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Very good

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img 11 attached to Quadcopter MJX MEW4-1 4K + bag, gray
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Description of Quadcopter MJX MEW4-1 4K + bag, gray

MEW4-1 RC Quadcopter 4K FPV GPS Camera with Bag - MJX- MEW-1-4K is an original kit consisting of MEW4-1 foldable quadcopter with 4K camera and carrying bag. Features of the model: The drone is equipped with efficient and reliable MT1506 2000 KV brushless motors, coupled with folding rotors. The installed Full HD WiFi camera with a wide-angle lens provides video recording quality: 3840 x 2160p (recording to a memory card: 4K@16FPS, 2.5K@25FPS). The drone is equipped with a mechanical gimbal, which allows you to effectively shoot without the participation of electronic image stabilization systems. The camera has a 180° rotation angle from 0° (horizontal) to -90° (vertical down) to + 90° (vertical up). The quadcopter implements the FPV first-person flight function using a WiFi video transmitter. The picture from the camera is displayed in real time on the screen of your gadget through a mobile application as 720P @ 20FPS. MEW4-1 is equipped with a GPS / GLONASS module, as well as a vertical camera for accurate positioning at low altitude and a sonar. The model can work in 4 smart modes: Follow me - the drone follows the connected smartphone Point of interest - flying around a given point at a distance of up to 10 meters Tap Fly - flight to the specified points along the route laid out on the map Headless mode - flight in the so-called. "headless mode" The battery capacity is 2050 mAh, which allows the drone to stay in the air for up to 16 minutes, and when the battery runs out, the buzzer built into the remote controller will warn the owner of the drone about it. He will be able to give a signal when the quality of communication deteriorates. The quadrocopter is controlled both from a smartphone and using a remote control with a built-in OLED telemetry display. The quadcopter is designed for novice users, but the drone has a very good technical equipment for a budget drone! Weight: 360 g; Flight time - 15-16 minutes; Charging time - 3-3.5 hours; Maximum flight altitude - 120 m; Flight range - up to 800 m; Speed: up to 35 km / h Online video broadcast - 200-350 meters; MT1506 2000KV brushless motors powered by ESC; Used memory card: Micro SD Class 10 or above, max capacity 32GB; APP application: M RC PRO On-board battery Li-Po 7.6V 2050 mAh; 2.4GHz two-way radio system. Package contents: MEW4-1 4K quadrocopter; control equipment; battery; charger; bag; user manual


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You can compare this drone with the top ones and say that, of course, it doesn’t reach them, and in general, and so on . but even with two additionally purchased batteries together = 25t. R, which is 45 minutes of flight and very good opportunities. A range of 600 meters over a field/forest/swamp is not the limit, more is possible, but the video will disappear and the drone itself is, of course, not visible at such a distance. The height is programmatically limited to 120 meters, which is quite

  • price / quality, functionality, resists wind, clear photos even when shaking
  • very sharp camera movement up and down, horizon distortion 1 battery included (buy 2 more) the video is transmitted to the phone via a 5GHz wi-fi network, there is no such phone = there are no many functions and the video is only on a memory card

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

I liked everything, now I want something more serious. Pros: The product corresponds to the declared parameters, works properly without any complaints. The device always returns to the starting point when it is lost from the visibility zone and when the signal from the control panel is lost. Cons below: At a range of 200 meters and an altitude of more than 60 meters, the recording signal to the smartphone is lost, the location is not visually determined, but plus that the recording continues on

Some pros: Excellent quadric, clear, easy to manage. Handles the wind well. Not bad photos and videos. Worth your money With its cons: It is difficult to remove the battery, but on the other hand it is not bad, and the charger is idiotically made. But you don't have to worry about it

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product suited me, I will recommend it to my friends.

Everything is intuitive, but the instructions need to be read several times ! In general, it is not recommended to use it in the city with gps turned on, I had the imprudence to turn it on and when 50% of the battery was left, the copter decided to return to the take-off place and crashed into the house and fell from the 14th floor, the landing leg broke off and damaged the front beam (wrapped with electrical tape, everything works )) the squeak at 50% of the battery is annoying (((in the cold…

  • Understandable, instruction in 2022
  • At 50% of the battery with gps on, it immediately flies to the take-off site (((