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Our purpose is to make every day better through personal experiences that count. Everything we do is inspired by our company values – bold, open and trusted – along with our business principles, and a clear focus on putting our customers first.

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O2 is telecommunication holding mainly in EU but also in America. I am mainly concern about subsidiary in Czech Republic acquired by P. Kellner which I am using and about their presence and activity in country. They have some other assets in CZ such as O2 arena. It has some advantages, it is great if you use their special promotions which I have the chance to get. I have found out that they are more expensive in tariffs locally than in other countries across EU so I hope EU regulation will make the price equal all in the EU. There are other services associated such as internet, TV with special focus on sports - football etc. There is no fierce competition in the Czech Republic. There are only two other main players so a lot of people is using O2 services.

Pros & cons

  • EU regulated
  • Subsidiary in Czech Republic acquired by P. Kellner
  • special promotions
  • more expensive locally than in other countries across EU


Hello, I'm going to write you about O2 today. The O2 was established in the UK in 2005. There are nearly 500 branches in the UK and the shopping statistics of these branches are high. I think the company has achieved its goal because it has branches in many cities in the UK and its customers are very satisfied with this company. The main purpose of this company is to sell high quality and cheap electronics to its customers. As a result of my research, I saw that the company was making global sales in some data. Since this information is not available on the company's official website, I could not find the correct information. The O2 company sells on the internet and sells through the internet sites. I went to the website and the design is very nice. Also, statistics show that online sales are higher. Thank you for reading my comment.

A new and young crypto project. I advise you to look at the project.

Hello, I want to say about the crypto project. O2 is a digital crypto project, it was created a long time ago. The project has main goals. The goal of the project is to make the best and most active level for experiences, and also for working with trades. In addition, the project supports new functions and innovative systems. There is security protection in the project. The main value of this project is the courage to the company. They prioritize clear guidelines for orientation. Also the project matters. The project information is almost accurate. The crypto project team has done an excellent job with the new designs. Project design is a wonderful set of features to make money. The project website is powerful for me. Album and media account of the project is very fine. Currently this project is very chic in my opinion. Because she is young and great. I love new projects. I liked the transaction. The transaction is normal. I think this project will please other users. But I have a…

My review about O2

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about O2. O2 was created in the UK in 2005. The main purpose of this company is to offer the best quality electronic products to its customers at the most affordable prices. I think the company has achieved its purpose, because in many comments I have seen, customers are satisfied with the products and services offered by this company. O2 company headquartered in England has nearly 500 branches in the UK and the shopping statistics of these branches are very high. Although I find information about the company being global in some sources, other information I could find is about the company not being global. Since such information is not available on the official website of the company, I could not find the correct information. I hope the developers add more information about the company to the site. The company also makes online sales through its website. Also, the statistics show that online sales are going very well. Since the…

A company that provides network operator services with a very strong infrastructure

O2 is an online web store that sells phone, tablet and computer parts. However, these sales are made with a campaign. So phone + gms line. There are many payment plans available. You can start using one of them by choosing. It is an operating company based in Spain. Won the best "network coverage award" 3 times in a row. It is a huge company with more than 450 stores. O2 company pays a lot of attention to customer satisfaction. That is why it has been serving in the sector for years. It is also a preferred company in many countries. O2 offers very fast network service adapted to phones. The products you buy have high internet speeds. Also when I check the price list you can buy really affordable devices. O2 Recycle purchased and recycled more than two million phones. All of these phones were second hand. They pay up to € 400 even if your old phone is damaged. As a result; O2 company is a company that sells fairly affordable devices…

My thoughts about O2

Hello there. My review will be on O2 today. O2 is a UK based electronica store created in 2005. This store sells electronic products, mostly phones and tablets. Though it was a small store when it was newly created, O2 has grown rapidly into one of the UK's largest electronics stores today. According to statistics, O2 now has a large customer base with more than 450 branches in the UK alone. This store, which has managed to keep the satisfaction of its customers high, has also taken the first steps towards becoming a global. According to my research, branches are now operating in Germany and some European countries. O2 company conducts a very excellent strategy by making sales both through its own stores and through other local stores and does its best to become one of the most successful companies of the future. The fact that the products sold by the company are both very high quality and belong to famous brands and trying to sell these products at the best price causes the customer

