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About Quiltique

Quiltique is a creative quilting and sewing center located in Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada. Shop fabric, notions, and other supplies. We offer classes too.

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The family store in Nevada called QUILTIQUE

Have a nice day, dear readers. For anyone interested in art, take a look at this store called Quiltique. This store was founded in 2003 by the Tibesar family. The family consisted of mom and dad and two daughters who were very fond of various...See full review

if you are looking for the best quality fabrics, come to this store

is a textile store with an impressive and extensive line of beautiful fabrics of different designs for all tastes and the best quality, from cotton, silk and linen, it should be noted that this family dedicates its time to satisfy the needs of...See full review

Quiltique provdes that quality quilt and upholstery you desire

Welcome to the one store where you can find whatever sort of fabric you want, whether it's linen, cotton, or silk. I'm going to do a quick review on QUILTIQUE today. This is a store that I've grown to like over time. It's a one-stop shop for all...See full review

Quiltique: specializes in the manufacture of all types of fabrics.

Quiltique: is a company that specializes, is the manufacture of fabrics of all types, size or design, in order to provide support and full coverage to the large seamstresses in the market, its variety is almost infinite you can work with a lot of...See full review