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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
Security, Cloud Security

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Description of Twingate

Twingate is a secure remote access solution for an organization’s private applications, data, and environments, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. Built to make the lives of DevOps teams, IT/infrastructure teams, and end users easier, it replaces outdated business VPNs which were not built to handle a world in which "work from anywhere" and cloud-based assets are increasingly the norm. Twingate’s modern zero trust-based approach to securing remote access focuses on improving security, while not compromising on usability and maintainability. Twingate distinguishes itself from other solutions in the following ways: - Software-only solution can be deployed alongside existing solutions in minutes, without requiring changes to existing infrastructure. - Enables least privilege access at the application level without requiring networks to be re-architected. - Centralized admin console, coupled with extensive logging capabilities, provides control and visibility over an enterprise’s entire network. - Scales up to support more users and resources without burdening IT teams with network segmentation projects or buying new hardware. - Client agents can be set up by users without IT support, are always on, and do not require user interaction once enabled. - User internet connectivity is improved due to split tunneling, no backhauling, and an intelligent client agent that handles authorization and routing activities on device.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Easy to deploy and manage your email securely

I like that we can use our own corporate domain instead using their public domains (like google). It's easy enough so anyone who knows how computers work will be able understand this software quickly! The UI could definitely improve as well but overall its good at what you need most - security & ease of setup / deployment with multiple different devices including laptops etc.. We're solving two problems here 1) Security 2.) Ease Of Setup And Deployment across various types device such as…

  • Easy to Set up
  • Very SecureEasy To UseVery Straightforward InterfaceAbleTo Be Configured With Local DomainsEasily Backed Up/Restored
  • Nothing really comes into mind

The best thing about twingate was that I could use my own computer rather than having someone else's laptop at work! It also allowed me to connect remotely with other people who didn't have their computers set up as well so we could all collaborate together seamlessly! Sometimes there would be some lag time when using certain functions but this wasn't too noticeable. Also sometimes you'd need to refresh your screen before things showed up again (like if you're looking through something online).

  • And then add onto top of those issues trying to find ways around them
  • Some cons

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Easy & User Friendly Solution for Remote Access

I like that we can use Twingate to manage our VPN connections to our servers, but also to any of our internal resources. The best thing about this product is its ease of use. It's very simple to set up and manage. We have been able to provide fast remote connectivity to both employees and customers without having to purchase expensive dedicated software. There isn't anything I dislike about this product other than maybe how easy it is to set up. It took us less than 15 minutes to get…

  • Speed / stability throughout connection testing process between locations or users within same location across multiple platforms from MacOSX laptop through Windows PC workstations down onto mobile phones running Android OS via Samsung S10+ smartwatch etc.
  • I don't really have any dislikes about this, everything is just fine

My experience with twingate has been great. The only problem I had was after my trial period ended they wouldn't allow me to continue to use it so I paid for a year. I never heard anything from them and when I asked about renewing the account they didn't respond. The other thing I found annoying is the cost of renewing. If you don't use the service within the year it's free but if you do use it within a year it's $5 a month which seems kind of high to me especially since you get a lot less…

  • Great integration with excel
  • Has all of the functionality of other analytics tools
  • Easy to learn
  • Not very intuitive
  • Cost
  • Needs a better search feature