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xiaomi mi elegant mouse metallic edition wireless compact mouse, white logo

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Stylish, cool thanks to the aluminum coating Magnetic lid, easy to open, inside a niche for storing a bluetooth receiverSee full review

desktop fan hyundai h-df6-d606, black logo

It is very conveniently located on my desktop, it is also convenient to move it around the room, attached it to the armrest from the chair, turned it towards the bed, I lie high.See full review

70mai jump starter max midrive ps06 black logo

After consent was received from me for the purchase of PU, the store prepared a draft Retail Sale Agreement No. 10171800260821 - t (s) dated 08/26/2022. The PU is covered with dark gray plastic that is pleasant to the touch, has a small size, but is quite weighty, which complements the positive impression of the device. The control panel provides protection against a possible user error when connecting the clamps to the battery terminals, it is equipped with a "BOOST" button to restart the contrSee full review

auger juicer rawmid vitamin rvj-02, silver logo

I have been using the juicer for 2 months. I like. There is nothing to compare with, before there was no juicer. But, in my opinion, the juice squeezes well. They squeezed juice from apples, oranges, cucumbers (not impressed), celery, herbs. There is really a lot of juice, but the cake is not perfectly dry, and at first a little bit of juice goes into the cake compartment, and only then the cake climbs. I liked to press juice from celery, 4 medium stalks make 100 ml of juice, I usually make 250 See full review

cosrx cream advanced snail 92 all in one face cream with snail filtrate, 100 ml logo

Different pros: A large volume, proven by the manufacturer, did not cause skin reactions and allergies. The skin after application is slightly matte, moisturized, not greasy. Got cons: The texture is very "snotty", stretches to the last) however, this is snail mucin!See full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

Before that was Norman 5, 5 years mileage 100,000, driving style is a bit aggressive. In the last year, 20 percent of the spikes remained, slipping began even during movement, on one wheel there was a small radial hernia. In general, I am satisfied with the rubber, so I decided to take the same manufacturer, I hope I was not mistaken in my choice. Delivery on time, store prosperity. Thank you.See full review

ultra omega-3 caps, 180 pcs, 1 pack, neutral logo

Some pros: I have been taking omega from this brand for a long time. If you bite into the capsule - delicious natural fish oil Has cons: The size, as always, is American. I can’t swallow this (this is a personal phobia problem, but there are many like me)See full review

falcon computer table douglas kst-16, wxdxh: 120x60x160 cm, color: sonoma oak/white logo

When ordering at SberMarket, I saved almost 3 thousand compared to other stores. At the same time, the price included the rise to the floor to the door. The courier was punctual. Surprise all the designs of tables on sale, as well as here. Is it possible to make body cutouts in planes to reduce weight to reduce weight. Whatever curly, for example, of course this is an extra operation, but for example, partitions or walls of boxes can be obtained from scraps)))See full review

nokian tires hakka green 3 195/65 r15 95h summer logo

I put it on 04/16/22, now, on 05/26/22, 8000 km (Crimea + cottage) have passed - on the tread of the front-leaders, the number 6 is already "not very clearly visible" . so, according to my forecasts, this season she will finish on a solid “four”, 15 thousand will pass and . next year she will change with the rear ones (there is a hope that wear is somewhat slower there .) if she is at least visible "six" - and it will take another 10-15 thousand to a "drop", after which it will become completelSee full review

sink 40 cm weltwasser elbach 2179 logo

We were looking for a sink 400 * 400, in the interior of the bathroom, so that there was a square shape. The sides of the sink are 11 cm, the water does not splash out, it is convenient to wash. Installed on a countertop made of artificial stone. Be sure to immediately buy a bottom valve without overflow for it, the other does not fit. Very pleased with the sink. The only thing is that the first shell came broken. Ordered a second one, came whole. For the seller, I recommend better packaging.See full review

