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Portable acoustics Marshall Woburn II, 130 W, black Review




Revainrating 3 out of 5  
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Description of Portable acoustics Marshall Woburn II, 130 W, black

Product Overview

The Portable Acoustics Marshall Woburn II is a high-quality wireless speaker system designed specifically for gadgets that support Bluetooth technology. With its sleek and stylish black design, this speaker offers a powerful audio experience that is perfect for both casual listening and professional use. Packed with a range of impressive features, the Marshall Woburn II sets itself apart from other speakers in the market.

Key Features

The Marshall Woburn II boasts a number of notable characteristics that make it a top choice among wireless speakers. Firstly, its impressive power output of 130 W ensures rich, clear, and immersive sound, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music with exceptional audio quality. Additionally, the Bluetooth connectivity feature provides seamless and hassle-free pairing with compatible devices, enabling users to effortlessly stream their music wirelessly.

Comparison with Similar Products

When comparing the Marshall Woburn II with other wireless speakers in the market, it becomes evident that it stands out due to its powerful sound output and sleek design. Unlike some of its competitors, the Woburn II offers an impressive 130 W of power, allowing it to fill any room with high-quality audio. Additionally, its classic black finish and iconic Marshall branding give it a timeless and sophisticated look that appeals to users seeking both style and substance.

Benefits and Use Cases

The Marshall Woburn II solves the problem of limited sound quality often experienced with built-in device speakers. By providing a powerful and immersive audio experience, it enhances the overall enjoyment of music, movies, and other media. Whether you are hosting a party, relaxing at home, or working in a professional setting, the Woburn II delivers high-fidelity sound that can elevate any environment. It can be used in various settings, including:

  • Home entertainment systems for an enhanced audio experience
  • Professional settings such as offices, conference rooms, or studios for clear and immersive sound during presentations or meetings
  • Outdoor gatherings or events where wireless connectivity and powerful sound are required
  • Personal listening experiences for individuals who appreciate high-quality sound
  • Target Audience

    Marshall Woburn II is a wireless speaker system for gadgets that support Bluetooth technology. Marshall Woburn II delivers realistic, detailed, powerful sound across the entire reproducible frequency range. The analog knobs located on the body allow you to control this sound.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Just super, the product is made wonderfully, very satisfied.

    Looks just divine. The sound is warm and lively. I used to think that my 2.1 acoustics gives a good sound. I was wrong. Great sound, fat, dynamic. She is LOUD. And it's gorgeous. Fits perfectly into the interior, convenient mode switches: bluetooth for PC or phone, aux for playstation and rca for vinyl player. You can switch between modes with one button, which is very convenient. For each of the modes, the column remembers the equalizer level and volume, which was a pleasant surprise. The…

    • Sound. Appearance. Build quality. The quality of materials.
    • The original AUX cable is NOT included. For me, this was not a disadvantage, since I already had it. But you need to keep in mind, in terms of aesthetics - the original cable fits perfectly, any other will be an eyesore.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

    Those who write that the sound is very bad or install the speaker incorrectly (should not be placed close to the wall or in a closed space on a shelf), or listen to complete slag in low quality, or bought a non-original one, or a bear stepped on their ear. The build quality is unpretentious, the sound is powerful, rich, you can hear all the details, it perfectly plays almost all genres. If you need great sound, then you don't need to listen via bluetooth via smartphones or from computers with…

    • Stunning design, suitable for any interior. I took black, because I didn’t like brown, and white is too bright, ivory would be more suitable. The build quality is top notch, the case is wooden, the column is heavy - 8 kg and large, which in total physically gives a rich and clear sound. Bass and treble controls allow you to instantly adjust the sound depending on the type and quality of the recording you are listening to, as well as your preferences. The ability to connect a sound source via aux and rca, which significantly improves the playback quality, as some hiss and loss of detail are felt via bluetooth.
    • The aux connector is located on the top control panel, which slightly spoils the neat appearance of the speaker with a constantly protruding cable. Weak bluetooth connection, it can already lose it through the wall, this was not noticed with previous speakers from other manufacturers, but on the other hand, you should not listen to music over such a connection, it is better by wires.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Terrible purchase, only wasted money.

    This piece of expensive. on me broke in 2 weeks of use. Barely shaken out of Grandma's store. I have a sven for 2 thousand plows for 11 years and does not sneeze. I expected a different quality from a speaker for 40.

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    I did not like it, I do not advise buying.

    I would not recommend it, it sounds in quality at the level of some jbl charge, well, maybe just louder and that's it. It doesn't work for acoustics at all. Some pros: Beautiful in appearance, there is an application, an equalizer, a large volume margin Got cons: The sound is terrible. There are too many basses even at 0/10, no matter how much the equalizer tried to adjust - there are no tops at all, it is impossible to listen to electronic music. But bass constantly at any volume. You can…

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Not a good product, not worth the money.

    Conclusion: 1. Until the current firmware is fixed, it is impossible to use it as a wireless pair of speakers from a computer from the word at all. Well, maybe only phlegmatic people listening to SBC. 2. Buying a second column of the same type, you do not double the pleasure, but start to suffer. 3. Speakers teach patience. Many of the problems described in the shortcomings are observed within the first FEW minutes. After a month of use, I adapted a little to using it from the phone, the…