O2 - at new heights in new development

The o2 site is a store like some other advanced store. I didn't track down an extraordinary component in o2 (with the exception of a 2-character area, obviously). Items from Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and a few different brands are recorded in this store. I didn't see numerous proposals in the store, and obviously, thinking about purchasing in portions, their benefit rate is praiseworthy. Aside from the cell phone portion, Apple and Samsung observes additionally have a ton of assortment in o2, which has made this store a moderately complete store as far as item stock. Obviously, as I said previously, these are largely broad highlights, and in the opposition of online stores, the most exceptional ones are constantly chosen by clients with interesting offers. It appears to be that a large portion of the movement of this store is virtual and just one location of their office in the UK can be found on the site. Refreshed 27 minutes prior Rating has not been changed

review of o2

The o2 website is a store like any other digital store. I did not find a unique feature in o2 (except for a 2-character domain, of course). Products from Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and several other brands are listed in this store. I did not see many offers in the store, and of course, considering the possibility of buying in installments, their profit percentage is commendable. Apart from the smartphone segment, Apple and Samsung watches also have a lot of variety in o2, which has made this store a relatively complete store in terms of product inventory. Of course, as I said before, these are all general features, and in the competition of online stores, the most special ones are always selected by users with unique offers. It seems that most of the activity of this store is virtual and only one address of their office in the UK can be found on the website.

Best telecommunication Company

O2 is here again . When I first sighted this company I thought they probably produce water but they are into another aspect of business. O2 was established in many years back by John Carrington and is based in Slough England with some branches though presently has been bought and run by the Spanish telecommunication Company in recent years ago precisely 2006. O2 is a company that their main activities is based on telecommunication product and accessories. O2 has different unique mobile accessories but in wholesales and retail price depending on customers choice. O2 as one of the leading telecommunication Company has been awarded many honour because of their outstanding performances in supplying the global market people all forms of mobile accessories. The security in this platform is beyond mere thought, because they design the platform in such a way that the security of their customer is their priority so no third party can tamper with it. O2 has a good backed up customer…

O2 Network, Wi-Fi and gadget company

O2 is a UK based company that covers a whole area of the United Kingdom, some parts of Europe and so on.The headquarter located in Spain, company started in 2005, and till now earned trust of many customers. Here you can find brand phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets. O2 provides 5G network service to its customers. The price policy of the O2 is very attractive to customers, there are many options and discounts such as 144£ discount on Iphone 12 64gb for now. You can buy items not only in physical shops located in different countries, but also online. You can choose O2 wi-fi hotspot to save your data. Thanks for reading my review

Pros & cons

  • Wide list of the digital products
  • Design of the website
  • 5G network
  • Nothing for now

O2: an amazing company

Isn't it amazing that you have to order your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy 8 32 write from the comfort of your home and how they deliver at your doorstep within a short period of time and for free. This company's O2, mobile network operators as well as principal commercial brand of telefonica UK limited. Telefonica UK limited is part of the global Telecom group and they are based in Spain Europe as well as the America. O2 office sales and delivery service of various electronic such as phones mobile devices and tablets. You can order all these devices right from the comfort of your home and have it delivered at your doorstep for free. One thing I enjoy is the way they lay out their website and categorise it properly. You can easily find what you one which is trending easily from the trending sections where is the latest phone which have been bought recently which you don't have to go through a long day searching for it. The website is categorised that you don't have to stress looking for…

O2: a globally proven and Useful Company for society

If you're interested in technological gadgets, if you like smartphones and want to change your smartphone or buy a new smartphone, O2 is a great company for you. O2 is a company that cares about its customers and has a great strategy that improves and improves itself through customer experiences. With more than 6000 employees and more than 400 stores, O2 is indeed a very large company and has announced its success globally to the world. I think O2 is a useful firm for society, the world and humanity, because it makes people's lives easier by using technology and benefits in increasing communication between people globally. In addition, O2 has another feature that I like, which is that it attaches great importance to sustainability and makes great efforts to do so. If you're interested, you can visit O2's website. You can browse the products on the website and order them if you want, or go to any O2 store and see the products. you order through the website, you can track every moment…