city bike shulz hopper xl white xl (requires final assembly) logo

For a couple of months of rides, there are no problems with the bike and I didn’t notice any shortcomings either, although I ride stably a couple of times a week for several hours. The bike is universal, well suited for tall riders. During a long ride, there are no uncomfortable sensations, there are no backlashes either. The folding mechanism works simply, dealt with it quickly. And in general, with a folding bike, a lot of space is freed up, if you wish, you can even take it with you on the suSee full review

uv lamp for terrarium e27, uvb 10, 13w logo

Bought agame. The animal began to feel unwell within a week, it seems that vitamin D3 was just lacking, calcium was not absorbed. For us, this was the first bulb and now we realized that the miser pays twice. We ordered the same lamp, only from exo terra, and compared to this one, it's just heaven and earth. We do not recommend anyone to buy, because the lamp is really not very good, there is no such imitation of sunlight, it shines with bright white light, quite cold. It is better to order for See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame t20 cordless vacuum cleaner global, grey/red logo

Liked it! A good vacuum cleaner, but something in the nozzles other than the main one is wrong, it's hard to explain, you need to understand: the thing costs twenty thousand dollars, which is not enough for a vacuum cleaner, so you are waiting for something "WOW," it ends at the moment of unpacking, here - YES, the packaging is stylish and very presentable, and then - the vacuum cleaner is like a vacuum cleaner.See full review

watch casio mtp-1374d-1a logo

I use the services of several online stores. Everywhere the goods are returned to the point of issue. Here, return by parcel via mail. Horror!, how much time and red tape for the end user. Therefore, I decided to keep the received goods. I consider, in my experience, such an organization of the return and inconsistency of the goods sent with the declared one, the main drawback in the work of the store. This is the only case I have so far.See full review

coffeemaker kitfort kt-706, black logo

Since this is my first coffee maker, I adore everything about it, including how well it froths milk for cappuccino and how well it brews regular coffee. And for this price, it is really difficult to locate a worthy alternative to her! I put 5 stars!See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 ru, black logo

Cleaning is effective, eliminating both stubborn stains and heavy pollution, and it's also rather quiet. Since the wool and hair are no longer looped around the brush, it is no longer necessary to clean it after each use. The negative aspects: It seems to have sucked in quite weakly, from a not high carpet it could not handle cat hair. The battery is poor, draining 40% in 30 minutes of hard cleaning. You should absolutely invest in a vehicle washing station as it is inconvenient to clean the conSee full review

cast iron pan 26 cm with non-stick coating cast iron proffi logo

Pros: it's sturdy and likely made of cast iron. A hot handle is not an issue. A non-stick surface makes it difficult to stick food to. The egg turns out beautifully. Negatives: The core can get too hot. No amount of tambourine dancing will result in the delivery of steaks.See full review

dolce gusto nescafe coffee pods cappuccino - 16 capsules, pack of 3: indulge in rich café-style treats logo

Its benefits include delicious coffee that is simple to make with a coffee machine, and for the price of the promotion, it offers the most value for your money for use in the workplace. Below are some downsides: Only one of the sixteen capsules opened properly (the liquid release valve did not work properly). However, this price is for a single box. There is a lower probability that an entire batch would perish, but how will it fare with the other two boxes?See full review

l "oreal paris foundation infaillible fresh tone 32 h, 30 ml, shade: 20 ivory logo

I bought vanilla shade 11 for myself. For the second time, I purchase this foundation. I am now quite happy with them. When I first bought it, I wasn't sure how I felt about it; maybe the skin's condition was the issue, maybe the application technique, maybe the cream I used before the tone. However, perhaps the combined effect of all of this was not the best. Now let's get specific: Due to my combination skin's propensity for oiliness and lack of hydration, peeling often develops, primarily on See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx115c, black logo

When they brought the vacuum cleaner, the first thing I thought: is it a toy? The vacuum cleaner is really small, but powerful, more powerful than I had a regular, non-vertical one before. Vacuums well, including carpets. It heats up a little during operation, I do not know if this is normal. Also, when I turned it on, I heard some extraneous sound, it whistles, and only when I move the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, my assumption is that the whistle is from the wheels of the main nozzle. In generalSee full review

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