    • The sound, appearance, the speakers themselves sound great, the design and controls are top five, everything is just super
    • Software and firmware. This is ADD. Each ate through the application from the phone gives an error message, you look later, and the version is new, miracles and nothing more. Linking speakers is HORRIBLE, on firmware version 5.0. X, connected speakers were connected only via the SBC codec. Set the codec of the SBC and rhyme. ated with sin in half to version 6.1. X, cheers connected AptX, now every couple of minutes the slave column stalls when playing for a second. You can’t connect the master via a cord, but you can’t leave the slave on the blue-tooth, and in general, speakers paired via bluetooth cannot be switched to another input, all clicks on changing the input source are ignored. It is impossible to adjust the balance of the paired speakers when playing from the phone in the native application, sit in the middle and that's it, it's useless to turn the knobs on the speakers, they are also connected and the volume is synchronized. So both columns of cyclopean sizes do not fit on the table, but you still sit in the middle. A lot of time spent, nerves and even more. While I connected the paired AptX I sweated a hundred times, but it still does not work humanly. 60+ thousand for wireless speakers down the drain, you have to tie everything with cords, just a spit in the face from the manufacturer. . With a sin in half, I set up playback from the phone via AptX and balance on it. The second column fades more than once a minute, but with luck, it happens that it does not fade for quite some time. But I think it's just that the phone drives a lower bitrate than the laptop. Each disconnection from the device breaks this delicate balance, you need to turn on / off the speakers, dance with tambourines, etc. , so that they drop something inside. Every second binding, with one click, is not untied and the speakers start to hiccup. To connect two speakers in stereo format through wires, you will have to invent infernal machinery with wires, and with a probability of 0.99, the best option would be to simply solder the minijack to the 4th RCA. Or collect it and through the conductor and two b cords All other methods do not work, the speakers are not friends with each other by wire.

    I already wrote a review on the day of purchase, then deleted it and decided to write again. I'll explain why. I don’t know what I expected from a bluetooth speaker, but the first time I turned it on, it made a terrible impression. The sound is like from a box, the bottoms do not play, but tambourine, the middle and top - as if through cotton wool. In general, there is simply no sound. This impression was so different from my expectations that I hastened to write a review. Then, over the next…

    • Design
    • Sound

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Average quality, not an outstanding product.

    Led by a lot of positive reviews. In fact, the sound is mediocre. There is no loud volume. When you turn the volume up to maximum, the sound turns into mush. In complex compositions, everything is mixed up and there is no detailed "drawing" of musical instruments. The column does not have the expected bass, there is not that pleasant pressure that you are waiting for. Instead, just boo-boo-boo. Twenty-year-old Technics produces an order of magnitude better sound, not to mention the ADAMs A8X…

    • Appearance.
    • Sound quality, meager functionality, no cable 3.5.

    I was also led by the comments and decided to buy this product without listening. At autopsy, I was simply blown away by the smell of cheap vinyl that hit my nose. On the first night, I had to take it out of the room, because. the smell was unbearable. From afar and in the photo, the column looks beautiful, but upon closer inspection, you see a completely budget product. The sound is appropriate, flat and inconspicuous. He plays rock on the four (especially guitar solos), does not play other…

    • Loud noise Beautiful appearance (if you look not close)
    • Sound quality Finish quality Price

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

    I recommend to buy. The best column I've come across in all my searches Pros: I bought white. The highs and lows are in balance, plus they can be adjusted. The adjustment knobs are so smooth that it's worth turning them just for fun. Top notch quality. He listened to familiar music in a new way. The choice fell on her promo after disappointed reviews on the speakers of another well-known brand HK, which constantly break power supplies and batteries, as well as too much bass. Has some cons The…

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Not the best quality, but overall not bad.

    "It costs thirty, it sounds like a ten" - this is in short. I took Sven Stream Mega R as a replacement, which took up too much space on the table. I was hoping to get something similar in sound, with bluetooth, in a beautiful package. Hopes with the sound did not come true: it is flat, not dense, slightly metallic. We have to try different equalizer settings, but so far it has not been possible to achieve a pleasant result. There are basses, yes, but I would not call it HiFi + they are not…

    • Design Headroom
    • Sound quality doesn't match the price Price

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

    Got pros: Great sound and look. White fits perfectly into the interior. Some cons: Barely visible seam on the upholstery at the bottom. I looked in the store for several copies, some are very noticeable.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Ive never seen anything worse! A terrible purchase.

    As everyone writes, the sound really leaves much to be desired, but that's if you have a hearing. For the average user, just a loud column. I took this thing for 15k on discounts, I thought it was a fake, it turned out to be the original after all the checks. But for 30 it’s definitely not worth taking it, wait for discounts. I took two white pieces for 30, tuned in stereo. If you want to get good quality from it: 1. You need to "warm up" the column, no matter what anyone says, it opens up only

    • stock sound
    • Sound quality

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I like everything, the price and quality are acceptable.

    I bought a black one in November 2022 for 24000. Plays through bt. It plays strange out of the box, not everything can be adjusted with the available knobs, so you definitely need to install the application and set up the local equalizer, by the way, you can turn off some of the system sounds there. Initially, I didn’t really like the sound, but I put up with it, for the most part because the speaker is above head level and the bass presses hard, which of course is the wrong acoustics…

    • - appearance - volume
    • - without the application most of the settings can not be seen - may require fine tuning by frequency - poor equipment

    With its pros. Clean warm sound, large volume margin, good tight bass, pleasant to the touch switches, which is not often seen. Its cons: The kit does not come with a 3.5mm cord, although on younger versions it comes with a speaker. The color of the metal inserts is different from the photo on the box and in stores, in real life it is more bronze.

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    No complaints, I recommend to buy.

    Plays in every room differently. Compared to jbl, I liked marshall more. I bought for 28.550r. Satisfied so far, expected worse after reading the reviews. This is not a Hi-end sound and you should not expect wow from it. Plays well. Doesn't make noise like they say. You won’t listen to the whole apartment, the neighbors immediately came.

    • Everything
    • A lot of bass, solved with the help of an equalizer. Once, twice a day, bluetooth falls off. Just infuriates