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Powerful EVERYBOT Edge Mocha Smart Robot Mop - Autonomous Dual Motor Hard Floor Cleaner with Remote Control". Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Powerful EVERYBOT Edge Mocha Smart Robot Mop - Autonomous Dual Motor Hard Floor Cleaner with Remote Control".

Product Overview

The EVERYBOT 'Edge Mocha' is a powerful autonomous smart robot mop designed for all kinds of hard floor care and cleaning. With its innovative features and advanced technology, this robot mop offers convenient and efficient cleaning for your household supplies.

Key Features

1. Powerful & Delicate Cleaning: The EVERYBOT 'Edge Mocha' utilizes the patented 'Dynamic Dual-Spinning technology' by EVERYBOT INC. It performs both driving and cleaning simultaneously using two round shape mop pads. These mop pads apply a 3.6 lb pressure with the robot's own weight, ensuring thorough cleaning. Additionally, the dual mop pads are designed to clean edges and corners effectively.

2. Silent Operation: Despite its powerful cleaning capabilities, the 'Edge Mocha' operates quietly with a noise level of only 46dB. You can enjoy a peaceful environment while the robot mop effortlessly cleans your floors.

3. Convenient Cleaning: The 'Edge Mocha' features an automatic water supply mop kit, enabling wet mopping for a deeper clean. It also offers an auto-cleaning mode, which can be easily activated with a single touch button on the main body. These convenient features make floor maintenance a hassle-free task.

Versatile Applications

The EVERYBOT 'Edge Mocha' can be used in various settings and situations, making it a versatile cleaning solution. Here are some areas where this product can be effectively employed:

  • Kitchens: Keep your kitchen floors spotless and hygienic, effortlessly removing dirt, stains, and spills.
  • Bathrooms: Maintain a clean and fresh bathroom environment with the 'Edge Mocha' efficiently tackling dirt and grime.
  • Living Rooms: Enjoy clean and polished floors in your living spaces, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.
  • Offices: Ensure a clean and tidy workspace, creating a productive and professional atmosphere.
  • Benefits for Users

    The EVERYBOT 'Edge Mocha' offers a range of benefits to its users:

  • Time-Saving: With its autonomous cleaning capabilities, the robot mop reduces the time and effort required for manual floor cleaning.
  • Efficiency: The 'Edge Mocha' utilizes advanced technology to deliver powerful and delicate cleaning results, effectively removing dirt and grime from hard floors.
  • Convenience: The automatic water supply mop kit and one-touch auto-cleaning mode provide convenience and ease of use, making floor maintenance a breeze.
  • Quiet Operation: The silent operation of the 'Edge Mocha' ensures a peaceful environment while it efficiently cleans your floors.
  • Powerful & Delicate Cleaning: No Wheels! It performs both driving and cleaning at the same time using 2 round shape mop pads. This is called ‘Dynamic Dual-Spinning technology’ patented by EVERYBOT INC. It cleans floor with 3.6 lb pressure with its own weight and continuously spinning mop pads. Besides, projected 2 mop pads make available to clean up edge & corners. Nevertheless, it is even silent with only 46dB noise level. Convenient Cleaning: Through automatic water supply mop kit, wet mopping is available. And auto-cleaning mode can be simply started by single touch button on the main body. Also the other 7 different cleaning modes are available by remote control. Smart Cleaning: it is equipped with Anti-collision and Fall prevention sensors for smart and safe cleaning performance. And its illumination sensor makes it finishes cleaning in a brighter spot where user can easily find out the robot. Long-lasting Cleaning: 100 minutes operation time with single charging. Cleaning speed is also superior as 1sqm (=11sq.ft.) per minute. Made in Korea: One of the most famous home service robot companies in Korea EVERYBOT INC. manages from designing to manufacturing . It’s been awarded REDDOT winner prize in Germany, world top 3 design awards.



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    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    The quality is worse than I have ever seen, a complete disappointment

    This product does not cost 20 thousand, comments on are clearly paid, or people have never used a robot vacuum cleaner. Because otherwise I don’t understand how to put as many deuces as possible here.

    • Something washes like, but it's not exactly
    • 1) Does not build a map of the premises, drives randomly, there is no guarantee that he drove everywhere 2) The sensors are located too low, knocking on the furniture, after the first cleaning it lost its presentation, pokotsalsya 3) After 15-20 minutes of work, the pads dry out and two thin strips remain. 4) The water tank is too small

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The quality is top notch and I recommend the product for purchase.

    The purchase is satisfied. Fully! The impressions of the purchase were spoiled by the Express delivery courier. He simply refused to go 18 km to me for 299. Then there was a long correspondence with support, a lot of nerves, but in the end everything was decided.

