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KODAK Mini Digital Slide Scanner Review




Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
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Media TypeNegatives, Slide, Photo
Scanner TypeFilm
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.6 x 3.4 x 3.9 inches
Item Weight250 Grams
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Description of KODAK Mini Digital Slide Scanner

AMAZING MINIATURE FILM SCANNER – All-in-One Device Lets You Scan, View, Edit, Convert & Save Old 135, 126, 110, Super 8 & Monochrome Negatives & Slides; Turn Your Old Pictures Into Sharp, Clear, Detailed Color or Black & White JPEG Files. MULTIPLE ADAPTERS FOR FAST LOADING – Enjoy Maximum Compatibility & Ease of Conversion w/ a Variety of Adapters Designed for Fast, Continuous Loading; Improve Quality Up to 14/22MP w/ Adjustable Brightness, Color & Reverse/Flip. UPDATED USER INTERFACE WITH 2.4” LCD – Dedicated Scan & Home Buttons Provide Easy One-Press Scanning & Quicker Menu Navigation; View & Edit Current Slide or Gallery Pictures on the Color Display [Internal Memory Holds Up to 128MB]. MEMORIES FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM – Use Any SD Card Up to 32GB [Not Included] Perfect for Enhancing & Printing Old Photos & Sharing Old Film Formats on Social Media. 3-IN-1 INTERNATIONAL ADAPTER & MORE – Extended Accessories Pack Includes Universal Power Source for US, EU & UK, Cleaning Wand, USB Cable & TV Cable Power Adapter; View Images Big Screen TV, Etc.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Cropped image in office electronics

Just looked at scanned 35mm slides. The scanner is easy to use and of good quality. The viewer is largely WYSIWYG, meaning they can move the slide back and forth to see what's cropped off the sides. It also cuts the top and bottom almost equally. My 2" slides have a standard image size of 23mm x 34mm.

  • Feels good
  • Slightly torn

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Fantastic product

This slide converter from Kodak is very easy to use. I just plugged it into my laptop and started using it. Capturing a digital image is easy; Editing is easy too and I get better quality digital images than the original 35mm slides! I have thousands of slides from my pre-digital life that I haven't looked at in years, and now converting them to digital is fun and pretty quick. You can insert slides into the holder and run them through the converter with minimal effort. A few years ago I wanted

  • Quality construction
  • Not everything fits

Revainrating 4 out of 5

No installation and works very well

I was a little skeptical about the advertiser's claims because I spent about $300 to convert slides to digital photos with professional service. Having converted about 200 slides using the Kodak Mini Digital Scanner, I see no difference in quality between those converted on this machine and those converted by a professional service provider. Very easy to use and clear instructions. I will definitely recommend the device.

  • Great design
  • Security

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Works scanner and accessories

Last week I converted several hundred slides to tiff. Some of the slides were from my grandfathers and were glass too thick for the holders so I put them on the bottom slide and after adjusting the position it worked fine. So far I haven't had any problems other than not being able to figure out how to use the USB cable to transfer photos directly to my computer. Using an SD card works, just a few more steps in the process. I have no problems with the device.

  • Inspires confidence
  • Almost everything is fine

Revainrating 2 out of 5

get the job done

The KODAK Mini Digital Film and Slide Scanner did exactly what I needed. I had a huge box of films and slides that I wanted to view/store digitally. Pros: - Easy to use - Small, compact - Can store images on the scanner, no SD memory card required - Can use your laptop's USB card to power the scanner and transfer images to the laptop very easily Cons : - You must clean the inside frequently. It comes with a felt brush to remove fibers from the flashlight/lens. If not erased, the resulting…

  • Scanners and Accessories
  • Slightly torn

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Images are clear, suitable for scanners

I found a box of my father's old negatives, my wife found a box of her father's 35mm slides. I'm just starting out and have scanned about 30 of each. The scanner is easy to use and compact. The power cord plugs into the USB port on the laptop. Separate plastic guides for each film type are clearly labeled and snap into place on the scanner, after which you can simply feed the film in continuously and it comes out the other side. The film is scanned onto the SD card. When the card is full there…

  • Slide and negative scanners
  • No instructions

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Grainy 72 dpi with debris in scanner

This is by far the worst negative scanner I have ever bought.1. 72 dpi is the maximum resolution for 35mm negatives. EVERY PHOTO IS GRAINY, too grainy to use.2. The scanner itself is only 5 inches high and 3.5 inches wide. It fits in the palm of your hand.3. Although it comes with a tray cleaning tool, it is useless. Each scan came out with debris and the debris kept moving so it was clearly in the scanner and not on the negatives (all my negatives are in clear plastic archival sleeves). 4…

  • Office Electronics
  • Slightly wrinkled

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Not worth the money

I looked at a lot of these little slide scanners before settling on this one. That's about double the price of most no-name slide and film scanners sold at Revain. After going through some old 35mm slides, the LCD had intermittent horizontal banding and noise issues (see video) which led me to return it. He also tended to switch off for no apparent reason. Even without these flaws, it didn't fit me at all. Image quality is hardly acceptable unless you look too closely, but all images produced…

  • Scanner and Accessories
  • Expensive