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SATHYA is the prime in South-India to make people experience the joy of Online Shopping. is a service promoted by SATHYA Agencies Pvt.Ltd., a cent percent subsidiary of SATHYA Group of companies. We are the leading retailers for consumer electronics and household articles since 1983's.

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SATHYA is a main online shopping experience giver in the South India and it is sponsored by SATHYA Agencies Prt. LTD which is a subsidiary of SATHYA Group of Companies, SATHYA is the leading retailers for consumer electronics with household...See full review

They are the leading retailer of consumer electronics and household products

Earlier we had published an article about online shopping and e-commerce sites in India, which you can find here. In that post we mentioned the top ten websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Here is another website which I liked very much after my...See full review

It is one of the largest in its region.

SATHYA is a platform that started and was created in the south of India and is a leading platform in the region where it is located in the sale of technological products. They entered the market approximately 38 years ago, and so far, they have...See full review


SATHYA is a company in South India that assists in development, experience and enjoys a service sathya. in online shopping. It has many branches and supports leading retailers in consumer electronics and home appliances. Founded in 1983, it has...See full review

My Review on SATHYA, a good company

If you are looking for any technological tools and have not yet decided which company to buy from, I can easily recommend Sathya to you. SATHYA offers almost all kinds of technological products that you can think of, such as laptops, phones...See full review

My ideas on SATHYA

SATHYA is an Indian company operating in the field of electronics and home appliances. It has many international brands and many retail companies fall under the main company such as SATHYA Park & Resorts Pvt.Ltd., SATHYA Technosoft (I)Pvt.Ltd., and...See full review

Review on SATHYA by Emine.

Sathya was a great experiment to me , I had ordered a very good mobile phone they delivered it to me in three business days with great packaging I will order a new television too in the few next day . Sathya has every thing we need to our life...See full review

ceap products and orginal

Hello, dear readers. I hope my comments will be useful for you. Sathya is an Indian online shopping site that makes a good experience for people to do the shopping and to buy a good product via online. Really during the pandemic, we see how is it...See full review

SATHYA: a leading company in its field with quality products

Hello everyone friends for my current review SATHYA. SATHYA is a quality company that sells various products such as household products, technological instruments, video and audio instruments and takes care to be high quality when selling these...See full review

My review about SATHYA

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about SATHYA. SATHYA is a store created in India in 1983. Very popular among the Indian residents, SATHYA has a large customer base locally. There are a lot of customer reviews about the store on the...See full review