    • This thing is just a bomb-rocket! When I read the reviews, they wrote that it works quietly. Yes, it works silently! The collision sensor works 90% of the time. I only knock on the black legs of the table, and then from a certain position of entry. Washes the floor, it washes well! I dropped a little Mister Popper on the napkins for scent. Studied clean and the smell is pleasant.
    • Price

    This is a dream robot (at least I dreamed about it)! I don't know how long it will work. I treat him carefully and carefully - he is dearer to me than a cat! Thank you BERU, delivered quickly! With its pros: I forgot what it is - to wash the floors! Really washes well. I pour a solution for washing floors onto the disks and start working - and that's it! Then he himself! Has some cons: Collision sensors do not always work as they should, everything evenly beats against some furniture in the…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best thing for the money, I'm glad I chose this option.

    A wonderful device, made with high quality, I use it with pleasure, the quality of washing the floor is quite satisfactory. Service is easy. It weighs a little and is easy to carry. Has pros: Build quality and packaging. The design is pleasant. Light weight. Furniture and carpets do not hurt. The main advantage is obvious, wiping floors automatically. With its cons: Perhaps not, if only filling with water, in my opinion, could be made simpler and the tank more voluminous.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

    Some pros: It works quite quietly. Our floor is laminate and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. It washes everything well, even dried spots. It does not leave streaks on the floor. Has cons: for an apartment of 65 square meters, one filling of water in the tank is not enough (requires refueling by a signal)

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

    Everybot and I first crossed paths at a local dance studio))). Following my evening classes, I saw that an employee who was responsible for cleaning the floor had started a tiny machine that was able to clean a fairly large dance floor in a span of half an hour. According to the worker, he is extremely helpful to them, washes very well, and you can even lock him in the classroom between groups because he will wash everything and is a dependable device. I made a note of it, and after giving the…

    • The handle is not just light but also comfy. Quality cleaning on all fronts. Batteries are sufficient for my three-ruble note, and some of them are still available.
    • When cleaning a large area, you will need to add water to the cleaning solution.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I am amazed at how well made the product is, just magical!

    It does a good job of wiping the floors, it doesn't make much noise, it works neatly, it makes the house much cleaner, and most importantly, it relieved me of the burden of this work. I really liked the floor polisher. Only before I start the floor polisher do I vacuum the floor; however, I'm considering investing in a robot vacuum cleaner as well. Various advantages: At long last, I don't have to contort my back. The product is successful in general, as it is able to accomplish the work of…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The right product for me, there were no problems.

    It cleans the floor evenly, and since it can move across one room in a reasonable amount of time, I don't notice any uncleaned spots after using it. I am chasing the robot around to make sure the floors are vacuumed. It does a good job of washing surfaces, and if I use it frequently, there is no need for me to sweep or mop the floors. Got pros: The floor was made clean, and there is not the slightest trace of a stain anywhere on the light laminate. Simple to clean and maintain, and it does not…

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Not satisfactory, upset with the product.

    1) Even when I keep the water containers open for several days at a time, the water does not dry up very well in the containers. The circle in the middle of the container, which is the central part of the container, does not communicate very well with the remainder of the container or with the valve. There, the water has a sour taste. As a result of this, one can detect the odor of dirty rags as they are cleaning. 2) The water from the container does not adequately saturate the gray fabric…

    • lovely plastic Knocks on the walls as a proximity indicator, which is only intermittently reliable. The laminate is not harmed by an excessive amount of moisture when 50 to 50 is used. The dust on the automobile doesn't bother the cat in the least. Those who suffer from allergies can benefit from a travel program that does not get trapped anyplace and is generally effective. The gray main cloth has bristles on it that can pick up debris if there is any left behind after the vacuum cleaner has been used. In modest quantities. The act of charging does not consume any space.
    • - Cleaning the windows is a hassle, and the instructions say nothing about the mode in which this problem occurs. As a consequence of this, the robot attempts to proceed in the same manner as it would on the floor; however, after reaching level +5 on the balcony, the plastic either freezes or something else causes the disks to be difficult to remove. - The "yellow" indicator is actually the green color.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    A wonderful product, it's nice to use.

    After getting the other robot to work properly, I move on to this one and watch it clean the floor. The kit provides all of the components necessary for wet cleaning, and the polisher itself is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward in its operation. Discs are simple to install, and cleaning microfiber is uncomplicated. The floor polisher that we used never became mired in the rooms, and it washed every part of the space that was reachable. The height of the threshold in the kitchen…

    • When the floor polisher does the scrubbing for you, life is a lot easier and more pleasant.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

    The transformation of my home into a gallery has been completed. Got pros: In this situation, being ignorant is actually a benefit because it allows one to roam, wander in different modes, and scrub how much charge is sufficient. It's been a little over a week, and I've used it each and every day thus far. Using rags that are thinner than usual works very well with my capricious laminate; there are no stains. Before I begin, I pre-treat the rags with the floor cleaner by dripping it on them. I…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The purchase brought only positive emotions.

    Water should be sufficient for 100 minutes of work, as indicated by the passport; however, water runs out after 50 minutes, and additional water must be added if there is a need to continue cleaning. I would like the water to be sufficient for 100 minutes of work. Instead, he will simply continue to ride and polish the floor on disks that have a tiny amount of moisture on them. It's not enough to merely give filthy napkins a quick rinse under the faucet; they need to go through an entire cycle…

    • despite having been mentioned earlier, cleans very well.
    • a limited capacity for water, wipes that have been used 5–6 times must be cleaned in the washing machine, and there is no navigation system.

