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Philips Computer Monitors Philips 279P1 Power Saving PowerSensor Replacement 3840X2160P, Accurate Colors, 10 Bit Panel, ‎Consumer Models, HD

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Screen Size27 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum3840 x 2160 Pixels
BrandPhilips Computer Monitors
Special Feature10 bit panel, Accurate colors
Refresh Rate60 Hz

About Philips Computer Monitors Philips 279P1 Power Saving PowerSensor Replacement 3840X2160P, Accurate Colors, 10 Bit Panel, ‎Consumer Models, HD

Philips Brilliance P-Line 27" LCD monitor with UltraClear 4K UHD 3840x2160 resolution and IPS panel for wide-viewing angles and full colors. Aspect Ratio is 16:9; Viewing Angle (CR≧10) is 178º (H) / 178º (V); Brightness is 350cd/㎡. USB-C DOCKING: Power Delivery charges up to 65 Watts and is compatible with laptops and phones while receiving video and USB-C 3.2 gen2 signals. SPEAKERS: Duo built-In 3W stereo speakers for multimedia and convenience. SMARTERGOBASE: Monitor base enables people-friendly height, tilt, rotate, and pivot ergonomic adjustments and is wall mountable (VESA compatible).

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Phillips 328E9FJAB - at a maximum resolution of 2460 x 1440. Great all round monitor for general home use.

Please write down this model number. as this review only covers this specific 2460 x 1440 monitor and does not cover higher 4K monitors. Offers no relevant information on other models apart from excellent image quality. $299 - well packaged, no dead

DO NOT BUY THIS MONITOR (27 " Frameless Monitor, Model 279P1)! Terrible customer service!

PHILIPS HAS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I would give this product 0 stars if possible. I rarely leave product reviews (I'm that guy. I rely on other people's reviews, but I never leave them). However, I really feel like I have to give a review for…

Great monitor for the price!

After some testing I have to say that I really like this monitor for the price. Is this the best monitor ever? No of course not. I'll start with the biggest concerns about this panel. Many spoke of the halo. First of all, this monitor runs at 75 Hz…

Bad USB-C power delivery, good monitor

The picture quality is excellent. Nice power saving features. Don't buy if you plan on powering a large laptop via USB-C - it's super buggy. USB-C only works on my 16" MacBook Pro until the MacBook tries to increase performance. At that point, the Phillips monitor display goes blank, turns off the laptop, and may or may not turn back on. Extremely annoying Workflow I switched to an HDMI display port and regular power on my laptop for a stable connection.

Pros & cons

  • Accurate colors
  • Unreliable build quality.

Best bang for the buck!

The Phillips aesthetic is very sleek, modern and minimalist. With "1440p" and QHD resolution, the picture quality is pin-sharp for both text and video. The large, curved screen helps me organize my desktop for work - multiple browser windows on the right - one for streaming videos, another for YouTube, and a third for finding reference materials. On the left I open the code editor, test and documentation windows. It's like working on two monitors, saving space and no eye strain. Setup Tips: Easy to setup HDMI connection to laptop and high quality 3-pin power cable to power on monitor. The monitor comes with VGA and audio in/out cables. No audio cables are required for audio playback. With the joystick on the back (at the bottom of the screen) you can adjust all the sounds and display functions such as volume, display brightness, contrast, colors. There are also several preset levels. When the laptop power supply is connected to the laptop and its lid is closed, the display on the…

Not bad, but not great either.

I knew I was on a tight screen budget so I fully expected this monitor to have some issues and to be honest the two things I found most annoying were the "color" modes and the Speaker. The coloring on this monitor (at least the one I have) was more prone to bleeding red than anything else. If you have an orange or fiery background, it looks terrible. I took a simple closeup of the fire and you really can't tell if something is orange because the red just completely covers it up. You'll have to fiddle with the settings a bit to at least cool it down to a tolerable level. I only found 1 profile out of all the preassigned profiles that is tolerable. So if you are good with colors I would stay away from this one. It's fine if you're a casual gamer or more interested in browsing/streaming without accurate colors. However, the screen size and the fact that it's curved is really nice, and even at 1080p the screen looks good to me. .As for speakers; I'm glad I use headphones because they just

Good monitor, bad software

The picture quality is excellent. The colors are good. The stand is great in terms of adjustability - it's the most ergonomic stand I've ever installed on a monitor. The packaging it came in is of poor quality. It was dangerous to take out of the box, and the way the stand clicked into place felt dated. And the management software is bad. They also don't make a desktop version of the software for Mac, although probably most USB-C monitor users are Mac users. And the speakers don't currently work with my M1 MacBook Air. As you've read in other reviews, you may need to lower your USB setting from 3.2 to 2.0 for some of your older peripherals to work. I get 4K @ 60Hz on my MacBook Air with the included USB-C cable.

