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Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of MercadoMagico

MercadoMagico.com is multi-vendor site where we provide customers with a choice of products at competitive prices.


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Type of review

MercadoMagico is the world's largest online Latin Market place. They supply over 10,000 products in every kind of Latin American product you can imagine for your market/ restaurant/ bar or whatever you are running in that domain with delivery to more than 50 countries around the world. As a Mexican I have tried many of their products and they are really good! My favorites are: - Tamarind mixed with chile powder  (I use it on almost everything, but mostly in my marinades) I'm sure there

  • They offer their customers a choice of products from different vendors
  • They are always updating their inventory with new and exciting products
  • They pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service
  • Some details

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Mercadomagico.com is certainly not an Amazon, but it has its advantages!)

It's good when there are still local marketplaces focused on the needs of their customers The first acquaintance with the site - it looks like a regular marketplace with a search bar and a menu. In my opinion, the banner from Google in the header of the site is intrusive, but these are trifles) good and visible category of bestsellers with big discounts) The registration process is detailed, indicating the address, password and full name, but the payment card details are not immediately

  • accessibility
  • no new Apple products

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I really liked the project.

MercadoMagico is a division of NeoMagic Corporation dedicated to freezing up with a bustling online shopping and selling hub and a pleasingly competitive candidate for current commission-laden e-commerce marketplace websites. MercadoMagico prepares the purchase of everyday products that is pleasant and relaxing for you, like in a store, it also gives you a choice of products from countless suppliers at very competitive rates, you can make payments through all kinds of channels, such as PayPal…

  • It contains a tremendous skill and is supported by a team of experts.
  • It's free, simple and safe to use.
  • It provides various payment gateways.
  • Invites competitive prices.
  • Gives the likelihood of choosing products from all kinds of suppliers.
  • He categorically refused all commissions charged from other e-commerce platforms.
  • There is nothing to inform.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Muti vendor company

MercadoMagico is an online shopping medium where various daily needs are purchased with respect with a low fee charges which has different vendors. This really have to have varieties of vendors since it is our daily need. The payment method adopted is okay by every one example are PayPal credit card etc. Registration is easy. The store offers good in market place which you will feel contented with both as a seller or buyer. The responsiveness from the customer support team has impressed me and…

  • I love the customer support team
  • Low fees
  • It is a trusted site
  • None according to my experience I was okay with the service

MercadoMagico, is based on a store that offers a variety of products and e-commerce store with various suppliers and allows you to use services to sell and buy from your store, this store guarantees its customers access to purchase appliances, office supplies, clothing, car parts, health, beauty, household items and various accessories, also has developed a good savings system with guaranteed offers on the purchase of products, has a secure and efficient delivery system, also ensures that the…

  • It offers a membership system to the store ecosystem, with good security, data protection and fast registration.
  • It has designed for the store a promotions system that guarantees access to benefits and offers in the purchase and in the store.
  • Its online store platform integrates a support chat, friendly, with quick answers and advice for customers and purchases.
  • It has created a good marketing system and displays products from its social media account.
  • It offers good high-end products and popular brands.
  • It has a whole catalog of products that are well organized and easy to select, such as electronics, home appliances, office supplies, health, beauty, auto parts and even fashion.
  • It does not have a mobile application to access the online store platform from cell phones.

Revainrating 5 out of 5


MercadoMagico is a branch of NeoMagic Corporation so as to become a bubbling online one stop place for you to purchase and sell products and a pleasant competitive alternative to the current market circulating fee burdening eCommerce sites. MercadoMagico makes buying of daily need goods enjoyable with relaxing for you just like an in-store experience, it provides you also with choice of products from numerous vendors at extremely competitive prices, you can do your payments through various…

  • It provides choice of products from various vendors
  • It offers competitive prices
  • It provides diversified payment gateways
  • It is free, easy and secure to use
  • It waived all fees laden by other eCommerce platforms
  • It is well experienced and backed by team of professionals
  • Nothing to report.