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Dissatisfied with this product, bad to use.

    After giving it some thought and perusing a number of online forums, I decided to go with everybot because everyone seemed to agree that it offered the best overall cleaning experience. For example, after it, you could say something like, "I only wipe the skirting boards." Brought, unpacked, and put into operation. Experiments were carried out in a room that was approximately 30 square meters in size and was devoid of any furniture or other obstructions. Yes, the floor polisher moves in a…

    • The only requirements are that it be quiet and fashionable.
    • It leaves stains on the laminate, the sensors don't work, and it bangs into doors, furniture, and other obstacles.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

    The advantages of it include the following: Fantastic piece! That is very awesome to hear! Since I began using a robot vacuum cleaner every day, I have not washed the floors manually in over a month. Instead, I begin each day by chasing after the machine. Prior to the invention of the soap floor polisher, this task needed to be performed every other day because. In addition to the little youngster, there are two cats in the house. We have light porcelain stoneware in the corridor, and we have…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

    It is imperative that I state right off the bat that I desired a washer that did not have navigation because there is not a single washer that is capable of effectively washing in a single pass, particularly if it does not have the same type of sink as Everybot. As a result, I confine the robot to a room, where it continues to move around for thirty to forty minutes before I move it to a new location. When done in this manner, it cleans thoroughly and everywhere. The fact that green napkins do…

    • body that is functional, light, and compact, with clean lines along the walls.
    • especially not

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

    Perfectly washes half-tert and waste. What I did without him before, I have no idea. I would like to have the ability to control remotely, like with my robot vacuum cleaner.

    • Perfectly and persistently washes the floor.
    • Cannot be controlled remotely through Alice

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

    I met Everybot at a dance school))). After evening classes, I noticed that an employee for washing the floor launched a small machine that washed a rather large dance floor in 30 minutes. The employee said that he helps them out a lot, and washes well, and you can lock him in the classroom between groups - he will wash everything, and indeed a reliable apparatus. I took note and after studying the issue I bought myself the same home. The quality of cleaning is really on top, in an apartment…

    • Light weight, comfortable handle. Good cleaning quality. Batteries are enough for my three-ruble note, and still remain.
    • On a large area of ​​​​cleaning, you have to add water.

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Bad quality, not worth the spent money.

    I chose carefully, read a bunch of forums, everywhere they wrote that it was everybot that had the highest quality of cleaning. Like, after it, “I only wipe the skirting boards” Brought, unpacked, launched. Tested in the hall with an area of ​​about 30 square meters. m. without furniture and other obstacles. Yes, the floor polisher moves chaotically, yes, I knew it, but damn it, in two cleaning cycles of 50 minutes each, it drove through the center a few times, the rest of the time it huddled…

    • Works quietly, looks stylish, that's all
    • Leaves stains on the laminate, sensors do not work, beats against furniture and doors.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Great value for the money, definitely recommended!

    We bought a robot because frequent wet cleaning is required (there are allergy sufferers and small children in the family). We already have a robot vacuum cleaner, but it does not have the function of a full-fledged washing, rather it is humidification, we decided to take a floor polisher as well. Satisfied. Freed up a lot of time. In general, the use of these robots (vacuum cleaner and polisher) in the household greatly facilitates household life.

    • Perfectly copes with stains, after feeding children and footprints. Works quietly, even sometimes frightens, with an unexpected knock on the door. There are no streaks on the tile and laminate, after it. In the kitchen, when I need to polish the floor, I spray the detergent and run the floor polisher, then change the rags and run again. The case is small, takes up little space. There are several different cleaning modes. He treats furniture with care and does not seek to climb on the carpet.
    • It will wash off very strong and dried-up pollution for a long time (it’s easier to walk with a manual mop or brush). High sills do not pass, perceives as an obstacle.

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Unsatisfactory, upset by this product.

    : 1) water containers don't dry very well, despite the fact that I leave them open for several days. The central part of the container - a circle in the center - communicates little with the rest and with the valve. The water is sour there. Because of this, when cleaning, the smell of dirty rags is felt. 2) the water from the container does not moisten the gray cloth well, which is why they are almost dry in half an hour. /end ate Compared to a vacuum cleaner, a robot is a less useful device…

    • nice plastic Proximity indicator, which sometimes works - knocks on the walls 50 to 50 does not spoil the laminate with excessive moisture cat don't care about the car picks up dust. Allergy sufferers benefit does not get stuck anywhere, and in general a good travel program the main cloth, gray, contains bristles that collect debris if it suddenly remains after the vacuum cleaner. In small quantities. charging does not take up space
    • - windows are inconvenient to wash: there is nothing in the instructions about this mode. As a result, the bot tries to move like on the floor - after +5 on the balcony, the plastic freezes or something, the disks are hard to snap off. - "yellow" indicator is green actually.