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Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Steam cleaner KARCHER SC 1, yellow/black


The SC 1 handheld steam cleaner by KARCHER is a compact and efficient cleaning solution designed for a wide range of household tasks. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, this steam cleaner does not require the use of any cleaning agents. With its powerful steam, it can eliminate 99.99% of common household bacteria on hard surfaces, ensuring a thorough and hygienic clean. The yellow/black color scheme adds a touch of style to this versatile cleaning device. Its compact size makes it easy to handle and maneuver, allowing for quick and efficient intermediate cleaning.

Similar Products

If you're looking for alternatives to the KARCHER SC 1, there are a few similar products in the market that offer handheld steam cleaning capabilities. One popular option is the "Compact Steam Cleaner" by a well-known brand, which provides similar cleaning performance in a compact design. Another alternative is the "Portable Steam Cleaner," a lightweight and easy-to-use device that also delivers powerful steam cleaning results. While these products offer similar features, it's important to compare their specifications and customer reviews to find the best fit for your specific cleaning needs.

Problems Solved

The SC 1 steam cleaner effectively solves common cleaning challenges faced in households. With its chemical-free cleaning approach, it provides a safe and eco-friendly solution for those who prefer to avoid using harsh cleaning agents. By harnessing the power of steam, this device eliminates the need for excessive scrubbing, saving you time and effort. It effectively removes dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from various surfaces, leaving them sanitized and refreshed. Whether you need to tackle kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, or hard-to-reach corners, the SC 1 steam cleaner is a reliable tool to simplify your cleaning routine.

Important Parameters

When considering the SC 1 steam cleaner, it's essential to pay attention to a few key parameters. The first is the steam pressure, which determines the cleaning power and efficiency. The SC 1 offers a high-pressure steam output, ensuring effective cleaning results. Additionally, the water tank capacity is an important factor to consider, as it determines the duration of continuous cleaning before refilling. The SC 1 features a generous water tank capacity, allowing for extended cleaning sessions. Lastly, the availability of different attachments and accessories enhances the versatility of the steam cleaner, enabling you to tackle various surfaces and cleaning tasks with ease.

Use for Self Development

Investing in the SC 1 steam cleaner can contribute to your personal growth and development. By incorporating efficient cleaning tools into your routine, you can streamline your household chores and free up time for other activities. The SC 1 allows you to maintain a clean and hygienic living environment, which positively impacts your overall well-being. Additionally, mastering the art of steam cleaning can expand your knowledge and skills in the field of eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning methods. Embracing sustainable cleaning practices not only benefits you but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Who Will Benefit from This Product

The compact SC 1 handheld steam cleaner cleans without the use of any cleaning agents and can be used for a wide variety of household tasks. Thorough cleaning with a Kärcher steam cleaner eliminates 99.99% of common household bacteria on hard surfaces. Thanks to its compact size, the handheld steam cleaner is ideal for quick and thorough intermediate cleaning. With the help of numerous accessories and powerful steam, sanitary fittings, tiles, cooktops, extractor hoods and even the smallest gaps are thoroughly cleaned. Even stubborn dirt and grease deposits are reliably removed. Thanks to its compact form, the device can be stored in a small space directly at the point of use.



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Revainrating 5 out of 5

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

A worthy thing, simple as a stick and reliable. For people who love cleanliness and cleaning, a great thing, my wife has been using it with pleasure for more than a year.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Average purchase, there are some things to complain about.

when buying a steam cleaner, do not expect much from it, it is rather an addition to other appliances. It will not replace either a vacuum cleaner or a rag. DO NOT BUY FOR ADVERTISING, so as not to be disappointed later. It performs only its functions.

Wonderful device. I have 3 cats. How did I manage without it before? The volume is enough for a carpet and something else small or a sofa completely and something else small. Use the water in the tank completely. Then it opens quickly and you can immediately open and top up if desired. . Even after cleaning the wool with a vacuum cleaner, I remove the sea. Well, I clean the stove and walls. Thanks to the manufacturer

  • Unfortunately, the steam cleaner burned out. At first, the steam jet worked continuously, without stopping, which was extremely inconvenient, and today, after just a year of operation, it burned out. I did not expect this from German technology, because it is not at all cheap

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A really necessary purchase, glad I found this product.

Everyone writes differently, but the product is basically the same. How many people, so many opinions. For some it's nothing, for others it's a masterpiece! To which you put your hands and head, then everything will go away, maybe not the first or even the second time, but it will certainly work out. What I agree with is that the prices for accessories and repairs are simply prohibitive. We had stationary karchers at work, there were sinks, so we got rid of them, repairs really exceeded the…

  • Made very well.
  • Small reservoir.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great quality, did not expect at all for the price.

This is my first steam cleaner, I didn’t take it for cleaning)) bedbugs suddenly appeared in the apartment (it’s not clear where), poisoned with expensive poisons, they don’t care, I saw on the internet that you can fry a sofa. The main thing is not to let you down, otherwise the nerves are running out of bedbugs)) And yes, the Karcher brand says a lot, I don’t think that Chinese counterparts for a price 2 times cheaper will last a long time. They supplement after using it for a month, the…

  • Small compact, strong steam jet.
  • finger gets tired of pressing the button, small capacity.

