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McKillans Improved Adjustable Connector Detailing
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About McKillans Improved Adjustable Connector Detailing

The McKillans Foam Gun uses a garden hose and car soap to produce thick foamy suds to give your car a thorough wash at home! Cover your car in suds and enjoy washing your car. ✅ SUPERIOR CLEANING:Foamy suds allows your car's paint to get a deep and delicate cleaning for a beautiful shine. Dirt and other surface contaminants are loosened and the foam adds extra surface lubrication which helps prevent swirl marks as a result of washing. ✅ DURABILITY: The connectors are made out of high quality brass and stainless steel to withstand thorough use. The bottle is made of strong plastic and is also…

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The Best Time Saving Car Care Product

Today I used this foam gun on my Can-Am Commander for the first time. I didn't have the right soap mix and water pressure, but I did with Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Surface Cleaner. I wet my car, lathered it very well and then washed it very…See full review

It's a win/win! on Car Care

After spending a few days researching all the garden hose style foam guns on the market, I decided to pull the trigger on this gun. It's absolutely excellent for what it's designed for. I used to use an Adam's Polishing Foam Gun and it was leaking…See full review

Great customer service

I originally bought this foam gun in June 2020 and it worked fine until I lost the rubber o-ring in the hose nozzle adapter. I contacted McKillans directly from their website and they told me I have a first generation model with a design flaw that…See full review

The foam gun is as good as it gets

I think this McKillans foam gun is as good as the foam gun you will find (I don't think a foam gun is capable of producing thick shaving foam like foam, what a good installation of a foam gun (with a pressure washer) can do). The included sprayer…See full review

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