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Remington Ceramic Clipped Curling Purple Hair Care for Styling Tools & Appliances Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Size1 Count (Pack of 1)
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.5 x 4.88 x 15.13 inches

Description of Remington Ceramic Clipped Curling Purple Hair Care for Styling Tools & Appliances

1 Inches Clipped Curling Iron Creates Relaxed Curls. Ceramic Technology for High Shine Curls and Healthy Hair. 400 Degree Fahrenheit High Heat : Set in curls almost instantly. 30 Second Heat Up : Start styling fast. 30 Heat Settings : Find your preferred heat.


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice finish - the handle at the end could be wider

What I like most about this curling iron is that my hair glides over the brush when I find the end of my hair before I cut it, so I have to twist to turn to curl up. My hair gets stuck or hanging on the metal curling irons I have which can be a little painful and definitely does some damage to my hair. Maybe that's the difference between metal and ceramic. The curling iron heated up quickly and did an excellent job of curling the hair - it turned out to have excellent fullness. I appreciate the

  • Easy to read control panel
  • There are new competitors

1 inch Review: I have thick long coarse hair so I need a bigger curling iron like this 1 inch. Heat can't penetrate all of my hair with a smaller cylinder, so at least 1 inch for me. I also prefer a cut run like this. I have never mastered using a clampless cylinder. It seems that all new hair tools have a ceramic construction that provides more even heat. I don't know how it works but it seems to add shine to the hair and make it less frizzy. Instead of a digital display, it features simple…

  • Best
  • Ugly packaging

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Heats up quickly, smooth body

Pros: I love ceramic, it heats up very quickly and evenly. It also cools down very quickly. Based on my previous experience with ceramic rollers, they stay smooth and slippery for many years, so I hope they will too! So far, so good! After that, my hair became smooth and silky, and soft curls remained for several days. Negative-good: The cold tip at the end is very small, I haven't burned my fingers yet but have been very close a few times. The cable is short and very stiff, so while it has a…

  • Wide range
  • Upgradable

This is a good curling iron, most suitable for people with long hair. Since I have medium length hair, this gave me easy curls. WHAT I LIKE - Heater dial goes from 1 to 30; 1-9 for fine hair; 10-15 for colored; 16-24 for textured; 25-30 for thick or difficult to style hair. (SEE WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE BELOW) - There is an on/off switch. - The light will turn solid red when the desired temperature in numbers (not degrees) is reached. It flashes when it gets hot - I like purple because it suits my…

  • understandable even for the old
  • some little things

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Heats up fast and curls well

This curling iron heats up in 30 seconds and curls my fine hair well. I have naturally wavy hair so the curls hold up well. I put it on the lowest setting because I don't have a lot of hair and don't want to burn it. It worked well. I add some light hairspray, let it dry and then curl it. Then I lightly work the curl with my fingers and I get cute curls that last all day. I apply a light coat of hairspray when I'm done. This curling iron is easy to use and comfortable. I prefer clip ons because

  • Free for educational purposes
  • Fair

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Remington 1 " ceramic curling iron

Remington 1" ceramic curling iron. Even though I have naturally curly hair, sometimes I like to use a curling iron. on wand styles. It just suits my hair better. I get great curls with this flat iron. It feels good in the hand and my hand doesn't get tired. Heats up quickly and I like to use the dial to set my preferred temperature. The cable does not get tangled. Color is of course an added bonus in my book. Overall this is a quality flat iron that gives me amazing curls.

  • Comfortable
  • Does not work

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Works well but expensive

A few things to know: They come in a variety of sizes. Make sure you pick the one that will give you the kind of curls you want. You don't need gloves, which I think is a big plus. The tip stays cool - It heats up quickly and you can regulate the temperature - The cord rotates, which also makes it easier to use - Curls look great and hold well. hair tool. I would say the maximum that can be paid for this is $49. €29 would be nice.

  • Done
  • Unsure

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice curling iron but VERY small numbers on the temperature scale

This curling iron works as advertised as it heats up quickly and the ceramic body doesn't seem to damage my hair. The hair clip securely fixes the hair when curling. As for the 30 temporary settings. could you prove it to me The temperature is controlled by a dial on the side of the curling iron that has some numbers printed on it, but the numbers are so small I can't even see them with my glasses. I've only half set it, but I really have no idea what the temperature setting actually is. I…

  • Lots of positive vibes
  • Update available

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Works fine but I would like the dial to show the actual temperature.

I forgot the good old curling iron. This is a 1 inch clip-on curling iron that is very easy to use. They heat up quickly and have an end you can hold onto that doesn't get hot. It helps to fix the hair and make it the way you like. I have straight hair and don't really like a lot of curls, but I definitely want some body. I start with a spiral curl and then brush it out to add some volume. I've tried several different "iron's" lately and this is by far the easiest and least likely to burn me. I

  • Absolute legend
  • High price