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Smedvig Capital

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About Smedvig Capital

Since 1996 Smedvig Capital has partnered with and helped scale over 70 companies. Leading Series A/B rounds, we are passionate about finding and investing in the best tech-enabled businesses across the UK and Nordics. We work closely with a small number of high-quality teams. We build strong relationships with our founders and aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves when needed, supporting them through the inevitable ups and downs of growing a business. We’re a flexible source of capital with a long-term view, often backing companies over multiple rounds all the way to exit. We understand that great things take time.

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Smedvig Capital: Painstakingly And Passionately Developing Tech-based Businesses In The UK And Its Environs.

Smedvig Capital to me, is more of a partnership seeking company that have successfully partnered and helped over 70 companies and is still seeking to partner with businesses which are especially tech…See more

My review on Smedvig Capital.

Smedvig Capitalis a company founded by peter Smedig. This company works on the system of investment in private business. The formation of strong links help to support and increase the speed of growth…See more


It is a platform that keep on investing on many program that turn to be a successful one over the years. This platform is a venture capital that was came to existence since 1996, it is among the best…See more


The platform has been around since 1996 which makes it to gather more experience with the objective to provide the needed help for technology business. The platform very much active till date. I…See more

Smedvig Capital.

rrIt is a system founded more than 20 years ago and founded by Peter Smedvig and Johnny Hugh Yett. Vibrating successful projects and provides support and real development in its projects and the…See more

My opinion about Smedvig Capital

Smedvig Capital is an investment company looking for exceptional people with extensive experience in investing and accelerating to reach all the goals they plan. They support entrepreneurs and…See more

They ensure the development of the company by guiding growth

Smedvig Capital is an organization that has been serving successfully for the successful management of existing companies as a consultant to their management for more than twenty-five years. The…See more

My review about Smedvig Capital

Hello to everyone. Today I will write about Smedvig Capital. Smedvig Capital was created in London in 1996, in the UK. With almost 25 years of experience, this company serves people in business…See more

It is a well-established and beautiful venture capital management company dating back to a long time.

Smedvig Capital is a venture capital management company that started operating in the market approximately 25 years ago and has cooperated and supported more than 50 companies so far. They provide…See more