do not cause any inconvenience, they are wider than that of some hyped models, you can spread your legs a little and nothing will numb. Cool design, strict, not childish-playful colorful. In general, I went, cool gaming chair!

  • Material! I spent 20 hours farming chests from dire tide in DotA and I feel great! It’s really buzzing, it’s pleasant to the touch (I’m sitting in shorts), the body doesn’t sweat, it doesn’t sweat - that’s what you need. Design - I don’t know why they are talking about a plastic cross, I scratched it with a screwdriver and clearly see that it is an alloy of metal. Just covered in plastic and it's good. Gas lift class 4. The difference between the classes is about 100, and there are manufacturers who save on this. You understand how you can treat them. Here the aerocules are great, 150 kg of which the chair is 25 and the seat can withstand up to 120 kg (but I don’t recommend it all the same). Pillows, there are two of them, they are comfortable and made of foam filler, and not a substitute for cotton wool or fluff. The armrests are height and swivel adjustable. The back tilts quite strongly, 180 degrees. There is an inclined mechanism of the chair itself, but I do not use it. Although it's quite nice to lean back
  • The armrests play, but I do not use them, they are under the table. But unpleasant, although not critical at all.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not perfect quality, there is a small defect.

Returned under warranty, the money was returned quickly. The chair was taken by a courier called by . Market. Support service and feedback on 5+

  • nice fabric
  • The chair was defective, the gas lift only played in one direction, so the chair skewed in one direction, it was uncomfortable to sit. The armrests are not very comfortable, small. The side parts on the seat are unevenly attached. There was a constant feeling that you were falling to the side.

I advise EVERYONE to buy such a chair, who works for many hours and sits in front of the computer. I am satisfied with the purchase of this model.

  • I ordered a chair through aliexpress, gray, brought the next day before the specified time by 2 hours. About the chair itself. Everything is well packed, but there are some shortcomings, I will clarify in more detail in the shortcomings. The assembly of the chair is extremely easy and understandable. The material of the upholstery of the chair is excellent, very pleasant to the touch. I did not notice any shortcomings in the stitching, there is no poor-quality firmware or protruding threads. The wheels do not rattle when moving across the floor. The chair is very comfortable, EVERYTHING is easily adjustable as you need and want. To clarify, I weigh 65, height 180, I sit perfectly in the chair. The difference in the sensations of sitting felt immediately. No more numbness and back pain after a long stay at the computer. There is no feeling that you are sitting on a stool. You WANT to sit in this chair with full confidence that you will be comfortable and pleasant. And not only is the chair comfortable, it also looks stylish! Visually 10/10. The workplace has become much better looking.
  • Packing defect. After unpacking the seat, I noticed a hall of upholstery material at the right wicking part. Apparently, it was crushed and therefore such an incident arose. But in general, this disadvantage is not very noticeable. The only, main disadvantage of this chair, of course, is the backlash of the armrests. Not annoying, but at the same time unpleasant. Maybe I can trick them somehow. In general, this drawback does not interfere with the use of armrests.

I am very upset that the first problems fell after just a week of use, the company is good and it was not a pity to overpay for quality, but I did not think that quality meant "this".

  • Classic gaming chair, of which there are a decent amount on the market. The design of the seat makes you sit correctly, does not allow you to bend your legs, due to which your posture does not suffer.
  • After a week of use, the threads on the seat began to break, this is very upsetting. If it goes on like this, then we can assume that in a year the whole seat will disperse

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing I've ever used, I recommend it to everyone!

There is a remarkable impact. If you have already consumed a dog while sitting at a computer, you probably have a better understanding of the situation. This is the first one I've ever done. And it's really incredible. Using the discount code market20, I was able to get it for 15 thousand. There are not many locations that are cheaper 18-19. With its positives being: I will begin by discussing my initial thoughts on the chair, as I have only had it for a little over a week. The most luxurious…

To tell you the truth, I couldn't be happier; before, I used to sit in a regular office chair. I made a decision to reward myself by purchasing a brand new table as well as this chair. Extremely comfortable and simple to personalize. My wife initially expressed skepticism regarding the topic, but after spending some time in front of the computer, she stated that the topic was on par with the one before it.

  • Quick and simple assembly, high-grade components
  • A month later, he started to make creaking noises (on the left side, where the backrest links to the seat), so he sprayed WD on it, and everything stopped.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I am completely satisfied, item complies with description.

For such money, it is normal in theory. I quickly checked the seams, and everything appeared to be in order. For those who find the creak offensive. Even in the assembly instructions, it is mentioned that the bolts should be lubricated.)

  • Stunning, freshly put together. Review will be changed if opinions shift.)
  • A tiny chip on the cross (which is not ominous because it can only be seen when the wheels are installed). everything was easily collected. But I made the decision to loosen the armrest nuts only for myself, and I was let down. Of the eight bolts, five were licked away. The hexahedron swung. For some reason, none of the dogs have petals, and one was presumably turned over by half a centimeter. A photo of everything is included.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality is at the level, I am satisfied with everything.

