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Fox Run Linking Popover Non Stick

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About Fox Run Linking Popover Non Stick

SUPERIOR HEAT CONDUCTION AND EVEN BAKING: The Fox Run Popover Pan is made of heavy gauge carbon steel with deep separated cups for quick and even heat distribution, allowing mini popovers to turn out moist and airy with crisp, golden domes. MULTIPLE BAKING USES: This durable popover pan features 12 cups to bake traditional mini popovers, as well as other bakery style delights like Yorkshire pudding, panna cotta, cheesecake and even muffins!. NON-STICK COATING FOR EASY RELEASE: non-stick finish provides quick, easy release of baked goods and allows for easy cleaning. MEASUREMENTS: This pan bakes...
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Failed under normal use

This worked great at first, but after a few uses the non-stick coating started to peel off and stick to the popovers. I have never used metal utensils on it and just washed it with a sponge. In addition, some edges of the cups are separating from the supporting parts. I threw that away in favor of an antique cast iron skillet that will last me the rest of my life and won't leave weird things in my food.

Pros & cons

  • Popovers
  • Security

POOR QUALITY for popover pans

Very disappointed with this product. I come in 3 times a week and the pot worked great for the first few weeks. then one or two starts of sticking - the nonstick coating started chipping - got worse each week until finally ALL the popovers were sticking and MANY of the nonstick coatings were chipping off. I used the same recipe - nothing has changed. This pan is POOR QUALITY - I've only had it for 5 weeks! I'm looking for a quality frying pan

Pros & cons

  • Household and kitchen
  • Protection

High risk of cuts.

The outer circular edge of each cup is very sharp. That Christmas morning I cut my thumb and forefinger badly just for picking up a frying pan. Luckily I used it in place of my grandson whose less calloused fingers would have been cut much worse. He planned to continue baking until he fell ill and handed the job over to me. These slats had to be manufactured or machined differently. they are dangerous

Pros & cons

  • Baking pan
  • May hurt