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Our purpose is to make every day better through personal experiences that count. Everything we do is inspired by our company values – bold, open and trusted – along with our business principles, and a clear focus on putting our customers first.

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Best telecommunication Company

O2 is here again . When I first sighted this company I thought they probably produce water but they are into another aspect of business. O2 was established in many years back by John Carrington and is based in Slough England with some branches...See full review

O2 - at new heights in new development

The o2 site is a store like some other advanced store. I didn't track down an extraordinary component in o2 (with the exception of a 2-character area, obviously). Items from Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and a few different brands are recorded...See full review

review of o2

The o2 website is a store like any other digital store. I did not find a unique feature in o2 (except for a 2-character domain, of course). Products from Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and several other brands are listed in this store. I did not see...See full review


O2 is telecommunication holding mainly in EU but also in America. I am mainly concern about subsidiary in Czech Republic acquired by P. Kellner which I am using and about their presence and activity in country. They have some other assets in CZ...See full review


Hello, I'm going to write you about O2 today. The O2 was established in the UK in 2005. There are nearly 500 branches in the UK and the shopping statistics of these branches are high. I think the company has achieved its goal because it has...See full review

O2 Network, Wi-Fi and gadget company

O2 is a UK based company that covers a whole area of the United Kingdom, some parts of Europe and so on.The headquarter located in Spain, company started in 2005, and till now earned trust of many customers. Here you can find brand phones, tablets...See full review

O2: an amazing company

Isn't it amazing that you have to order your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy 8 32 write from the comfort of your home and how they deliver at your doorstep within a short period of time and for free. This company's O2, mobile network operators as well as...See full review

O2: a globally proven and Useful Company for society

If you're interested in technological gadgets, if you like smartphones and want to change your smartphone or buy a new smartphone, O2 is a great company for you. O2 is a company that cares about its customers and has a great strategy that improves...See full review

A new and young crypto project. I advise you to look at the project.

Hello, I want to say about the crypto project. O2 is a digital crypto project, it was created a long time ago. The project has main goals. The goal of the project is to make the best and most active level for experiences, and also for working with...See full review

O2: a company focused on great products and customer satisfaction

Hello everyone, my current review is about O2, which is a quality company. We all know that in today's world, technology is in a very important place, and we always have smart tools next to us. Phones, tablets, computers, smart home appliances...See full review