The chair is excellent, the build quality is excellent, nothing creaks, the package is complete. I was afraid to take it because of the comments that the holes creak in the wrong place and so on. All the holes are in place, whoever thinks about buying, take it, the chair is a bomb.

  • Great computer chair
  • No.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The right product for me, there were no problems.

Got pros: A very good chair. At this price point, it's just a godsend. Everything is packaged very well. Its cons: This chair without a promotion costs more than 20 tons of all that I didn’t like is the wheels, which, well, could have been made rubber. Cheap chairs already have good rubber wheels. And so all is well

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good product for me, no problems at all.

This is my first chair, beautiful color and appearance, comfortable, they brought all the quality packaged, assembled quickly without problems, satisfied with the purchase.

  • Quality material, comfort, color
  • No

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

The best chair in this price range. Boo is drained for 15k. Its pros: Very stylish and comfortable chair, you can sit without pants and will be just as good as on the bed. Its cons: The pillow under the head is not comfortable, the black part near the shoulders is made of mesh and scratches if you are without a T-shirt.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A wonderful product, it's nice to use.

The pillow under the head is not the most ergonomic, but there were no defects in the chair - the assembly is good. The handles are really far away, there is obviously not enough opportunity to move them closer to the back of the chair (especially if the chair is tilted) After the order has passed ~ a week nothing creaks, the flight is normal

Armchair by AeroCool upholstered in Tan Grey cloth with brown and black leatherette accents. Ash Black, Punch Red, and Steel Blue options are also available. All four of the available color options for the upholstery are great choices. Dimensions of box: 850 by 680 by 330mm. The total weight of the chair, including shipping, is 23.5 kg, whereas its empty weight is only 19.1 kg. It's terrible and unpleasant that there aren't any armhole cutouts in the box for convenience of wearing. With the…

  • Upholstery made from high-quality, tactilely pleasing fabric (AeroSuede, which is similar to microfiber). The covering is obviously non-slip, as sitting on it is nice, comfortable, and causes no perspiration. I needed the fabric for something. It doesn't matter what anyone claims about leather's utility, every leather or leatherette computer chair has a fabric backing somewhere. Only the outer walls, which are subject to wear and tear over time, are covered in leatherette. Time and use will be the primary indicators of wear resistance. The first five points are awarded for how you look. The filling is neither too mushy nor too hard; it's exactly right. Third, you can recline the backrest of the chair to an almost horizontal position so that you can snooze in it. Soft, finger-wrinkled plastic armrests that can be adjusted as needed. A lumbar pillow and a headrest are included in the package. The most important thing is that you are comfortable when sitting.
  • Don't get too excited about this chair. Despite its aesthetic appeal, this is a low-cost option with many drawbacks. You must get yourself prepared for this. 1 - Plastic with a cross in it. The metal in the base is not as described on the manufacturer's website. In other words, it's made of plastic. Mive, rigid, reinforced with plastic. Despite what the manufacturer's website claims, the rollers are made of plastic and not polyurethane or nylon. The laminate's durability is limited. Third, the gas elevator in the promotional image does not resemble the actual device. The manufacturer has assured me that this is a 4th cl chair, but based on clauses 2 and 3, it appears that the chair will arrive in a different configuration in 2022 than what is described on the manufacturer's official website. The plywood base of the seat is not joined directly to the armrests or the erfly mechanism. This level of constructive unreliability is really concerning. Whether or not such a mount will get looser over time is unknown. In high-quality seats, a single metal plate serves both to secure the erfly mechanism and the armrests. Fifth, when the chair is unfurled to a horizontal position, the complete structure will not topple over since the attachment of the "erfly" mechanism under the seat has been moved closer to the rear backrest. Adjusting the spring under the seat does not alleviate the discomfort caused by the difficulty of using the rocking feature when seated. One must remember that there is no swing setting. 6. Another flaw in the design of the chair is that it will tip forward if you sit on the front edge, as mentioned in paragraph 5. The individual's weight is redistributed toward the rear of the chair. 7. Low. With the gas lift and armrests in their highest configuration, there is a gap of 747 mm between the floor and the armrests' upper plane. The height of a typical table is inadequate by 3 centimeters (750 mm). 8. The sching appears to be twisted (picture).

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The purchase did not justify itself at all.

The chair began to creak already on the 3rd day of use, the bolts seem to be tightened and the chair is assembled correctly, it is not clear what the problem is. Has some pros: The 2 pillows that come with the set are comfortable and soft. Easy assembly. Cons: The chair began to creak already on the 3rd day of use. Due to the black material on the seat, the legs begin to sweat. 6 months have passed and the seat began to sag if you sit for a long time (2+ hours) and it becomes like a stone.