O2: a company focused on great products and customer satisfaction

Hello everyone, my current review is about O2, which is a quality company. We all know that in today's world, technology is in a very important place, and we always have smart tools next to us. Phones, tablets, computers, smart home appliances, such as many tools that make our lives easier and we can call the good sides of technology, are very useful for us. O2 is a company that offers its customers a very high quality and popular phones and tablets and targets the highest quality and most affordable price while offering these products. I liked O2 because when I reviewed the products on O2's website, I saw that the features and brands of the products were really good and proven. If you want to have a smartphone or a beautiful tablet, I recommend that you visit O2 and browse O2's great products. In addition, following O2 on twitter and youtube will be useful for you to get more information. Thank you for reading, I hope my review was useful for you

Comprehensive service on your mobile and at home for calls and interne

We are in the digital century, where most of our activities require an internet connection or telephone call service. Therefore, having a responsible telecommunications company is vital to keep us connected despite the distance. There are many companies in the telecommunications market that offer fixed telephony and mobile and fixed internet services. However, it is more convenient for us to contract these three services with a single organization, instead of contracting several companies separately. Thanks to the O2 company it is possible to enjoy a triple service from a responsible company that offers coverage service from the Movistar network; one of the most recognized in the telecommunications market worldwide. With O2 customers can enjoy the following products: • Coverage on mobile devices for calls • Mobile data service • Telephone service in fixed mode, that is to say in your home, office or business both nationally and internationally • Broadband service in fixed…

It is a technology store where worldwide known brands are sold.

O2 is a technology store where many technological products from phones to tablets are offered to users. This store has many product types and many different brands. The brands in this store are known worldwide and their products are original products sold in their own stores. The website is really beautiful and useful. If you log in to the website, there is the return section on the right side and you can experience your shopping in this store by logging in and you can vote here. It is extremely easy and fast to become a member of this store. You can find the closest store to your location from the find a store section on the website of this platform. If you go to the store, you can find the chance to examine the products you want accordingly. This store, which also has many social media accounts, also uses social media very actively. However, it would be better to have some more informative and explanatory texts on the store's website.

O2 Company is superb

Hello everyone, its my pleasure to share with you my own side of view on "O2 Telecom Company". Now To My Review O2 is a British Telecommunications Company, it was established by "John Carrington" in 7th of January 1985, the headquarter office base in "Slough England, O2 is one of the front line Telecom company in United Kingdom. O2 Telecom company was purchased by the Spanish Telecommunications company Telefonica in year 2006 but still mentaine the brand. O2 Telecom has produced a lot mobile accessories and has distributors all over, O2 products are with a high quality and very easy to use. O2 Telecom company is very accessible both in physical store and online store, the site is well design and it has a superb background.

Pros & cons

  • You can sign up easily
  • Excellent speed transaction
  • Quality products
  • Favourable Transaction fees
  • Can't work on average network provider


It is award winning mobile network operation that has it headquarter located at Spain, it operation cover Europe, Sought America, Central and North. America. It network service of 2g to 5g and it Wi-Fi service covers wide areal. It has a millions of people connected to the service. Apart of the network operation that the platform offers, i like the company for serving as source of employment for thousand of people across it stores. Part of what the platform is doing is helping it community by it sponsor program. In it store there are certain product that can be access these includes Sim, popular phone garget and Tablets. I like how the official platform was structured, accessing information is very easy. It serve two purposes, source of information about the platform and shopping store. The device can be other on the platform, it offers the needed tool for ordering on the platform. The order can be monitoring while courier services will deliver the order. It has frequently asked…


O2 is an online store selling digital products, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. One of the good advantages of this store is the 36-month installment purchase, which is active for all products of this store. All the flagships of famous brands, such as Apple, Samsung and other popular brands can be purchased in installments in the O2 store. O2 has even offered discounts on installment prices, making it cheaper to buy from this store. You might say that the Apple Store itself on the main website also provides monthly installments, so why go to O2. First, this store has a variety of products not limited to one brand, and almost all popular brands can be purchased in it. Secondly, the special offers of this store have made installment shopping more economical than before.