For ease of use, you need to buy a hose. It perfectly cleans the seams of tiles, including street tiles from moss. It copes well with plumbing. washed it regularly. The sofa cleans of dust and dog hair with a bang. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t cope with fat on the hood, but it’s not terrible, given the above advantages. Of course, you have to add water, but adding hot water it heats up much faster. Since I use the generator once a week, it does not bother me. I have been using the device for 5…

  • A great helper in the household, details in the comments.
  • Small water capacity, but on the other hand, if the capacity was larger, the steam cleaner would be larger and heavier, which is not buzzing.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Second-rate goods, I wont buy any more.

I bought a new one for Zhenya in the store as a gift, used it for 3 months, then put it in a box, moved to another apartment, there was a repair in a new apartment. 2-3 months have passed, he was lying in a box and they could not open the valve where the water is poured! they couldn’t open it because the water was hard and apparently a plaque formed due to which they couldn’t open it by contacting the official service center, we were told that the repair would cost 4500. I already thought I’ll…

  • 1. Launders almost everything
  • 1. This water is filled with 200ml. and enough for 1 minute of use, then you need to top up and wait for heating and there will always be 2. nozzles are expensive 3. Parts for Karcher at the price of Karcher! more in the comments 4. The cost is 5 times more expensive than its counterparts, but the quality is the same 5. The Service Department is simply extortionate. The price of repairs is more expensive than Karcher himself.

I use it for cleaning gas stoves, tiles, hoods, refrigerators, etc. I have been using since the end of 2022. Pros: He does quality work. Very handy for cleaning hard to reach places. Warranty 5 years. Made in Germany. Some cons: The high price of replacement nozzles. The small volume of the water tank is 200 ml, enough for 2-3 minutes.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Not at all what I expected.

As it turned out, an absolutely stupid thing in everyday life . I bought it in order to wash the tiles in the bathroom and the tiles on the floor . (clean the seams between the tiles). Not a fig he does not launder! Pampering is one thing, I have no idea who writes flattering reviews here . in fact, the pressure is “nothing”, the steam ends after 3-5 minutes of work. I tried to wash the inner surface of the glass in the oven, even worse, the fat of this toy is too tough for this toy. In short…

  • Long cord, easy to use.
  • Weak jet (pressure) of steam, small volume.

Not happy, expected more. The pressure is good, with which you can really clean something for the first 10 seconds, then when you press it, it’s just steam, which you must definitely use up, otherwise you won’t fill the tank with water and fill it again. Constantly need to run for water. In order to clean the bath, I needed to pour water 12 times. It is not convenient that it is manual, it is hard, while you need to constantly press the start button, the finger really hurts a lot. I regret that

  • Quality
  • small volume

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

Great model. By the spring I think to buy another nozzle for washing windows. Different pros: A well-thought-out device from a well-known brand. We thought about buying for a long time, but the cruel necessity in the face of bedbugs from a neighboring rented apartment immediately forced me to buy. Moreover, the price is not the highest. I don't know what I would do without him. Because ALL surfaces, walls, furniture, everything that cannot be washed at temperatures above 60 degrees, everything…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

Pros below: For manual it is just perfect! Kitchen-stove-grease removes! kitchen fronts yes Toilet - voila And so on For me personally, they can remove everything) a long cord, nozzles are necessary . what else do you need ?! Has cons: Well, to be honest - the volume of the tank is small) but! He's manual)

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Impressions from the purchase are good, buy.

Miracles do not happen, a small steam cleaner allows you to perform only small jobs, if you need something more, you should purchase another model. I bought it to clean the dirt in some places in the kitchen and in the bathroom, the device does a good job with this. If the price were lower, then in general it could be considered an ideal steam cleaner. I did not purchase additional accessories, after steaming I clean the surfaces with brushes and rags.

  • Compact steam cleaner for small jobs
  • There is only enough water for a little cleaning.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is of poor quality, I do not advise.

I will support the comrade higher - you fill it up, boil it for 3 minutes, work for 30 seconds and go to pull it out of the socket, and so on in a circle. I simply ignored the mold in the seams of the tiles, I couldn’t wash the yellowed plate either (damn it, I’ll do it with soda in a minute). It seems that they made an air humidifier and then suddenly decided "let's put a nozzle on it, and we will sell it as a steam cleaner?" Suitable for straightening bird feathers, and possibly steaming…

  • Price, weight, let off steam
  • Nothing is more difficult to wash off the dust from the shoes.

Our first steam cleaner! Sensations of culture shock from how it changes the attitude towards the cleaning process in the kitchen. All the traditionally hard-to-reach gaps between the stove and the countertop, the sink and the countertop, the handles of the stove, the internal corners of the microwave oven were defeated by the very first jet of steam. The last time our life was so changed only by the purchase of a dishwasher) Dear men, it is difficult to think of a better gift for the hostess…

  • Knocks out age-old dirt from the most hard-to-reach cracks!
  • Of course, the volume of water for children is 200 ml, but this is rather a feature of this compact model.

I didn’t think about the quality when buying. This company is already well known and heard by everyone. I bought this steam cleaner purposefully: I read reviews and, as a result, settled on it. And although this is the cheapest model, there are no complaints in terms of quality - I was very pleased with the result. I immediately cleaned all the taps in the house, the joints between the tiles on the apron, the shower cabin, the grill grate (I had to wash it for a long time, but as always I…

  • compact
  • Small water tank, needs to be refilled frequently