Pros & cons

  • SPEAKERS: Built-in 3W duo stereo speakers for multimedia and convenience
  • Was damaged

Overall very good, the best in my rating

All in all a very good monitor, especially for the price. But sometimes the picture/video quality doesn't seem that good (e.g. watching a movie on Netflix) as the picture sometimes appears more pixelated compared to my LG 4K monitor. But that's a relatively small problem and I haven't noticed it often. Another issue is that the monitor doesn't always connect well to my Mac Studio or it sometimes takes a reboot or two for the monitor to finally connect to my Mac. I consider these minor complaints and overall this monitor has very good picture quality and performs very well for almost anything. Still recommended as the best monitor in this price range.

Pros & cons

  • electronics
  • Expensive

Update of the original rating

In the original review (below), I noted that the monitor lacks the advertised internal speakers. A call to Philips confirmed that it was indeed an error in Revain's ad. I've had the monitor for a week now and for no apparent reason the monitor's internal speakers started working. So they exist, Revain's information is correct, and the manufacturer's support agent was wrong. Now if only I could understand why they didn't work at all and why they started working. Hm. Great monitor, highly recommended! This is a great monitor and delivers everything as advertised except for one thing; There are no internal speakers, which was just confirmed by a call to Philips. And at least so far I haven't been able to get the audio output to work with my external speakers. So right now, "a USB-C cable" isn't good for beginners, as I have to connect the speakers directly to my MacBook Air, which entails a separate USB-C hub to house the old USB port on my speakers can. Disappointing, but not the end of

Super curved super cool!

This is a review of the Philips 325E1C Surper-Curved [sic] 32-inch Quad HD 2K Frameless Monitor. I hope I'm not the only one who noticed the spelling mistake. But if you haven't seen it yet, now you can. I do not see it. :D My monitors arrived in perfect condition with no stuck pixels. I use both on DP 1.2 with a GTX 1650 Super as source. I upgraded from two 27 inch flat screens. "The super curved QHD displays are so comfortable compared to my old 27" flat screens. Although it is significantly larger, the strong curvature makes the content appear much closer. (1500r). This is a real panorama. I don't see any distortion or "pincushion" effect. I've heard others complain about distortion, but in my case it's not a problem at all. Since it is a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel, the contrast and color are very good. While a full IPS panel offers the best image quality in terms of color accuracy, I think this VA panel is perfectly acceptable for photo and art applications. However, it's worth

Good all-around 4K monitor but struggles with default settings

A solid 4K monitor for the price, especially if you plan to use it with a laptop that supports USB-C charging (having a 2019 MacBook Pro personally). One important caveat: my first experience was extremely disappointing. The image on the monitor often turned off, especially during medium to high loads. I almost got it back, but after accidentally adjusting the monitor settings, turning on the "Smart Power" feature completely solved the problem and I haven't experienced it in over a month. Works great now, just a shame it didn't work so well with the factory settings.

Pros & cons

  • monitors
  • Low energy efficiency.

Good deal for screen size and quality

Set up this monitor as part of my office for quarantine. I wasn't looking for a gaming monitor, but something for everyday office use. This monitor ticks all of my boxes and is pretty good for the job. I haven't noticed any lag, ghosting or dead pixels in 3 months of use. I use it every day and am satisfied with its quality, especially for the price. Pros: * Built-in speakers. * The curved screen offers a good viewing angle. * The screen size is a steal for the price. Cons: * One button is on the back of the Philips logo. It wasn't immediately obvious and I had to dig around a bit to find it. It's a joystick-like button, with each side providing access to different functions.* Too bright, even on the lowest brightness setting. Unlike some other monitors I've used in the past, the screen doesn't go black when I turn the brightness down to zero. I need to lower the contrast to make it a little darker. Still too bright in low light. Shame it wasn't far to go further. * Speaker volume is…

Great upgrade for the everyday user (not a big gamer so can't talk too much about it)

