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Hero Collector - more than a online shopping market

Before going to write about this beautiful shop, I will write about being a fan of series movie series. You know a film is a good film when you want to live in its world, become part it. You want to live in it. But movies are short 1hours, 2 hours...See full review

You will savor the experience when you start to investigate and discover the world it has for you

It is a store that I point out positively for the products it offers, since it is about from the world of Hollywood, if you are a fan of a particular movie, here you can Find a variety of collectibles, ranging from Harry Potter to Marvel...See full review

This is a company known to provide high quality toys

Hero Collector is a company known for providing high quality toys and collectibles, this collectibles are from different movies like Star Trek, Harry Potter, Avengers, Superman and a lot of other interesting movies and series as well. Founded in...See full review

The best online platform that offers every kind of action figures from popular movies

Whether you're looking for action figures from Horror movies( like IT, Annabelle, The Nun) or MCU movies like Black Widow or even DC movies like Superman and Star TREK, I want to introduce you to a platform that actually specializes in that aspect...See full review

Collect characters from your favorite series with Hero Collector

If you are a fan of a series, movie or television character and would like to select different items with motifs from the same Hero Collector in your ideal store. In it you will find articles and products to please all tastes: clothing, scale...See full review