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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
Party and Celebration

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Description of Partylicious

Delhi's #1 & biggest party supply shop!


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

50% off on all tableware/cutlery sets

Well... this is my very first review about a store in Second Life and I'm really excited! Today we'll talk about "Partylicious", a party people clothes store. Nowadays, the majority of the shops tend to be more like fashion stores rather than party stores (like in real life) making it difficult for us to find cute clothes which aren't expensive when we go out partying or when we want to sell something at our music concerts. So when I saw that Partylicious was having a sale on their clothes, i…

  • Fun, creative items for your party!
  • 60% off on all costume accessories
  • There are practically none

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Make your passion for sweets your business

We all have a favorite dessert or we delight in contemplating a table of sweets with innovative designs that captivate our eyes and taste. But what if in addition to enjoying them we can prepare them with our own hands? To help you with this work, we have the help of Partylicious, a digital portal that serves as a guide to prepare the most succulent recipes for classic and innovative desserts. And if it is about entrepreneurship, with Partylicious you can count on to become an expert in the…

  • Opportunity to start your own dessert business
  • It allows you to see recipes at any time through the portal
  • Offers you a variety of tips to learn or improve recipes
  • Keeps you updated on new candy decorating trends
  • Internet connection required

Revainrating 4 out of 5

your best company to prepare incredible sweets

We all love parties, especially enjoying delicious sweets and dreamy desserts on every occasion. And it is that we do not need to be children to delight ourselves with the most incredible and fascinating pastry creations, just look at its design to imagine the delicious taste of an attractive dessert. If you are passionate about this world, now you can learn incredible recipes from the hands of the experts without leaving your home, by accessing the Partylicious web portal. Partylicious has…

  • Variety of recipes for desserts
  • It has tutorials for every special occasion
  • You learn without leaving home
  • Allows you to learn for free
  • No disadvantages

Partylicious is the thing that you can a shop or the like for things and supplies expected to assemble any type of gathering, be it birthday celebrations and any type of festivity, it is loaded the neccesary supplies for getting sorted out such occasions. It is supposed to be Delhi's greatest gathering supply shop. As much as the name Partylicious sounds cool, I need to concede, their site is poor, similar to it shows not the slightest bit of appeal at all which is a failure, in any even

  • Partylicious is loaded with varietes of provisions required for getting sorted out gatherings and occasion festivities.
  • They offer supplies for birthday celebrations, single man and unhitched female gatherings, halloween festivities and other festival occasions.. They offer supplies for birthday celebrations, single man and unhitched female gatherings, halloween festivities and other festival occasions..
  • The site is an exceptionally helpless one that requires a ton of redesign else it will continue to mean clients off.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Partylicious: Acclaimed Biggest Party Supply Shop In Delhi.

Partylicious is what you can a shop of some sort for items and supplies needed to put together any form of party, be it birthday parties and any form of celebration, it is stocked the neccesary supplies for organizing such events. It is said to be Delhi's biggest party supply shop. As much as the name Partylicious sounds cool, I have to admit, their website is very poor, like it shows not one bit of attractiveness at all which is a disappointment, at least for the store to be called the biggest

  • Partylicious is stocked with varietes of supplies needed for organizing parties and event celebrations.
  • They offer supplies for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, halloween celebrations and other celebration events..
  • The website is a very poor one that requires a lot of upgrade else it will keep intending customers off.