I recently stopped using the PC tower I had for a while. I have a 2018 13" Macbook Pro and a work laptop. I rarely use my computer in between. I'm not a big gamer. I usually play smaller games on an Xbox One and connect it to my 55" 4K TV. I will say the screen real estate is amazing on this screen and the curved glass.I'm still getting used to such a big screen.I would say if you have a short desk (maybe less than 27" deep) you should have this monitor maybe think twice. It's quite big which is ok but if your eyes are less than 24" from the screen I feel like it would be too big. This is just my opinion. It was easy to set up. The stand works excellent (not installed) and is adjustable and the screen is fantastic I'm really impressed that you can get a monitor of this size and capability at such a low price ($279 paid for the Revain). I ran some 4K resolution Youtube videos, which obviously don't display in 4K on this monitor, but they are very sharp and clear. The colors are great…

doesn't like to get involved

I turn on my laptop and my old external monitor turns on immediately but this one does nothing. I try to add, I unplug and reconnect, I press the power button, I press it again, I hold it - none of these actions have any effect. press and hold for 10 full seconds! It's not a great button that's comfortable to hold and easy to spot when pressed. All you have to do is change your body position so you can easily apply constant pressure to the button indefinitely. Or just work with the monitor off - the choice is yours.

Pros & cons

  • ‎279P1
  • vulgarity


Lots of fun so far, very sharp image and excellent resolution scaling settings. BUT BEWARE OF THE POWER SWITCH! It is not marked in the quick start guide. So if you don't look under the back once you've plugged it in, you won't see a switch that needs to be flipped on to actually power the monitor so you can then turn it on using the second switch in front. I'm not sure why it needs two switches, but I really wish it was mentioned in the manual so I don't have to sit there for so long trying to figure out if my monitor is working right out of the box or not.

Pros & cons

  • USB-C DOCKING: Power Delivery charges up to 65W and is compatible with laptops and phones when receiving video and USB-C 3.2 Gen2 signals.
  • style 90

Stunning visual quality

I got two of these monitors, although for some reason they only cost $250 each. I thought I was being scammed as they cost orders of magnitude less than anything else of comparable quality on Revain and were only delivered in two days. Not the case, these things are excellent. I've had them for 6 months now and they are beautiful. I've gotten a few comments about how my home office looks like it's from the future with these two giant curved displays. as i have never seen anything like this but i have been using these guys for more than 8 hours without any noticeable problems even if i was really only using one of the screens. Note: they are quite heavy and have huge dimensions. (pretty protective) boxes. They are in boxes clearly marked "expensive computer screens". I would suggest picking them up shortly after delivery if you have a common pick up location. I would buy it again at the current price if needed.

Pros & cons

  • 60 Hertz
  • The high cost of top models.

Level 2 monitor - my new test

For games: 100%, yes! I spent years gaming on TV, weeks on a small 27 inch monitor and finally this monitor. This gives you that high definition you've overlooked or heard about. The picture is beautiful, flawless and at 75 Hertz. You'll thank yourself for taking the big step of upgrading from a TV to a curved/flat monitor. Image quality: If you are not familiar with curved monitors, the product is curved to protect your eyes and prevent eye strain and headaches. . I mention this because you will most likely spend hours watching movies, playing games, or just surfing the web with it. The picture quality is perfect and you get great pictures. Brightness 5/5: Bright but not "white film" stretched across the monitor. Not to mention that you can easily adjust the settings for this monitor. 5/5 Sound: Loud enough for a small to medium sized room. It can be heard loud enough for all sorts of experiences. Games, Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. --- This monitor can play loud enough that you…

The communication is not stable

The screen quality is very good for a Mac, but I don't know why the connection isn't that stable. Every time I connect to my Mac, it takes no more than 30 minutes to be stable. Although I really like the Type-C port.

Pros & cons

  • ‎Black
  • A little torn

Solid 32-inch selection. love the curve

I've spent a lot of time exploring my second screen. There's 32 inches or even 27 inches between HD 1080 and closer to 4K. If you go for 32 or 27 4K, you're spending a lot more money. It was a reasonable option, not 4K but 2K, and for my needs it's excellent and reliable. Text, movies or something else. I can't talk about games because I don't. It's not as bright as my iMac but I don't really notice it so I don't mind, I could get the same quality as my iMac by spending another $300 but I didn't want to.

Pros & cons

  • Good work. refurbishment Good stand. Used in portrait mode with a 32 inch monitor.
  • Mostly ok but...

Huge, Superb Resolution, Immersive, Low Volume, Amazing Quality!

I haven't had a desktop computer in years and recently decided to get back into gaming and wanted a more immersive experience so I chose f

Pros & cons

  • ‎4
  • weak sentence